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MARCH 8, 2009 5:25PM

A Defense of Rush Against Intolerant Liberals

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I am dismayed and quite frankly confused over the vitriol and hatred directed by liberals toward Rush. Look, I understand that Rush is not everyone’s cup of tea, that many prefer to listen to other stuff, but a little respect for Rush is in order. So, before you judge, before you unleash your unfounded and venomous anger on me, allow me to offer a defense for Rush. Listen for once in your lives. It’s the least you supposedly open minded “liberals” can do. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll change your narrow little minds.

Let me start with the raw statistics: Rush has, as of this writing, 24 gold records, 13 platinum records three of which went multi-platinum. This places Rush only behind The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Aerosmith in terms of consecutive gold or platinum albums.

Not bad company huh? Not bad for a band consistently denied a place in the Rock and Roll “Hall of Fame” (side note: I refuse to acknowledge any R&R hall of fame that does not recognize the awsomeness of Neil Peart. Anyway…).

Rush’s longevity and their willingness to evolve and experiment is admirable, and even if you don’t necessarily dig their music, you all should at least respect them as artists before you all go off on your tirades.

One of the most oft repeated criticisms I hear is the fact that Rush used Randian objectivism as the basis for some of their songs, most notably 1976’s 2112. Well, fuck you. If I lose “friends” because of this, so be it; 2112 kicks some mofo ass, you! It stands as one of the most coherent and intelligent concept albums of all time, rivaled only by maybe Julian Cope’s “Peggy Suicide.” Forget about the naive Randian mutterings about the threat of collectivism; the story is about rock and roll saving the world! Dare I say that’s something we can all get behind? I thought so.

Now, drummer/lyricist Neil Peart himself has said that too much has been made of his brief fling with Randian thought. These guys have written thoughtful and intelligent songs on a number of topics, especially the hypocrisy of religion. Songs like “Freewill” all of “Farewell to Kings” (fuckin’ "Cygnus X"! hells yeah!), and, most recently, “The Way the Wind Blows” all decry sheep-like mentality, and celebrate independent thought and forward thinking people.

Certainly that should make you liberal Rush haters happy, but nooooo. You can only bitch about “his” weight.

First of all, yes, Alex Leifson has gained some weight over the years, crimmany, he’s like 55! And secondly, I hate it when idiots refer to a band as him. NEWSFLASH dummies! Pink Floyd was the name of the band! Molly Hatchet is NOT the singer’s name, it’s also the name of the band! Jeez, Rush doesn’t even sound like the proper name of a person! How stupid can some people be!?

Finally, how can you liberal weenies deny the pure musicianship of Rush? Geddy Lee is one of the preeminent bassists in Rock history. Leifson is consistently one of the most innovative and adventuresome guitarists. And then there’s Peart. Neil Peart is a god on the drums. Period.  Even jazz musicians give him props. I dare you to listen to “The Rhythm Method” and not bow down before the awesome power that is PEART!

Rush is one of the most influential power trios in Rock history. The hatred and ignorance you all show toward Rush unfounded at best. I’ll bet you supposedly liberal coc…

****(shouting from the other room)***

(to my wife): Uh, you mean they’re all talking about Rush Limbaugh? Oh. Hmmm.

****(Confused for a second. Composes self)****

(to liberals): Well, yeah man, fuck that guy. He’s a douche.

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This one's for Canada!
hee-freakin-larious...well played (and '2112'is still one of the greatest headphones albums in history)
Despite my Canadian "credentials," I've always considered bands like Rush "boy music" but I loved your post. You had me going at the beginning,
Thanks Mistercomedy, and I totally agree about 2112!

emma, I was wondering how long to play that beginning part out, I'm wondering how many people will just ignore my post or just read the first few lines and make a mean comment. Anyway, yeah, I agree about the "boy music" thing. When I was 13 I listened to hard rock and metal; I was was your basic standard issue early teen metalhead. In fact, I guess I will probably get more crap about liking Rush (the band) than anything! lol.
You had me going dude. Nice job; very funny.
This is funny! I almost didn't get it when I saw the Rush vids, and I love {that} Rush. Ya got me!
Rock and roll saving the world? Dude, I can TOTALLY get behind that concept.
You are adorable and I love Rush, too. Well played.
I almost didn't read this! Glad I did... I'm a HUGE Rush fan. (Of the band, not the limbaugh.)
Thanks for the comments all! Actually surprised to see Rush fans here.

