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MAY 10, 2010 2:18PM

Finding Good Quality Older Posts

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One frequent complaint on OS is that it is difficult to find good posts that have been published in the past.  The search tools that are available aren't of much help.  But there is a way that people can work around that problem.

On the lower left side of your blog page you can create your own links, under the "My Links" heading.   Right there you can select "edit links" and create  your own links.

Recently I created two new categories of links.  The first is My Best Posts.  This contains a list of ten of my posts that either were the most popular, or that I enjoyed writing the most.  The second category is My Cell Phone Photographs.  This list contains links to all of my photography posts on OS.




 That's what it looks like.  Or you can look to the left and see the actual links on this page. 

Out of the 70 or so posts that I have on OS, these are the ones that I would recommend to anyone who might be interested in my stuff.  Everything else -- forget about it.  By creating the links, everything is in one place, and no one has to search for anything.

If more people do this, it can help readers find good posts that they otherwise would have missed.  I suspect that like me, out of all of their posts most people have a handful that they would consider their best work.  It only takes a few minutes to create these links, and it eliminates the need for people to search for the best posts from their favorite writers.

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Mishima, of all of the links ideas I have seen I think this is the most successful. I had set up a page of all posts last year that I ever did, but it involves going to another page and my impression of readers is that they would rather see links on a blogger's main page.
thank you mishima...I think those of us that have been here a while should encourage digital OS archaeology. I appreciate this very much.
Thank you so much. Not only will it be enjoyable to read some of your best posts, it will be fun for me to do the same for my best posts.
Hey - great idea. I've done the same thing, as have several other folks. I've begun editing mine to include other bloggers whose work I enjoy alot, too, giving folks just a tiny bit MORE exposure...

" . . . my impression of readers is that they would rather see links on a blogger's main page."

I agree. I think people would like to access these older posts with the least possible effort.

"I think those of us that have been here a while should encourage digital OS archaeology."

Yes, and I would love to see a selection of what you feel are your best posts.

As a practical matter, some people have been on OS for more than two years now. There was a lot of good material in the past, and certainly some of it is worth viewing today.

On the other hand, there are many posts that have value only at a certain time. Today no one wants to read about who will win an election, or who will be Obama's Secretary of State. Those things have already been decided. By creating links to their best posts OS writers can separate the "timeless" posts from those that had value only at a particular time.
I agree this is very helpful. We should all be our own best promoters as well as archivists. It's a great way for someone to promote what they belive is their own best work.
I'm going to have to try this. Thanks!
I did the same thing, probably should keep doing it, but after many months I found they got very few hits once they weren't at the top of my page. Hope you have better luck.
Nice idea, mishima.
I have links to all my posts, but I would feel as tho I'm choosing among my children to sort a "best of". I am always pleased when someone takes the trouble to dig into the archives.
I have had the same archival set-up on my site for quite a while now. However, by monitoring "check comments" it's obvious that people seldom go back for old posts.
Good idea. If I have the time, I'll try to do a list (although all my posts are equally good, just kiddin'). However, I'm traveling to Europe in a few days, which won't allow me to spend a lot of time at OS.

I greatly enjoyed the one titled "Secrets of Hospital Bills Revealed!" I still linked it to other websites on occasion.
Great tip Mishima. I'm bad, or used to be bad, at finding/following up on comments on my older posts. That part takes a little diligence.