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JULY 26, 2012 2:16PM

Alysa's OC: New Favorite Things

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This is in response to Alysa's Open Call about new favorite things:

Modern Rock Early '80s Disc 2:

Well, really this is just about track 6, Marshall Crenshaw's "Whenever You're On My Mind".  I like the entire cd, but I've only been listening to Marshall.  What a great singer-songwriter.



Heat - I know that heatwaves bring bad things like drought,  sweat, and making my hair curl.  But I love the sun and the heat.  Summer is only 3 months while winter is 9, I have to get the heat while I can.

Air Conditioning -  I can finally not spend the summer freezing my butt off and put the AC at 78-80.  And, since it is so hot outside everyone else in the house thinks that 78 is cool.

McDonald's Fruit 'n' Yogurt Parfaits - Cool, tasty, and only a buck.  Since I refuse to put the granola in the yogurt (gross), I actually get two treats for the price of one and I get to eat the granola later.

Biking on the trail (1)- I got a new old bike and have started biking on the trail with my daughter. 

Biking on the trail (2): aka Not retching in public - My daughter didn't believe that I was horribly out of shape and took me on the Bataan Death March of trail rides.  I convinced her to cut it short and managed to stop myself from retching on the public trail due to over-exertion and heat.  Win-Win!

Bond. James Bond - We have the Encore channels for try-out for three weeks.  They are celebrating 50 years of James Bond.  I've gotten to see Dr. No, Goldfinger, The Man with the Golden Gun, From Russia With Love, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Diamonds Are Forever.  Unfortunately no Daniel Craig. 

These are a few of my new favorite things!

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MM, that's a nice group of new favorite things! I hadn't listened to Marshall Crenshaw in a while, but your post is a reminder to once again listen to his great music. Is your bike trail a former railroad track? I have come across so many of those rails to trails that it's the first thing that enters my mind these days when someone speaks of a local bike trail.
Actually, the area used to be the neighborhood lagoon. :) After a suitable amount of time (and sales taxes) the city made it a wetland with a trail that connects to the other city trails. Last year they added a dog park to it.
I haven't been around at all MM, but stopped by tonight to have a look, and look at this wonderful list of yours! So I haven't seen the challenge, but I love this list. I like heat too :-)
MM, I love heat too -- maybe you and I are the only weirdos around here, but I'm with you. Well done!