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MARCH 2, 2011 6:21PM

Beyond: Visions of Our Solar System

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I spent the afternoon at the National Air and Space Museum.  It was fascinating.  Rockets, missiles, airplanes, lunar modules, space craft.  It was amazing stuff.

My favorite part was a photography exhibit by Michael Benson.  Photos of space, planets and asteroids taken by Magellan, Viking Orbiter 1 and 2, Voyager 1 and 2, Galileo and more.  The exhibit was a beautiful trip around our galaxy.  I think sometimes people just imagine the solar system as a vast darkness with some small bright lights.  The exhibit shows how wrong that it.  Be blinded by the vibrant blue of Neptune surrounded by its super-thin rings .  See how Saturn is pale yellow with the thick band of rings and looks almost like a drawing it so perfect.  Feel the different textures of the dunes, dust storms and polar ice caps in the black and white photos of Mars.

NASA photography is art, even though the photos are taken by machines, not humans. 


Here are some websites: 

To see examples of some of the photographs in the exhibit go to:

To visit NASA's website (it's just cool), go to:

And here is information on Mr. Benson's book:

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