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JUNE 17, 2011 5:26PM

iPhone Editing Apps

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One of the nice things about the iPhone is the number of photo editing programs available.  As I see it, there are three kinds of iPhone photo editing applications:

1)  those that provide basic editing tools such as changing exposure and contrast, cropping, and so on.

2)  those that provide "filters" that change the whole look of a photo (for example, giving a photo a "golden glow").

3) those that actually change the photo into what appears to be a drawing or painting.  It is this third category that I will discuss in this post.

Grungetastic turns photos into a kind of "grungy" drawing or painting. 

 The original - a photo of downtown Portland, Oregon:


Now, a Grungetastic version:


 Photo ArtistaOil starts with this photo of a flower sale:


 and gives it an impressionistic look:


PhotoArtista Haiku starts with this picture of a bike path:


 and makes it look like a Japanese drawing:


 Toon Paint takes this photo of Yours Truly:


 and turns it into a line drawing.  Then, using Juxtaposer, I superimpose the original over the line drawing, and "paint in" the amount of the original that I want.  The result looks kind of like a watercolor:


 With Mobile Monet I can take these flowers:


 and turn them into a painting:


 There are a number of other applications that do similar things, and it seems that every month new applications become available.  So if you are tired of the same old photos and editing tools, you might consider an application that will give your photos an entirely different look.

By the way, using PhotoSync you can transfer photos both ways between your computer and the iPhone wirelessly using your wifi home network.  This makes editing very easy and faster, since you don't have to mess with a cable and wait for the devices to synchronize.  I have Aperture on my Macbook, but most of my editing apps are on the iPhone.  PhotoSync for the iPhone is $1.99, and the desktop client is free.

And as always, I have no interest in any of the above-mentioned applications except as a satisfied customer.

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And it will be fun fun fun until your daddy takes your phone app away.
thanks for the tips, mishima. i really like PhotoArtista Haiku and that resulting sepia road pic. one of the best and simplest programs is BeFunky, with a really comprehensive set of effects. i do, as you say, transfer data (photos, apps, etc.) wirelessly between iphone, ipad and mac, but i do the photo editing on the mac. too old to see all that well on the phone screen.
Thanks for sharing the information about the editing tools. I'll check them out (even though you're a much better photographer than me). ;-)
You did a great job working with Juxtaposer and Tune Paint. I downloaded both apps (just got an iPhone and knew where to turn to find out what photography related apps I should download) and these aren't easy programs to use. I'll be downloading Grungetastic next and look forward to that and the others.