Thanks Behind Blue Eyes for pointing out my stupid misspelling. It's embarrassing. It has been corrected.
LOL! You had me going for way longer than I should've allowed... I started telling myself that Limblegh had his rants issued on cd's or something... Bravo. :)
well-played, canadian! and to be fair, i once had to listen to the other rush for NINE HOURS SOLID, driving back from new orleans to dallas with my staunchly republican grandparents. i'm definitely hating him on his merits!
Cute (Canadian understated appreciation).

(thumbified with a lit Zippo)
Clever lead instigator, you inciter, you! At least you left us all with music...

bstrangely--have you recovered from your drive? Are you okay? (btw, I'm not Canadian, not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Thanks Myriad (in a totally understated way, of course)

Rock on Jodi!
*sigh* It was BRUSH with death. Not RUSH with death.


Actually I'm so used to the Rush love. My brother had a weird obsession with them for many years. Fortunately he was able to turn this into comic gold the day he decided to put together a skit called Rush singing Madonna covers. Try singing the opening lines of Just Like a Prayer, and tell me that it wasn't made for Geddy.

About a year later, at my grandfather's funeral, we discovered we had twin cousins, who had a Rush cover band called Presto.

Life in Canada, my friend.
Thanks 1womans vu and Leonde!

I wonder how many people will not click on my post and totally ignore me for all eternity! :)
I love a surprise. =o) Nicely done.
The music would be okay if the singing wasn't so annoying. It sounds like a progressive rock version of Alvin and the Chipmunks.
All it lacks is Gilda Radner as Emily Litella going "Never mind."
I can't stands me no Geddy Lee. His voice is so whiny and adenoidal it sends cold shivers up my spine. I'd rather hear fingernails on a blackboard that endure a minute of his "singing".
You had me right through the end of the first paragraph--nicely done! I too refuse to acknowledge the Rock/Roll folks until they give Neil his due; a friend tipped me off to Neil's crazy drumming skills, and Rush's overall power as a band, nearly fifteen years ago now. I'm the only Rush fan in town that I know of (well, the white car with the license plate that reads "Syrinx" that parks near my office on campus might indicate the presence of another fan), but I'm keeping the faith! Rated.
Rush was my favorite band in high school. I have every album. I had every concert t-shirt. I even had a necklace with their symbol. once I got to go backstage and Geddy Lee saw my necklace and said "you're an adorable one, aren't you?" and signed my album and kissed by cheek. He has a very prominent nose and sharply intelligent eyes.
Juliet, your brother's Rush skit sounds hilarious.
Presto is a good name for a Rush cover band--killer album!

Just as I expected, here come the Rush haters. :) Actually my wife hates Rush too. It is a sore point, especially if I'm in a Rush mood and I'm blasting "Permanent Waves" on 11 and I start air drumming. "That voice," she says, "it sounds like a drowning rat!"
when i saw the title i knew i had to come and see what tongue-in-cheek treatment you were going to give it. good piece and it cracked me up but...

well... as far as i'm concerned rush is just one more reason to join nanatahay's invasion of canada. they must be stopped!

maybe rush is just balancing the tables for giving us neil young.
This Rush being, he should keep day job as pundit, play weddings and impeachments on weekends, no?
Sandra, you are super cool. Thanks.

Aaron, dude, I was hoping you'd find the post, I was going to send it to you if you missed it. :) Yeah I saw Rush on Colbert. It was great. I loved how they just kept playing, and playig, and Colbert is trying to end the show, and they kept playing... lol

Cap'n thanks for the comment, but I really couldn't understand that last part you said, Rush's "YYZ" completely rocked my face off. :P
Rush! What memories.

