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Mike Calahan
Bay Area, California,
January 21
CA resident, writer, husband, pet owner, glorified typist, cautionary tale for English majors.


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As a way to reach out to an untapped market, movie theatres nationwide have implemented Mommy Matinees, times specifically geared toward socially isolated mothers with newborns. No longer the target of angry shushing, hurled Whoppers and complaints to theatre managers, new mothers can attend movies w/… Read full post »


When this happened, I hurried to get it down while it was still fresh in my mind. There is a maximum 24-hour lifespan for any information stored in my brain. Once that time is up, it’s lost forever and my 20GB brain retains its constant (although, admittedly useless) 19.5GB of… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 29, 2012 5:55PM

Misogyny Is Swingin', Baby

A few evenings ago, half-heartedly listening as an online music station played in the background, a song came on that gave me a sudden wait-did-I-just-hear-what-I-think-I-heard moment. I listened as a few more stanzas confirmed that I had heard what I thought I'd heard.

I laughed and asked my wife, "… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 3:32PM

Mafia Groupon Ads

Reaching a broader audience, expanding one's brand to new markets--these are things that all businesses want. It is why social media has become invaluable, but also why daily deal sites have paved the way as innovative marketing tools. As the saying goes, 'The wider you cast your net, the more fishRead full post »

AUGUST 16, 2012 8:51PM

Tips For Dining Out

Whether a romantic evening out before surprising your spouse with divorce papers or simply because those Wienerschnitzel coupons on your refrigerator aren't going to cash themselves, going out to eat is one of the more common pastimes for much of the western world (the term 'western world' here being… Read full post »

Founded weeks ago by people with too much time on their hands, the Foundation For Rebranding Images of Social Inferiors (FFRISI) has named two individuals it believes can be the  newsmakers of tomorrow. The intentions of the group were unclear at the time of their initial press release, which st… Read full post »


As a freelance writer, there is one thing I know a lot about: unemployment. Of course, the easiest way to combat unemployment is simply applying for work. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, after you’ve sent out a resume (one heavily doctored to show you in a much better light than… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2012 8:17PM

When In Public, Use A Leash

The town I live in, Los Gatos, is currently having a debate with regards to a pilot program that the city managers are considering. Some folks want to have certain hours at the parks designated as off-leash for dogs, others are concerned that this will be total chaos. After reading many… Read full post »

MAY 3, 2012 2:45PM

2012: A Bad Year For Vaudeville

It appears the end is near for one of America’s most beloved forms of entertainment and venue for showcasing new talent. “From media specialists in Los Angeles to show biz trend analysts in Manhattan, everyone agrees that the writing is on the wall,” says Art Drabcock of Creative Me… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
APRIL 24, 2012 4:04PM

Sex, Drugs and Disney Sequels


Over the next five years, Walt Disney Studios will be squeezing blood from stones as they begin production on the one thing audiences love: sequels to beloved films.

Colin Drabcock, Executive Franchise re-Imagineer, explained the new philosophy of the successful family studio, "People f**… Read full post »