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Come on in and make yourself comfy. Kick off your shoes. Coffee? Tea? Sit awhile and read… Express your thoughts. Any questions? Feel free to ask for I am a woman of a certain age and I do not fear my secrets. I welcome them for they have led me here, where I pour them out in written word. I'm also a Recovering Catholic, but I very much believe in a Higher Power. Those shoes you see in my banner, I own those shoes... Stuart Weitzman Fever in patent leather red! We used to get out alot more, me and my shoes. So I decided to add them to my blog because, hey, I'm not dead yet!! "Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone." ~Jim Fiebig


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APRIL 9, 2010 7:52PM

It's Not Me!!

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IT'S NOT ME!!!!!


Are Chuck and I friends?  Absolutely!

I only wish him love and happiness.  If a good friendship is what comes out of his first OS meet-up, then so be it.  If it becomes more... HOORAY for them both!


But, honestly folks, it's not me!


I'm still available!!  : ) 


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You know, it seems I do recognize the woman in the picture on Chucks blog but I can't place her. Has anyone figured out who she is?
Well, at least that eliminates one . . . but the mystery continues.
Come out! Come out! Whoever you are.... and meet the young lady who fell from a star!!
I didn't want to say anything, but....

IT'S ME!!!


**wanders away**
Tink! I knew it! You little Munchkin you!!
I think I recognize her too but can not put my finger on it. BUT ok one more woman it is not!
Whoever She Who Knows is, She Who Knows is a very lucky woman. We have all admired Chuck for sometime now. He writes like a GOD!! My guess is that he has many other hidden talents as well!!!
Let's face it... he's a musician! He's got the beat!
I didn't think it was you after you made advances toward my Honda.

Yo BBD! I've got my own Honda... let me remind you!

gah, I'm so jealous, and so happy for you. My brother has one...I got to drive it a few times. It just leaps off the road when accelerating. I'm thinking that since you got that, you don't need Chuck (or me).

I'm thinking of selling it in September... it, too, can be yours!!! It is fun!!!
It certainly isn't me! :)
OK, OK, it's me. Chuck and Smithery are one and the same.

(but still wondering who she is...)
oh how I come to late realizations, but I knew from the start that MAWB is a real true friend. She is an angel for sure, but not the one who visited me... I don't even know if she [MAWB] likes pineapple. Now gotta go... the chicken has pooped.
Lois, this was a fun post. As for you being available...not for long.
MAWB, would you do us a small favor? Just a little itty bitty one? The OS Ad Hoc Mystery Solving Commission will be sending you a long black wig and a Polynesian type long flowing dress. Would you don these exotic accoutrements, have your picture taken in them with you bending lightly at the waist and peering upward with just enough of your face showing so we can't really tell if it's you, but you'll be flashing the peace sign with your right hand so we'll know it's you? Would you do this, and post the photo online? Then perhaps we can all enjoy and deeeeep breath and relax for a moment, if we can agree that you are not SWK [all agree, yeah, ha!] until our suspicions coalesce around the next likely suspect and we can begin anew. Oops, I think I just went over 101 words.... rated with self-admiration for seethingly brilliant idea
I am just glad you are back on OS and posting.