Standing in line with my roomate for tix (which I had to scalp later). I've stood in lines for concerts before, but this was the first where no girls stood with me. My roomate read Chaucer in his sweater vest. I had my too-punk-to-care blue jeans and Joy Division t-shirt and studying my Analytical Statics note cards. A guy in a red bandanna and army issue glasses has 2112 playing on boom box out of a Rick James video. He's strumming it like an air guitar. Some frat boys roll by to laugh at us.
Bravo! Hat off...very funny
You freakin' SLAY me man!

I have to say I wasn't a big Rush fan...but really loved "Closer to the Heart" and "Tom Sawyer" era stuff. It pains me to admit I like "Yes" much more...(ouch)
Rush forever Rocks
The best part of the story - when I was in high school, I was a cross country runner , my first ever encounter with true individualism that has shaped me far more than I realized at the time. The boys on the team all got together and gave me that Rush necklace for my birthday, then took me to a concert in St. Louis (at the now defunct, totally rockin' Checkerdome). It was my first big concert, and there I was with 7 guys who were just treating me to a good time, liking me for no other reason than I ran cross country and liked Rush. I never dated any of them, or anything. There were no weird tensions going on. It was absolutely one of the nicest birthdays of my entire life, and getting to go backstage courtesy of one of the guys' sisters - I was 16! How are you going to beat that?! You can't, I tell you. It was just the greatest (today thanks to your post when I was skiing in some trees I sang out to the snow-loaded limbs: "The maples screamed rebellion and the oaks ignored their pleas!" There were actually only pines around me but I think they understood, and approved.)
Rated for passion.

Rush, yeah... they're pretty good. Geddy's bassline in "Time Stand Still" is luscious and lyrical. Pert's a bit "clinical" for my tastes though. I'm more of a Mick Fleetwood (I know he only knows 2 fills!) and Michael DeRosier (Heart, "Barracuda") fan.
No MJ, what I said was, how can someone who "gets" Jerry listen to Rush? Or to put it in simpler terms: eeewww.
A hoot and a half by one of OS' finest humorists. You rock. I saw them around 1973 (are they that old?) And they do indeed rock.
Very clever, MJ! Rush rocks with the best of them.I used to go see them for $6 When they would drive from Toronto to play warm up for other bigger named bands. Talk about a hard act to follow! Yikes!
I was confused throughout. Even with my very limited sense of the American political topography, I had an idea than Rush Limbaugh was a politician and then you threw me into a whirl with this stuff.

I was almost convinced that the "Rush" the OSers hated was indeed the band.

Thanks a lot for jumbling up my grey cells.
This Rush rocks. That other guy? Not so much. Thanks for the morning laughter.
"liberals on the left"
You gave yourself away right at the beginning.

Is this opposed to those hoards of liberals on the right?
You crazy! hahahaha
Great! Now write one about that overrated singer/overly-tanned senator, who wants to freeze spending, Sen. Bono!
Haha! Well played, sir. Well played indeed!
>> I am dismayed and quite frankly confused over the vitriol and hatred I’ve seen by liberals on the left toward Rush.

I'm not, Rush is a sad pathetic excuse for a human being. He's a fat pompous malodorous windbag. He's the poster-child for retroactive abortion. After years of spewing venom and vitriol and his own special brand of EIB hatred over the airwaves, Rush is getting _exactly_ what he deserves. In fact, he deserves a lot more of it. So shut up and get busy calling Rush an "aggregious asshole".
(And I think Rush, the band, ROCKS!)
I've always liked their song "Cinderella Man", which if you listen to the lyrics you'll recognize as the old 1936 Gary Cooper movie, "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town". That song has always had special meaning for me. "Zanadu" and the whole "2112" album aren't bad either...
I'm afraid that I dated a drummer. I can never fully appreciate Rush now because my judgment is clouded by my utter contempt of the drummer I dated.

