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JUNE 9, 2010 7:27PM

The Best of OS Spam

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The following are excerpts from spam comments and posts that have recently been published on Open Salon:


There are also leather lined socks, will remain with the antibacterial function, it will keep your feet free health of your feet stinky tofu.

In 1429 his only child Mary was born in Chinon, he was Joan of Arc's requirements, see the dolphins.

Nevertheless, we are going to the impending isomerous age.

Because designs a nuptial dress to need probably for 4 months, moreover should better be able, in the wedding ceremony first 2 months deliver in your hand, like this are advantageous for the subtle point the revision.

It will cause mechanical damage to the gut thereby turns suspense into silly.

Tries on the formal clothes, perhaps you chose one to suit your formal clothes, but actually neglected has tried on the link, actually tried on the formal clothes to be important earnestly.

The shoes he designed for example the christian dior can make you a confident lady and even a much better person.

A credit repair attornies who is working for you . . .

Acai Slim is 100% natural weight loss supplement, that does not contain any chemicals or whatsoever.

 . . . you can find many cheap and fashion stuff

Check out this great website on astrology to know about Match Making Manglik Dosh Nadi Dosh Gemstones and their effects

So, why not give yourself the best chance by utilizing the acai berry in your diet if it bowl everything else over?

That is simplicity. Collocating warm and springy warm colors with furniture of a simple style,the space will be changed into a quiet and comfortable one from Orange,red,roseate present hot warm color,adding a bit jumpy note to the space.

This sites is verry Qualitiful.

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My brain hurts now. Very much so. I would like very much to go eat another pain pill, then perhaps sleep a bit.

Damn you.
Doug, perhaps you have missed your regular dose of acai berry.
**TEARS** That's almost as beautiful as the one I found about colon cleansing!! :(

excellent and useful. Good selection!
The written English is outstanding... ;-)
This is so funny! It's almost worth putting up with the creeps. Almost.
Still wondering what "collacating" means. Collecting perhaps?
Nasty, nasty spammers.
sounds a lot like me trying to speak German
What, we have to see this stuff AGAIN???? Jus jokin. R

Some of these are really funny.
I guess it's there for our amusement, but it does get annoying at times.
Oh, the spambots think they're people! It's so cute.

Stolen from another internet commenter, but I think it fits. Very funny post.
Mish, you're brilliant....xoxoxo
One of my very favorite features here at OS.
Thanks, Mishima, this is the beauitufllest in dolphins.
Now that's a real tribute to the English language. ;) It's too early in the morning for my brain to hurt this much.
I must get those shoes that will make me a better person! :)
Match Making Manglik Dosh Nadi Dosh Gemstones and astrology. Kudos for their market research and awareness of the demographics.
I demand to know who is buying these products! Make yourselves know, I say!
First comment contains a typo that makes me appear even more incomprehensible than usual.

I demand to know who is buying these products! Make yourselves known, I say!
Okay. I did them.
The tofu socks work wonders. Your feet smell great for a few days then you can eat the socks.
Ah! Computer translation. It's a pity they can't get it right, or at least advise people to put the original in simple sentences with subject-verb-object order. I'd rather read something at the reading level of a second grader than gibberish.

My insurance agent dealing with our flood claim uses computer translation. Whenever we get something in English, we have to tell him to send us the original in Russian, as the translation is generally incomprehensible. For the most part, we write in English, he answers in Russian, which works for all parties (except the US office and I don't know what they do, or maybe the company springs for a real translator if it's a matter of communicating with the head office.)

Funny, rated.
I once burst into tears after reading the first three paragraphs of a Joyce Carol Oates novel - because I knew I'd never have her writing talent.

I'm having a similar feeling now. Not exactly the same feeling. But, similar.
It's difficult to fight these spammers, but we're trying.