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JUNE 28, 2012 1:55PM

Nine Words I Never Thought Would Pass My Lips

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Chief Justice John Roberts... I think I love you!

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I used to have a big crush on David Cassidy from watching the Partridge Family. Hooray for Justice Roberts!
It's an hysterical response to a fabulous thing that he did. You'll look back fondly on it, someday.
Funny but terrifying. Much like angels with alien faces.
o man, I had forgotten about this. suddenly I am in the basement with Anna and Kay playing with our troll,s and Bob Packwood is next door in Julie's family's guest room, in his towel. Then, next on the radio is Bobby Sherman with "Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me" and Davy Jones and the Monkees telling me they are believers. R for totally hysterical and political. Isn't life fascinatinng?

THEN. dum da dum dum. Back to same ole tune. Republicans coordinate House vote calendar on Eric Holder with this decision, and pull a left hook on the media feed. No intention of making it stick. They go for each battle, day by day.

OK, done. Burp. Sorry. I applaud this decision on healthcare. phew...
Hi Everyone! I do love this song and it fits amazingly well. The episode where they sing it is named, "My Son, the Feminist". Oh yeah. :)