Also, for his birthday one year, I got him and our roommate and myself tickets to a concert. The roommate, who was a pompous turd, told me that "he and the drummer would be talking technical instrumentation that I might not understand." ::roll of eyes:: Because if so then "Dude! His drumming is awesome!!!" must be technical term of which I am not aware.

and well played on the Rush aspect--I bet they hate that their name is like the name of that other unspeakable thing.
oh! you're good! quite clever!
Thanks, man. Now when anyone asks me what I think about the "Rush controversy" I can play like, "Oh, no. They're not breaking up or anything are they?".

This may come in particularly handy as I wind down my visit with my dear, sweet Mom. Down here in San Diego County (I live up north, in Humboldt) the other, douche Rush, is Grand Poobah for life.

Great piece!

LOL You got me!

Rush rules!
rush = the. greatest. band. ever.

i mean, come on, even if they'd only done 2112 they'd qualify for that, but their body of work taken as a whole elevates them to the status of deities in my book. anybody who doesn't get that should be waterboarded, flogged live on the glen beck show, then drawn and quartered.

my god these fucking liberals sicken me!

neil fucking peart!!!! my god these liberals sicken me with their castigation
Hilarious! I didn't read this until Kerry recommended, because I thought you were defending Rush Limbaugh.

For the record, however, Rush (the band) is my Worst. Concert. Ever. It was painful. I thought I liked them until I went to the concert.
Clever, clever, clever! Now he should be criticized for stealing this band's name!
sorry, my rant was just getting under way when i accidentally posted the comment. uh, let's see, iwas getting ready for some castigation, but first, yeah, neil fucking peart!!!

i had NO idea he wasn't yet in the R n R hall of fame. HOW CAN THAT BE?!? why isn't bill o'reilly and newt gingrich and tom delay and john ashcroft down there RIGHT NOW with all their supporters, picketing that den of godless secular humanist elitism and singing "we shall overcome?" where's the true outraged sense of indignant self-righteousness that made this country what it is? i for one am beyond myself with fury, nearly apoplectic with blind rage! this shall not stand my friend, THIS SHALL NOT STAND!!!!
"I refuse to acknowledge any R&R hall of fame that does not recognize the awsomeness of Neil Peart.Witch Hunt" Lyrics by Peart." AMEN!!!!!! I've been a Rush fan since I was a tiny kid. "2112", "Moving Pictures" , "Permanent Waves" and "Signals" are my three personal favorite studio albums. To this post, of which I admit I have been guilty, I would leave you with these lyrics MJ, which I'm SURE you would agree with...Especially the last two lines... Rated

"Witch Hunt"

The night is black
Without a moon.
The air is thick and still.
The vigilantes gather on
The lonely torchlit hill.

Features distorted in the flickering light,
The faces are twisted and grotesque.
Silent and stern in the sweltering night,
The mob moves like demons possesed.
Quiet in conscience, calm in their right,
Confident their ways are best.

The righteous rise
With burning eyes
Of hatred and ill-will.
Madmen fed on fear and lies
To beat and burn and kill.

They say there are strangers who threaten us,
are immigrants and infidels.
They say there is strangeness too dangerous
In our theaters and bookstore shelves.
Those who know what's best for us
Must rise and save us from ourselves.

Quick to judge,
Quick to anger,
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand...
Man I got such a great laugh when I got to that second paragraph. Awesome comic timing. Rated.
Beautiful. (wiping tears away) Have you seen the clip of Rush playing Guitar Hero? It is funny and surreal. I love a band with a sense of humor. You, my friend, are a funny bastage. This is awesome.
very amusing wry humor.
So of course after reading the headline, the reflexes set in: nostrils flared, muscles tensed up. Then I began reading! FABULOUS
Oh, man that is so cool. If I didn't know better, I'd think I must have gone to high school with you. You didn't go with a bunch of dorky kids from Jonesboro High to a Rush concert in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1984 did you? I was all worked up to respond point by point and then the Neil Peart reference killed me. You've touched a nerve though. I've been torn by my Rush admiration and my green inclination: clearly the prospect of "motor laws" is considered a bad thing by Neil, but shouldn't we have a motor law some time soon? Of course if we do, we'll need to make sure the gleaming alloy air-cars are narrow enough to cross one-lane bridges in order to ensure effective enforcement.
and another thing. when i hear people like keith olberman or nancy pelosi or rahm emmanuel talking about how geddy lee can't sing i just want to drive a mike stand through their thoracic cavities. geddy lee can't sing? WTF ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT!???! just imagine if rush had someone like burton cummings or paul rodgers singing for them. i mean, those guys can sing amazingly, but can you picture them trying to screech out the opening lines of "the temples of syrinx?" it just wouldn't WORK you liberal scum-bag terrorist loving arugula eating atheists.
I think I hate Rush more than Rush, but I loves this post. Still hate the Canadiens though.
[For the record, however, Rush (the band) is my Worst. Concert. Ever. It was painful. I thought I liked them until I went to the concert.]

