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Saint Petersburg, Florida, somewhere, over the rainbow
December 05
the everything girl
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MARCH 4, 2011 5:05AM

A walk along the French Broad River....Picture Perfect


 I titled this Steam Rise.

The warm water pours over the small power dam upstream from Marshall. This is my view from above the B&B where I board.



 The day was clear and cool.



 This isolated farm house looked inviting.

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FEBRUARY 21, 2011 8:23AM

Americana in Pictures.........

The guys in front of this old store told me it was last open as a store in the late sixties. They were in a deep discussion on the weather...


Looking through the window of an antique store. A mix of old and new...

Marshall looks like the… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 15, 2011 10:23AM

Today's views from the Hill

This is my view today from this hill. One person already remarked this place looks like the north pole and Santa's wonderland. After all the snow of this winter I have remarked my self as to how this part is supposed to be some part of the South. I would… Read full post »

Let's start at the local store/restaurant/bar/watering hole. Prices are reasonable when you consider walking is easy.

Of course, I have to consider this face goes with me everywhere.

This Greek Revival county courthouse backs right into the mountain side.


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JANUARY 13, 2011 3:32PM

'losing it all'

Long nights go dreary

American beauty

baubles for comfort

yet so often teary


reaching for sanity

searching for what

surrounded by baubles

missing what's not


Manhattan Island

cost far more

Best of the best

sold for so less


rivers all filthy

brown land everywhere

air is aRead full post »

JANUARY 11, 2011 9:15AM

'My Generation'

My generation

Boomers they're called

Started out bringing change

spreading love and peace

throughout the land

Understanding for all

Protesting a war

It's right don't ya know

A path full with pitfalls

decorated with greed

On they went, marchers all

Shouting out mantras

Hand in hand

Dreams they had maRead full post »

JANUARY 7, 2011 7:55AM

'fertile ground'

jagged shards of memory


scarred buried dreams


slivered bits dug from deep


anger well composted


ready for new seed


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Memories of when my car was new come to mind here. Memories of running, playing in Purple Vetch and Clover covered pastures chasing the winds. Laying still and watching the rabbits play. Birds calling. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds floating over.


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JANUARY 3, 2011 8:03AM


I separate my mind and body

each moment every day

meditate each morning

new age music I do play

stretch this aching body

hope to stop the pain


for wolf bites bring no pleasure

only more more more pain


peace oh peace please find me

let these tears dry onRead full post »

Today the new jobless news came out, and it is good news.

Seasonally adjusted new claims for the four week average fell to 418,000 this week. Yeah, the patient is still bleeding to death but it has slowed to a trickle.

The news was so good that the stock indexRead full post »

DECEMBER 27, 2010 8:55AM

Watching the Critters play...

'Tis strange and wonderful being back in the mountains, and the recently departed sunny warm weather here has made for some good viewing of all the local wildlife.

I spent some time just doing so earlier in the week.

Here are some musings on critter watching (wildlife, for the uninformed outRead full post »

DECEMBER 23, 2010 5:40AM

'No angel for me'

A new baby doll

Real hair

With a brush and comb

Pink clothes


Not this old one

I have had so long

Found in an attic box

She can't see

With the paint rubbed off

Her eyes

She has no clothes

I wrap her with rags


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DECEMBER 21, 2010 8:44PM

I don't want your pity here

Having lupus is not fun.

It is not an easy ride for me. I have had it for too damn long. 25 years and counting.

I am tired of it.

My body is tired of it.

I think of little red ants eating away. They eat my body. I try… Read full post »

DECEMBER 20, 2010 7:50AM

'Wolf Bites'

Wolf bites

deep into hands

many typos

I make


fixing the last


eyes closed

bright red spine

mine's inflamed

long term

wolf bites

toes twitch

walking's tough

cramps amd spasms

sleep is a

forgotten dream

wolf bites

head aches

pain's a bitch

sweet weed

brings relief

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DECEMBER 17, 2010 8:37AM

A Christmas Memory

I did not eat any of my Momma's turkey. I could hardly stand to look at it, sitting on the chipped platter, even if the old platter was my favorite. The one with intertwined pink roses and worn gold rim. I kept my eyes on the other dishes. The piles ofRead full post »

All of us are the face of Julian Assange now. We use the Internet on a regular basis. We use it to view the news, find out what the truth is. We want to know when something happens of note in the world. Yet in the case of this man, thatRead full post »

NOVEMBER 30, 2010 3:06PM

'Homeless Teardrops'

Can you feel those tears

falling from his heart

each one a lost dream

each one a silent scream


Coldness within

coldness without

many tears

many doubts


No one knows

how bad it hurts

no one knows

his great big heart


He lies alone

deep inside

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NOVEMBER 27, 2010 8:01PM

Weekend Media Musings

'Tis amazing as hell to me here.

Over in Europe, whole countries are going belly up this weekend. Ireland's government just collapsed. There is a whole slew more waiting in the wings, testing their collective feet in the water. Spain, Portugal, Greece. Even Germany and the United Kingdom are lookingRead full post »

NOVEMBER 24, 2010 8:22AM

For my brother .....

Will you remember

the times by the creek

as we splashed away the heat

of summer long ago


Will you remember

fun times

The faithful Willis Jeep

blowing blue smoke

chugging thru mud, brush

slapping the sides

laughing so hard


Will you remember

Furs stacked so high

coon greaseRead full post »

NOVEMBER 22, 2010 2:13PM

'A Thanksgiving Without'


Fire took the homeplace

that year

Big Oaks charred, dead

too near

No turkey, just two hens

more beans

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

many teens

Sad smiles all around

So much gone

Hands touch for prayer

its still home Read full post »

NOVEMBER 21, 2010 7:22PM

'So many more Mountains left to Climb'

So many more





I got so many


 left to climb

So many





Cold wind blow

Cold wind


Still so many




Climbing gets hard

Going up

Coming down

Still so many





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NOVEMBER 18, 2010 5:08PM

'Let them eat cake'

Let them eat cake


they sit and fiddle

no jobs

not a nibble


Let them eat cake


not one

go to work

sorry crumbs

Let them eat cake

no money

get a job

there ain't none


just bums

Let them eat cake

so sorry



Let them eat cake!!

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NOVEMBER 16, 2010 1:07PM

A Bitter Harvest


He was born to raise his money tree, just like the rest of us.


He had some grit after all. He knew everything.


He was going to grow his tree so tall it shaded the rest of the forest.


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OCTOBER 31, 2010 7:21PM

'Twas the Year of No Xmas'

'Twas the year of no xmas

and all thru the land

sounds of despire rose

every where at hand

for there was no xmas

no one had money


they lost all

houses, jobs, and cars

while waiting for relief

no one said prayers


'twas taken from them

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I walked straight over to the day shelter and asked for towels and lice shampoo. I applied it and left it on till it began to burn my skin. I wanted rid of all the lice. My nerves were fried. Coffee was next. The rainy, cold day suited my bleak… Read full post »