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DECEMBER 30, 2010 10:14AM

High US unemployment is Good News for Many....

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Today the new jobless news came out, and it is good news.

Seasonally adjusted new claims for the four week average fell to 418,000 this week. Yeah, the patient is still bleeding to death but it has slowed to a trickle.

The news was so good that the stock index moved up. Since the lower number was less than the expected one, life is good for us all.

The US military loves the great recession. The quota for new recruiters is getting met, no matter how unpopular the never ending wars are. The Army of One wants your child. They need more cannon fodder. They can push their bombardment that joining the military is a guarenteed job. And if you child comes home in one piece, he/she can get another placement working for a private military/security firm with no problems.


You don't want you kid to tote a gun for the likes of Blackwater?? You must be unAmerican. After all, with three hots and a cot, plenty of food to eat, and someday maybe a paid for college fund, the military is GREAT!! Just think of the possiblities. He/she can get paid to grope for TSA at the airports. With all the new body scanners being bought and paid for, I am sure they will be hiring.

It is good for big business and small equally. They can fire and rehire the desperate who will work harder and harder than ever, and get there early and stay later. For the new hired workers know that if they lose this job, they will never find a new one. This works very well if the new hires need more weeks to qualify for unemployment. Many never qualify in the first place, but that is a small fact overlooked. After all, why are there so many lazy unemployed?? They must be lazy and not looking hard enough. Let's crank up the media and show some bums and talk about them like the human trash they are.

Never mind that the new numbers are on a shortened week for holidays. And since many are doing seasonal retail work now, the next numbers coming out will reflect all the ones who get laid off after the holidays are over.

But who cares anyway??

The drum still beats the recovery is coming soon.

I don't listen anymore.

Do you??

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Let's talk some trash here. Satiric comments will bring rewards undetermined as of yet.....
I have not heard from my emial friend age 63 in over a month. After being employed in the same position as a legal secretary she was laid off almost two years ago. No family, no friends, high on over does of Xanax. Trying to hold on to her house, behind in her mortgage.
Depressed beyond belief. Yes I look at them and worry for the friends I know who are in dire straights .
Tried to call another email friend who lives near. Cannot get hold of her because her house was flooded in Southern CA. She just got a temp job and might lose it if she loses time. Age? 56.
Life is grand isn't Mission?
Now that was sarcasm..:(
Rated with hugs
I am talking true trash here Cartouche'
Mis, I hate conspiracy talk, I really do. But I wrote somewhere last week in some comment, that with two wars going on, it's kind of strange that the only jobs for the poor kids getting out of school is the military. What, the rich kids can't find a job either? They don't need a job. They live off of mom and dad. I'm dead serious, they can't bring back the draft are this country would explode. You have to remember, it's not just two wars, we have obligations all over the world. I can see it now, if Korea explodes, and it may well do it, we will be screwed. Great post my friend!
This is such GOOD NEWS Linda. Life is GREAT HERE INDEED!! Party on animals.
I am flagging you comment Scanner. It insults me. I wanted trash talk here, not true news.
Great news, I'm just quivering with joy! I bet they're ordering extra party hats and caviar on Wall Street.
The recovery is ON! US consumers spent more than years during the holidaze. The recovery is coming soon. We are not people, we are consumers.
The party is ON on Wall Street Blue. Yes indeedy. I want one of them party hats to wear here.
Ever since the stock market became a casino, the numbers have disconnected from reality for most of us. The recovery is a long way off for employment.
Foreclosures are expected to RISE!! The great divide between the rich and the poor gets wider and wider. Good news for all here!!
A casino?? Why, that is good news too. Much money is made in Casinos. That is the true reason real estate in Las Vegas is in the toilet.
IT GETS BETTER...........yeah right. I asked my oldest daughter why she wanted to become a Veterinarian (she graduates this fall) she said Daddy people actually pay cash money for their animals when they get sick. You know the sarcastic thoughts behind that. Some description of where people are heading. Great post Mission be well my friend. o/e r++++++
Send any rewards to Andrea DVM and pets also. o/e
Will do o/e. I can only hope she has no student loans to pay. One vet grad I know is paying over half of her salary to the student loan folks.
You advocating class warfare? Just because millions of workers & the poor are being cruelly exploited? If you don't like it, go back to the opportunity-rich USA. Oh, I forgot.
It is here already Leon. I can't leave now, I am American and have no place to go. Hell, I might be on the no fly list. Maybe I can win the lotto and be declared a terrorist too.
She was awarded 6 scholarships there, we have a college funds for both. I am way more than proud of her.
Mine got them too, but living expences are hard to meet in college o/e. I am proud of her too. Give her and hug and tell her I sent it.
So right!