Okay, I am an idiot. I unfairly maligned Rush (the band). It was Yes, not Rush.
dogmom, seamus, though i reluctantly acknowledge your right to exist, what for the love of god are you TALKING ABOUT???
Sorry, I will now try to be more objective. I whole heartedly agree with you, especially about this nonsense in the R&R hall of fame. Neil deserves it, Alex deserves it, and Geddy deserves it. I have every album they ever did, and the fact that they are approaching their 40th birthday (In 3 years (the band, not the people)) and still sound that good is astounding, and an achievement in and of itself. Great post
Oh man. I'm up to my neck in policy papers and managed care projects here in grad school and NOTHING looks funny right now. But I have to THANK YOU for making me laugh out loud in the lounge. I was composing a thread in my mind about how I HAVE listened to Rush (L) growing up before even my Rep. parents decided he was a Moron and then came to Gold Records? Eh? Ohhhhhh!!!!!

My Rep. yet super cool parents bought me 7 tix to see Rush (band) when I was in 8th grade because that is all I wanted. It was truly awesome. Geddy Lee was one of my first crushes for sure.
I too am verrrrrry glad Kerry singled this out. Not being familiar w/your writing, I would never have clicked. HUGE laughs. Huge. Really big.
Love it!!!! You are FUNNY!
BTW, love Rush!!!
Okay, funny-- you totally had me. I never liked music by Rush but was forced to endure it by some of my guy friends who were rabid fans and many of these guys vote conservative today. So, when I got to the line about Neil Peart I was like, oh typical backwoods Rush Limbaugh fan AND he listens to that awful progressive rock band....Rush... AHA~ heehee.
Thanks for writing this! Rush have been a guilty pleasure of mine for a while. "Limelight" has been on my ipod since ipods were invented, and sometimes "The Pass" will come up in shuffle play and I'll switch it to Repeat 1 for my entire train ride to work.
The guy who lived in the dorm room across the hall from me back in 1977 got to drive Rush's limo the spring night they played in Abilene, Texas. When he got back to the dorm at about 2:30 AM, he had a dazed look on his face and mumbled, "This was the greatest night of my life." He kept that look, and repeated that sentence, for most of the next several days.
Nana, I'm not sure which pompous, rambling, pretentious windbag I find more annoying. :) And dogmama is right. Yes is the worst concert she's ever been to!
Rush the band and Rush the putrid asshole have one thing in common. Neither ever emanates from my radio. In the case of the former that's not strictly true. They do for the time it takes me to reach for the button to switch to another station.
What a rush! Great post.
LOL! First, let me say that I love this kind of stuff --- sucked in by one thought and led to another totally different thought from which I still learned something. You may ask, “What did you learn, Rick?” I learned that I may have to investigate Rush in more depth than I’ve ever attempted.

Yep, I’m not really familiar with Rush because at some point I heard something by them (I don’t recall what or when) and it simply did not appeal. I noticed that some people mentioned the vocals of Geddy Lee; that was probably one of the things I did not particularly like when I heard Rush way-back-when. However, based on your clips, I will be checking out some of their stuff more closely. Thanks for that. I think that I have grown older, my ability to appreciate different musical styles has broadened significantly.

