Minneapolis, Minnesota,
March 30
Michael Dane is America's favorite middle-aged, Jewish, bisexual social satirist. Or, at least one of them. Often referring to himself in the third person, he used to do standup comedy on the road, but now he just writes down funny things. His book of food humor, called "Does This Taste Funny? A Half-Baked Look at Food and Foodies," is available at Amazon.com


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I know it must seem a little weird to get a letter from me, but I thought it would be good to catch up a bit, since we’ve been out of touch for so long.  It’s gotta be at least . . . fifty years, right?

You know, now that… Read full post »

JUNE 4, 2013 11:55PM

parenthetically crazy

this piece is an excerpt from my latest collection, "The Line Between Funny and Crazy," which will be released soon... 

 Until the book is finished, you'll have to be satisfied with looking at the cover.

According to a recent study, over forty-five million Americans have a mental illness. While that still leaves us with two hundred sixty some-odd million people whRead full post »


Elusive ‘God’ Particle Found, Then Lost Again, Say Embarrassed Scientists


Physicist explains, “It’s really, really tiny.”


In a development that has rocked the world of particle physics, scientists at a hastily arranged press conference have admittedRead full post »

NOVEMBER 12, 2012 12:40AM

Is it 2016 yet?

Our long national nightmare, otherwise known as Election 2012, is finally over. There are a few questions, though, that remain unanswered:

  Will despondent Republicans try to form an alternate country, free of entitled moochers, under the leadership of Ted Nugent?

  Will Mitt Romney re-Read full post »

AUGUST 23, 2012 11:26PM

Everything I Know About Book Writin'

The American dramatist Gene Fowler once said, “Writing is easy:  All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." There’s some encouragement for you.

I wrote and published my first book a while back, and to get the shamelessRead full post »

There are only a handful of childhood food memories that have stuck with me. It’s not that we didn’t eat well. Even on a fixed income, Mom always made sure we had some meat, some carbs and something green on our plates every evening at five (and to… Read full post »

MAY 11, 2012 10:31PM

Cooking is Believing

Every so often you hear about someone who claims to see a supernatural being in their food. A representation of Jesus burnt into a piece of toast, or an image of the Virgin Mary in a stack of pancakes…I think it’s usually a breakfast food of some sort.… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
MAY 7, 2012 11:14PM

and now, a word from our sponsor

I've never been easily swayed by advertising. I can't think of anything I own that I bought because I saw an ad for it. That's especially true with food ads. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a commercial and then felt compelled to amend the grocery list for that… Read full post »

MAY 4, 2012 7:57PM

Cooking with Testosterone

     Here’s how I know that I’m not a traditional alpha male: the idea of grilling does NOTHING for me. I simply do not have the ‘barbecue gene’ in my DNA. I’m fairly certain I have the ‘show tunes gene,’ but that’s rarely needed at/Read full post »

APRIL 24, 2012 4:14PM

you can look it up...

Learning to cook requires learning a new language as well. It seems like there are dozens of terms for even the simplest kitchen tasks, and a lot of the words aren’t even in English! As I started to cook more, I gathered more recipes online, and had to… Read full post »

APRIL 16, 2012 6:46PM

meeting marjoram...

 In my first couple years of cooking, I’ve been willing to experiment with almost any herb or spice on the shelf. Granted, my relationship with coriander isn’t as close as we’d like, and I’ve only flirted with bay leaves, but in general, I’ve always tried to be fair… Read full post »

APRIL 9, 2012 1:57PM

A Culinary Soundtrack

Music and food have been intertwined for centuries. In fact, one of the gretest operatic composers, Gioachino Rossini, was such a gourmand that not only did he compose some of his most famous arias while dining, but several dishes are named in his honor.

 The term ‘Alla Rossini’ usRead full post »

APRIL 8, 2012 7:24PM

hot dogs and haggis

When I first heard about the ‘sport’ of competitive eating, I had two reactions:

  1. It’s a sport?
  2. It’s really a sport?

 What began as a rural novelty at county fairs involving homemade pies has somehow become a sport, with a governing body, sanctioned events, and over halRead full post »

JANUARY 28, 2012 9:35PM

if you know what's good for you...

As the de facto menu planner for our non-traditional quasi-family unit, I try to make sure The Girlfriend and I eat a healthy, balanced diet. Granted, our definition of 'balanced' might be different than yours.I believe that, if you had a salad for dinner, you can, and… Read full post »

JANUARY 12, 2012 7:39PM

a splendid conversation

Sometimes I wonder, with the number of people writing about food these days, if anyone just eats food anymore. You might think that trying to appreciate food by reading about it is like trying to appreciate Mozart by looking at a painting of an orchestra.

Of course, at… Read full post »

I recently had a chance to talk to an inventive chef with forty years of kitchen experience--a web-savvy culinary veteran known for an adventurous palate and resourcefulness under pressure. Someone as comfortable preparing crème brûlée as they are wild game. I'm referring, of c… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 2, 2011 9:29PM

i know it when i see it...

You really don’t want to over-analyze some cliches. For instance, if  ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ that just means I’m working WAY harder than I need to on this book–all told, I’m at about thirty thousand words, so you’re telling me I could… Read full post »

OCTOBER 25, 2011 1:09AM

fear, loathing, and porridge

If I told you I knew a chef who has created the most decadent and exquisite porridge from locally sourced ingredients, full of sublime flavors and textures, would you think that this chef:

A) Trained for years at Le Cordon Bleu in France, is probably named 'Jean-Michel' and

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OCTOBER 11, 2011 1:45AM

as seen on tv

I'm not usually tempted by infomercials, other than the Time-Life Ultimate Rock Ballads collection, and you can't blame me there--it had that one Glass Tiger song--how is that NOT worth $118? But give me a half-hour pitch for some new kitchen gadget, and I will stare at the… Read full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2011 11:46AM

what's your catchphrase?

There's always a little down time when you're cooking, whether you're waiting for your eggs to poach, your onions to caramelize, or your roux to get...roux-ey enough.

I think cooking is like baseball, or jazz, in that, to enjoy them, you have  to get past the fact… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 11:00PM

i'm sensing a theme here...

I suppose, if I were to make a 'bucket list'' of things I want to do before I check out,  I would have to put 'make bucket list ' near the top. It's not that I don't make lists--mix my OCD with a little weed, and making lists becomes a necessity… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 5:44PM

my first interview with an actual chef

For my upcoming book, Meatloaf Muffins: Tales of A Reluctant Foodie, I’m trying to contact celebrity chefs and ask them some questions they don’t typically get. I did a trial run with (a very patient) noted Minneapolis chef Bret Bannon…if any of you know a celebrity chef that wouldRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 13, 2011 12:54AM

you should hear the zucchini

I suppose I'm a food writer now, since this is for a book about food, but it's not the sort of writing I imagined doing for my first book. I fancied myself being a novelist one day, but I have to admit I'm just not that organized.

I… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 8, 2011 8:41PM

i should read more poetry...

I did a very bad thing last weekend. It was an impulsive moment, but I’ll be dealing with the consequences for a long time. I’m not even sure why I’m writing about it, because it was so incredibly stupid. I just need to clear my conscience, I guess,… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 6:39PM

i don't need no stinkin' recipe...

I think one of the few ‘typically male’ pieces of my personality is my unwillingness to read the instructions. To anything. If everything is in the box that should be there, I should be able to assemble it/program it/hook it up without reading a  freaking manual. Hell, I’ve… Read full post »