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January 26
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FEBRUARY 29, 2012 5:05PM

OS Help!!! Need Artsy Stories for my Newspaper Blog

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OKay...so here's the deal. My day job is Education Director of the Rockford Area Arts Council and I am in charge of Advocacy for "Arts in Education Month"...which starts tomorrow.

Every day during the month of March, I want to publish short stories on the "Arts4All" Blog of the Rockford Register Star (I am one of the writers). I want stories about how the arts have positively impacted your life. Stories about the arts in schools would be great. But really any story that brings home the value of the arts...thus why we need to keep arts in schools.

I have put out email blasts but few have responded. Some have told me they aren't writers. At first I thought I could interview and write the stories myself, but life has gotten in the way and I just can't. I have to try to have some of these ready to go while I go out of town for a family emergency.

That's when I thought I should reach out to my writer friends at Open Salon.

To participate, please do a post with "Artsy" in the title and/or, send me the link...or send a PM with your story. You can even write a really long comment and I'll copy it. You will get credit for the story and if you wish, a link to your blog at OS.

Thank you!!! 



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Oh, Sharon, I feel almost terrible doing this and I apologize most sincerely in advance, but...it DOES have "artsy" in the title.

Fatsy artsy
See what I have on my blog and you are welcome to use whatever.
This is a cause I can definitely get behind! I'll work on something and get it to you asap. I hope you'll find it helpful.
Like Alysa, this is a cause I can handle. Art classes got me through four rough years of high school. Ruminating.....

Oops, misspelled my hyperlink. Probly just as well, considering this is a family-oriented blog 'n'all.
I've sent you something via PM but am not sure it's good. Let me know what you think.
Sent you a PM, Mime. Please check.
My wife, years ago, taught batik for a Phila Museum of Arts program for a poor neighborhood. Students in it ranged from 14-22. It was wonderfully successful.

You're welcome to use any of mine that I've already posted on OS. Just give me credit and a link.
Mimetalker, is there a minimum or maximum length? I will see what I can come up with.
I'll give it some thought - in the meantime, at least the comment will bump this into the feed!
I don't know if they fit the bill or even little squares of it, but you are welcome to use my Maraj stories, with which I attempt to make learning, using and absorbing new words as painless and affecting as other forms of art.

An example:

Best of luck!
I've got a few, but maybe not so applicable to the American situation.

I sat in on an older teacher's class ~ she had Rembrandt's Night Watch up on the screen, and one of the kids asked her about the little white dog in the foreground. Did it have any significance, the child wanted to know ~ was it there for a reason ?
The teacher turned and looked at the dog, as if she'd only just noticed it, then back to the child, and in all seriousness replied, "Well perhaps it just ran into the scene while Mr Rembrandt was painting."
Why We Need To Foster Arts In Schools 101 :-)
Gimme a bit of time and I'll send you something your way Mime. Is there a deadline or just submit, by say, mid-month at the latest?
Hi there Mimetalker, here's one from my blog. Feel free to use it.

After reading this, I immediately thought of the most profound thing I've read in ages regarding the importance of art through the ages - CM's Fartsy Artsy - but I see he beat me to it. Darn. I'll try to come up with something else.
Making art is problem-solving, and problem-solving is life. In art, as in life, creativity and reasoning are required to grow, to evolve, to better oneself. As they say, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Replace "genius" with "solving a problem" for a moment. Unexpected and unpleasant roadblocks constantly present themselves whenever I embark on a drawing or painting. My works never turn out as intended at the outset, oftentimes not even remotely. A canvas is a minefield. Without exception, I must navigate the dozens, even hundreds, of minor-to-major challenges within each piece in order to arrive at a composition I deem aesthetically and conceptually acceptable. These experiences undoubtedly aid me in similar "real world" situations in which no easy answer presents itself, including financial predicaments, moral dilemmas, time management, and risk assessment. Examples range from cooking a deluxe meal from scratch to charting the direction of a multinational corporation into a future of uncertainties. Maximizing one's resourcefulness in these situations requires (roughly) equal amounts of creativity and reasoning, both of which art enhances in ways other fields of study cannot--and vice versa.

Copious evidence shows that student performance in math and science is higher in schools with arts programs than in those without. This is not to say one field of study is more important or valuable than another--these are highly subjective calls. Rather, these findings provide hard evidence to substantiate claims like mine that art opens up channels between both hemispheres in the brain. This process of self-discovery both entails and advances the reciprocal evolution of one's creativity and reasoning and, hence, problem-solving skills. The earlier this process begins, it is the more adaptive, resourceful, and well-rounded adult a child grows up to become.

- Ross Tomlin
OK I will see what I can do..
............................. ­­­­­­­­.... . ¸.•´ ¸.•*´¨) ☆.(¯`•.•´¯)
.............................. . ҉ (.¸.•´ (¸.•` ☆ ¤..º.`•.¸.•´ ☆
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.............................. .......*♥*.╠╣║║║╗╚╗... . . * ❤ *
.............................. ....*♥*....║║╚╝╚╝╚╝..* ♥ * 
Inspired by Linda S.
Thank you for responding here and sending PM's. I even appreciate CM's. In answer to a couple questions...no minimum or maximum length...what you need to tell your story... And the deadline is mid month...though even that is flexible. I want a post a day for a month, but if I get more than I need, I can use them throughout the year.

Thanks again! You are all lovely (even CM)
Hi Sharon,

I've done several things that touch on this---so closer than others. One called "Teaching Genius to Paint" is about Georgia O'Keefe's teacher AW Dow---and how my Mom kept his worth alive.

Feel free to use it---and if "Chicago Guy" seems weird for your publication--feel free to use my real name--Roger Wright.

Also---I assume you know Procopius--he would have something for a fellow Rockfordian for sure!

Hope this helps!
Will definitely do one for you.
Guilty of being artsy, but no artsy stories on my blog that would appeal to youngsters, I suspect. Feel free to dig around though, and if there's something that might work, it's yours.
I'll work on it! I like your idea and am happy to contribute.
Great idea, and may the arts flourish!!! Here's something I did back in the day. See if you think it fits the bill: