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December 31
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DECEMBER 20, 2010 10:17PM

Various iPhone Photos

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The following are various iPhone photos that I have taken the last few days.  There is no particular theme.


Yellow self portrait

 Self Portrait



 A friend who bought me a birthday lunch.



color pipes

 Abstract pipes.



 I took this sitting in my car in a parking garage.




 Another one in the parking garage.




 And another.


face drawing

 This is a photo I took of one of my drawings.




 This is a photo of another drawing.  A friend calls this one "Dead Woman with Crooked Right Eye."  I probably should have fixed the eye, but never did.  Chalk it up to "what was I thinking?"  Nonetheless, I kind of like this one.


And that's it for today's iPhone photos.



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beautiful art once again Mishima. I'm sorry there aren't more, I'm always at a loss when I come to the end of your iPhoto posts. I love the self portrait and the garage near abstracts.

Merry Christmas to you friend, hope it's filled with happiness for you, and into the new year. And thanks for your work on OS to make it a better place for all of us. Putting a spammer sword in your hands is one of the best things OS has done.
who'd of thought such cool views could be had from a parking garage? Excellent!
I love what you see with your iphone Mis. sorry I can't put a longer comment here. I always look at these. Art it is and I love them.
Happy Holidaze to you and yours.
Mishima, another great looking set of photos from that dependable iPhone! I never fail to be impressed at the creative power you have with the camera and related software of the iPhone.
You could be the best iPhone artist on the planet. These are great!
Amazing! You should have your own gallery of iphone art....the colors and composition are awesome, rich. Rated.
Composition, color, texture, tone — and an undeniable mystery lying beneath the image. I am the number one fan of your iPhone photography. A treat to see your drawings! Did not notice anything strange about the dead woman's eye, but the drawing brings to mind a woman shrouded in a sheer veil.
iPhones are incredible, especially with a good i, I mean eye. Love the parking garage series. Same with the sketches.. wouldn't want the eyes completely straight imho.
And uh, happy birthday dude..
I'm still extremely impressed about what you can do with your iPhone! Cute friend... ;-)