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June 20
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It is not lightly that I compare my friend, Mikel K Poet to a Bukowski, John Fante or Hunter S. Thompson. He is twisted. He is misunderstood. He is Arturio Bandini running amok through this crazy life! Mostly, he is genius in its purest, most insane form (and I say that in a good way). Not all will "get" him, but that's ok because he doesn't "get" most of us mere mortals either. His observations, stories and poetry are intriguing, thought-provoking and sometimes downright disturbing...gotta love it! --Valerie King ------------------------------------------- This is a must read for everyone who ever thought about saying 'screw the system' and wanted to face reality in the raw, but haven't, or couldn't, find the guts to do it. The Delivery Guy is a poet's journal of events and decisions facing a man trying to dig below the surface of corporate security and acceptable mythological and social hiding places, to see what's what and feel the energy of what 'is' in our era. There are no safety nets to catch Mikel in his walk through the primate insanity of the human experience in a crowded city of frightened Homo Sapiens. Mikel K is the new Charles Bukowski! --Lou Majors --------------------------------------------- "I found the book, "The Delivery Guy," by Mikel K to be a refreshing and sometimes uncomfortably honest look into the life of a modern writer struggling to come to terms with a pre-fabricated and often superficial, turn of the century, American society. The battle is dynamic and comes to an uplifting spiritually evolved conclusion. I found it a fascinating read!!!" --James Lewis --------------------------------------------- Mikel K is a poet, a journalist, and a memoirist, among many, many other Gemini things. You can buy his stunning, and weirdly funny memoir, "The Delivery Guy," on Lulu and at Amazon Kindle. --------------------------------------------- http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/mikelkpoet http://www.amazon.com/The-Delivery-Guy-ebook/dp/B00731KM5M



DECEMBER 26, 2012 12:14PM

Three Days of Christmas by Mikel K

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I'm up at 4 a.m. wondering if I should have that second cup of coffee. The cats came out for a minute, and ate their a.m. wet food snack, and went back to the bedroom where Joan, and the dogs are still asleep. I can't believe that it is Christmas Eve. I can't believe what a lucky man I am. I believe that when I was younger, I might have spent a Christmas Eve or two in the drunk tank, and if I didn't, the drunk tank wasn't far away. Today, the pain of my youth is just a memory, something that I have learned from, and take into account in my behavior today. Joan, and I, are spending the night at her grand kids' house. It will be so neat to see those children’s eyes, and smiles, as they see, and open, what Santa has brought them. We get to see my grand kids, tomorrow. It will be such a blessing to see their eyes, and their smiles. For Winston, it will be his first Christmas on the planet. I hope that your Christmas Eve, and your Christmas are happy, and blessed. I think I hear sleigh bells. Wish we had a chimney!!

 Christmas Day 2012. 

It’s 4:30 a.m. Santa woke me as he climbed back up the chimney. I saw him, and the reindeers, fly off into the night. He brought many wonderful presents for the 4 beautiful children who live in this house where I am at, tonight. Joan, and I, spent the night here, at the home of The Young Ones, Molly, Ava Jean, Cody, and their great parents Terri Lynne, and Matt. We played a board game, last night, called Five Questions. I’m, normally, not a board game kind of guy, but this one was fun, especially because of the great people who I was playing it with. Jimmy Stewart was on the tv, as we played. “It’s A Wonderful Life,” is a cornier movie than I remember it being, but it added to the Christmas Eve ambience.

I am blessed to be sitting in the house, this morning. Presents are scattered about the living room. Socks that have been hung for weeks are now full. Christmas has arrived. Four young kids still sleep. Soon they will descend the stairs and stare wide eyed at all the things that Santa has brought them.