I mostly listen to more…, uh…, I don’t know…, refined? music, but there are times when I have an itch to just hear some really raw, straight-ahead power stuff, and this seems like something that might add to my choices for such. Besides, I’ve always loved the sound of a Rickenbacker bass. I’m also always intrigued by a bassist who can play and sing. Even when the bass lines are simplified, it is not as easy as one might think; as a bass player, I’ve done it, with only limited success and it was always a struggle for me. I usually switched to guitar for any songs that I sang.

I've seen Rush, for the record, over ten times since 1976. All ten or more of them are among my favorite concerts, which I have seen hundreds. They are consistent and epitomize professionalism live and always play for a good 2 1/2 hours. Their sound is always incredible. The highlight since "Signals" was made is the synth intro from "Subdivisions" vibrating the very fiber of your being! Yes, if MJ is #1 Rush fan, I'm number 1(a).
Oh boy, lots of comments! Thanks to all who commented, glad you guys read far enough to get the joke! I honestly don't have the energy to respond to all, so I hope a blanket "Thanks Y'all" will suffice.
A few comments though:
First of all, apologies to Moana who is from India, and was really confused by the post. Sorry, for hurting your head! Also apologies to Gorlockness who is from outer space and likewise was a bit confused. Just remember:
Rush/rock band=awesome!
Rush/radio pundit=douche bag.

Cap'n--seriously, I really don't understand what your saying, the kickass guitar solo in "La Villa Stangiato" totally melted my brain. :)

Mr. e--nice recovery!

odetteroulette--"dude, his drumming is awesome" is indeed a technical term. Also technical musical terms: "That dude shreads!"
and "Dude, that guitar solo melted my face off" It's a guy thing maybe.

Sao Kay-- My wife could commiserate with you!

nanatehay--I agree, this should not stand. **(Devilhorn/Rock n roll salute at ya!)** Olbermann looks like he got down with Flock of Seagulls, and O'Reilly probably rocked out to Tony Orlando. What do they know anyway!

Blue--thanks man, I figured you were a Rush guy. Witch Hunt is great--Moving Pictures rules!

and Kerry, thanks for singling out my post. Cool.

I figured I'd get a bunch of "very clever, but I hate Rush the band too" comments. I mean, I did, of course, but I was surprised by the amount of Rush fans here. I had no idea. Very cool!
Nice fake out MJ!! I knew I had to read all the way for the full impact of the "jokes on us!" Nice call out to the real Rush.
Bravo MJwycha! Fooled here also until the second paragraph, like others. Rush – Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart – is without question one of the most inventive and compelling groups in rock history, equally famed for both its virtuoso musicianship and provocative songwriting. Rick, Geddy plays mostly Fender basses.
Keep Rockin' MJwycha! Thanks! Now I'm headed down to BestBuy and getting a copy of "Retrospective 3".
SCTV once did a fake commercial called 331/3 versions of Stairway to Heaven by such notables as Tammy Wynette and Slim Whitman. You my friend have tapped into that rich vein...
O, Canada! I think ya'll drink too much beer, and it's affected your senses. Why would you waste your time defending this bunch of slightly above average white guys who haven't had a hit in years and weren't that good in the first place?

Not saying Canadians can't rock -- hell, you gave us Guess Who and Neil Young, and most of the guys in The Band, and if I remember right David Clayton Thomas of BST!

Hell, you gave us The Rodeo Song for chrissake!!! So here's what I have to say to Rush -- Get off the stage, you fucking jerks!
MJwycha, I must say you had me going there with a Rush to judgement. Excellant piece, keep up the good work at Salon and keep informing the populace. The mind ,like a parachute, works best when kept open!Is it true that the Repubs have some pork in the stim package that pays for putting Rush's image on Mount Rushmore. I can see where that would stimulate the local economy. Many Repubs would be making pilgrimages there with their families in order to pay tribute to the titular head of their party.
Thanks for the comment Tom Cordle, but I'm not Canadian. And I really don't think the joke would have been as funny if I'd used The Guess Who or Blood Sweat and Tears. But hey, that's me.
Hilarious. I love it.