I always temper this news with the fact that I am unemployed but appear nowhere on anyone's list.
People fall off...
I feel off years ago O'steph. It must be my fault for being unemployed and lazy as hell. Looking for work takes money.
The good news is the BLS is now counting up to five years!! APPARENTLY TWO YEARS IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!!
Maybe they will find me soon here.
You are just upset because you don't have the clout to manipulate Congress the way that Fat Cat bankers, defense contractors and Wall Street tycoons do. Since Glass-Stegall was repealed, the economy is doomed to shatter like glass every ten years or so and our American duty is to bail out the richest Americans every time it happens. Get used to the fact that your dreams don't mean squat.

Tinkle down economics is working just the way it was designed to work (but, not the way they told us it would work). It was supposed to redistribute the wealth to the upper crust via tax breaks. I would call that an overwhelming American success story, wouldn't you?

Piss on the People Politics is the new norm and if the tea-baggers and the Republicans get their way (and they always get their way or they scream or hold their breath until they do), things will get a lot worse for us little people before (if) it gets better.

There are now two Americas. Corporate America and third world America. The middle class is disappearing faster than Spaghettios on a homeless man's plate. I think it's time to learn Spanish and move to Brazil or someplace where a person has a chance at a future. That way we can still be Americans....South Americans. The rungs we used to work so hard to climb have all been severed just beyond our reach. While millions remain homeless, millions of empty houses will end up being bulldozed because no one can afford to live in them anymore. They will fall into disrepair and end up in the landfill with the rest of our dreams.

I guess I'm in a shitty mood today. Just call me Captain Happy Face.
Dear Captain Happy face,
You got the best comment so far, and as of yet you get the coveted gold star award for trash talk here.
I keep wanting to hear the chains jingle and watch the lurvly banksters doing the penquin shuffle in flop flops. But I ain't holding my breath here. I woulda died already, since the Great Recession is moving along so nicely here.
I can only hope the patient has plenty of blood. He is on life support already.
Life is grand as hell. I say throw the bums to the curb. The American Dream is nightmarish enough already.
I love the rant, Mission. And you know I love you too. But, you and I both know (because I've produced similiar rants) no one is listening. Even if they know it it their hearts, they'll go back to the same unsustainable lifestyles as before when and if things finally turn around.
Oh, and happy belated birthday. You know mine's the day before yours, huh?
Ain't no better way to let off some steam than writing a good rant John. I don't think anyone listens, but hey, who cares??
I forgot about your birthday. Damn.
Happy B-Day lately to you.
One side always wins. The Mr. Potters of "It's a Wonderful Life" infamy.
You don't sound very appreciative for living in the greatest country on earth!
I love that comment Stacy. Yup. It is a wonderful life out there.

Double dip indeed Janie. Many never made it out of the first dip...

Harry, now you know the true blue facts. And after all, with big brother watching us, why our lurvly country has to be the best. Of coursed, living in the best country does not mean having it all if you ain't got a job anyway.
No. For those of us unemployed, the recovery is not here.
I don't know anyone who si recovering Sheila. Not one.
But I am sure the spin machine media will find a couple and make headlines run 24/7 about the return of the good life.
Propaganda is all we got now.
Hey! What R U, a liberal or something? Damn communists are everywhere. Next you commie liberals will be saying that everyone in this country has a right to eat something other than manure. If there weren't so many lazy people feeding off the public trough, like those good for nothing public workers who keep the lights on and the roads in repair, the unemployed getting those fat checks that keep on forever, and those who are retired and living the high life on social security and government pensions, well this country wouldn't be in debt and could easily continue to afford bigger bonuses for those poor bankers and stock brokers who are having such a hard time.
I say we only throw out the bums here if we can throw out the stupid along with them Ira. 'Course, the stupid like the poor will always be with us.
Bless your heart for such a snarkle comment.
Now that's trash talk.
Hey, Mission -- No, I don't listen at all. I do read, however, and what you say is a good distillation of today's Times. I don't bandy about in Politics, I don't ascribe to a Faith, and I don't watch the Teevee any more. It's a downer, maaan. I do what I can, and try to make my living by my own hands. I've been one of the lucky ones. I count my blessings.
That makes two of us Songbird.
I don't ever know what to say when folks ask me what my fave TV show is. maybe the weather channel.
My baby brother just moved to California (from rural Texas) and I asked how in the world he was going to afford housing.

He said he was buying a house that was built for $400k+ only three years ago for just over $130k.

I can't pull off sarcasm today, sorry. I'm grateful he can afford a home for his family, but I am heartbroken that so many other people are losing theirs, or taking such a financial hit when they have to sell.

As for me, my family just squeaks by, but we are making it, and I can't complain.

I just wish I could do more to help other people.
I try here to understand this Mattiesdad.
Sarcasm is the I can do best here.
I can find no 'recovery' anywhere.
Only folks trying to get by.
'Tis a sad thing too.
Reading this makes me want to go out and buy more stuff! Buying stuff helps the economy and our troops. If you are lucky enough to have a job or a credit card it's your duty. Buying stuff is so important that I wish there was a store that just offered "stuff" so that I wouldn't even think about what stuff to buy.
That's a great comment Bell. yeah. Stuff.
I do like this one.