Cody, and Colton, are twins, age 8. Colton is a poet. Recently, he wrote a book of about a dozen poems. He read from that book at a recent family gathering. It tickles me silly to see him engaged in such an endeavor. He has started to write at a much younger age than I did. Yesterday, Cody gave us his ideas on Santa. He said, “My mom says Santa will come as long as you believe in him.” What a great way to explain Santa to a kid. Good job Terri Lynne.

Molly, who I am pretty sure is ten, or eleven, lead us in song on this karioke Christmas sing along microphone that Joan scored at a great Christmas eve party that we went to at Kathy, and Reggie’s, home. Jingle Bells, and Silent Night are two of the songs that I remember Molly singing. Her stage presence is amazing. Ava Jean, age 8 month Is up and screaming, as her mommy, Terri Lynne, promised she would be. Joan fed the baby her bottle, and tried to comfort her, but she hollered out for her momma, or daddy.

After the kids open their presents, Joan and I will go to the home of my grandkids. I am so blessed to have so many kids in my life. This may be the best Christmas that I have ever been a part of: kids here; kids there. I am blessed to have Joan, and Terri Lynne, and Matt in my life, also. Santa has been good to me. I hope that he is good to you. Merry Christmas.

Dec. 26, 2012

 It takes so long to get here, and then “poof,” it is gone. The Grinch didn’t steal it. Scrooge didn’t ruin it. Santa and Rudolph, and the rest of the reindeer have come and gone leaving smiles on the faces of children around the world.

 I was blessed to be able to hang out with my grandchildren on Christmas Day, after hanging out with Joan’s grandkids on Christmas Eve, and Christmas morning. The Love that all these kids showed me was amazing. Even the 8 month old babies, from the different households, Ava Jean, and Winston, showed me love. Ava Jean was fascinated with the foosball game that her brother, Cody, got from Santa. She watched Cody and I play almost our entire series of games, laughing as the ball twisted and spun from side to side, end to end, and into each of our goals. Occasionally she would throw her arms up in the air when I hollered, “touchdown,” as she has learned to do when watching football on the tv with her family. Winston had the brightest, widest eyes of any baby I have ever seen, as he celebrated his first Christmas on Earth. He loved his new toys, and he loved hanging out with his older brother, Elliot, age 3. Even the leftover wrapping paper got use, and a laugh, from Winston!

Santa brought Joan and I a GPS. I guess that he knows that we have a habit of getting lost, and a habit of getting in the car and traveling whenever we can. I, the writer, got high quality pens, a couple of top notch notebooks to write in, and a day planner that will slip into my back pants pocket. The Gift Cards that Santa brought me will really come in handy. My daughter, Scout, gave me a $50 Starbucks card, and thanked me for all the things that I have done for her. I nearly cried.

Joan got the tree ornament that she wanted, some killer new shoes, several gift cards, a baby white aloe plant to replace her prized aloe plant that died after sucking up a bunch of the water that our turtle’s tank seems to emit into the kitchen, and a weird named plant called a hen and biddies. I got her the plants, wanting to replace the aloe that she had cried the loss of, several weeks earlier. The hen and biddies was just so beautiful that I had to have it for her.

Joan gave me the most beautiful gift, a framed picture of her with our bird Dolcinea. Also inside the frame were feathers that fell from Dolcinea as shr took to the air for the first time. Dolcinea will come home from Animart Pets in Austell in mid-January to join our household.

Our dogs, Dylan, Pretti Penni, and Morisson got some wonderful, wonderful tasty dog biscuits from Lauren Janis, C.E.O. of Big Daddy Biscuits. (www.BigDaddyBiscuits.com) Our dogs love Big Daddy Biscuits.

It was such a wonderful Christmas, such a blessing to be around new borns, and young kids on this day, and family for sure. I was going to say on to Valentine’s Day, but I was forgetting that we still have New Year’s to celebrate. Joan and I will ring in The New Year with Spanky and The Love Handles at Fat Matt’s, and Mudcat at The Northside Tavern. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, and a blessed Kwanzaa!!!

Mikel K
Ho ho ho.



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