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AD Powell
December 18
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A.D. Powell, former columnist for the web sites "Interracial Voice" and "The Multiracial Activist," is the author of "Passing" for Who You Really Are: Essays in Support of Multiracial Whiteness.

May 10, 2014 at 12:28am

When Are Irish-Americans Not Good Enough to Be Irish-American?"Racial Kidnaping" and the Case of the Healy Family

By A.D. Powell


Consider the following family history:


Michael Morris Healy, an Irish immigrant, arrives in the United States around 1815

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 11:12PM

The Problem With Gregory Howard Williams


Poster  Boy for The "One-Drop" Myth of White Racial Purity 

It is no accident that Gregory Howard Williams, a very white man who proclaims himself to be "black," has received far more television and newspaper publicity that all the people in the multiracialRead full post »

Walter A. Plecker


NOTE: W.A. Plecker, acting as Virginia's first Registrar of Vital Statistics, was determined to "mark" all Melungeons as not-white. Here is one of many articles and essays that he wrote and published on behalf of the American eugenics movement, a movement with haunting similarities to…

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JULY 28, 2010 12:09PM

White Slaves in the Antebellum South

I want to use this space to praise another book, The Forgotten Cause of the Civil War: A New Look at the  Slavery Issue, by Lawrence R. Tenzer. It is politically incorrect to point out the reality of white slavery, but it existed!


Tenzer shows that the… Read full post »

Almost every student of racial and ethnic stratification in the United States has heard of Mrs. Susie Guillory Phipps, and how the overwhelmingly white (slightly more than 1/32) Louisiana native unsuccessfully sued the Louisiana Bureau of Vital Records to change the racial classification on her b… Read full post »

JULY 18, 2010 6:53AM

Pissing on the Graves of Heroes

Pissing on the Graves of Heroes
(With the US at war, this protest is especially appropriate)

E veryone agrees that Calvin Clark Davis of Bear Lake, Michigan was an American hero of World War II. Everyone agrees he deserves to be posthumously honored for his service in helping our… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 6, 2008 1:54AM

Not Obama but Broyard


I'm sick of people who claim that Obama (who rejected the race and ethnicity of his loving white mother and grandparents in favor of "blackness") represents the end of forced "racial" identity when these same people will not stand up to the blacks (like Henry Louis Gates, Jr.) who demonize… Read full post »