But on a serious note, I find it absolutely amazing what is happening in this country.. Limbaugh is doing nothing but adding fuel to the fire. Conservatives lack in the idea range and the majority of Americans (progressive) are currently realizing we had more power than we thought. Since they lack new ideas, they choose actors and personalities as self-proclaimed leaders and follow blindly as the shepherds talk. Liberalism is like a virus and no matter how much you try to put it out, as long as the youth has the strangle hold on liberal ideas, ideal and memes will catch on like wildfire to the intolerant. Blacks and women have become accepted and ever since then it hasn't stopped. You are shamed if you display any form of intolerance or injustice to any group of Americans ("general patriots") in America in recent times and eventually that shame spreads to be a relatively united agreement. (but not for Muslims..It is sorry but true, the masses were indoctrinated after 9/11)

The end of WW2 brought this on and Americans are slowly becoming sick of the ping-pong that we call politics. Atheism (doubled since 2001) and general non-Religiousness (indoctrination) is steadily growing in America. More spiritual people have chosen not to identify with a religious groups than likely ever before. 27% of Americans do not adhere to Religious indoctrination and this trend is only going to grow. Since conservatism will die without radical fundamental values, we are seeing a very unique time in American history and I am excited to be a part of this beautiful movement. I feel Secular humanism will hold a majority ultimately in the future and those who hate it will just have to get used to it or move to wherever the (Formerly United) Confederate State of Israel will be ;)

(kidding, kidding)
Sorry, bout dat. I guess that's what you call a Rush to judgment. I hope you know my blurb was all in jest and that that the vulgarity I dumped on Rush was a lyric from The Rodeo Song.
HA! I dig it! Thumb'd.
Ha! Tom I was seriously thinking about how I could have made my bit work with the Guess Who!
Hey, Rush (the band) is kind of an acquired taste.
Thanks Pablo and Zuma
Hey, wait a minute, eh? You calling Rush Limbaugh a douche? You must be some kind of . . .Canadian or something.
I am Canadian and I do not like either Rush. Personal taste.
But your intro gave me time to ponder and wanting another view.
Great story. I must admit Canada's Rush is much better to listen to than R Limburger.
Whew! I was afraid, I was very afraid. But, I made it through and liked what I saw....WELL DONE!!!!!
Yeah! Fucking liberal, left wing bigots! What they got against the greatest trio in muscial his...shit! OK, a sprained lung was well worth the visit. Beyond brilliant. Fucking Limburger...
I was a very little girl having been raised on classical music the very first time I heard "Tom Sawyer". With the first few notes, it has the same effect on me today as it did then.

This post was absolutely fricken brilliant and an even more perfect tribute to this band. Thank you.
MJwycha--this is how our side is going to win: kill em w comedy.
I don't know MJ. Aren't you supposed to be wearing a mullet?
What is a "believer" without humor? -A terrorist!

Well done!
LOL...that's cute. USN and USA? I have an LT (USN) who did the same thing in the span of like 4 years.
AH, Rush, Boston Gardens. I think, don't quote me on this, 1980? One helluva show! In my top ten!
AH, Rush, Boston Gardens. I think, don't quote me on this, 1980? One helluva show! In my top ten!
SO funny! Thanks -- I needed that.
thanks for doing this post and thanks to Kerry for guiding me here, without him might never have known!
o and your writing style 'rock' s ;)
Very clever move, MJwycha! I walked right into that one. I plan to check out some of their artwork. Thank you for the impassioned suggestion to check out Rush!
119 comments. I guess if you want a heated controversy forget politics, you have to post about Rush or silly animal videos.
So funny! Rush was the first rock concert I ever went to and it was awesome.
I had a roommate in college that listened to nothing but Rush, the band not the bloated drug addict. Two years of non stop Rush, every Rush song, every Rush interview and I heard every story that had ever been told about Rush. Not only that but he was an armature guitar player and what did he practice? RUSH! Do I really need to say it? I HATE RUSH!

And just to be fair, for the past 4 years boss jr. has played nothing but Dave Matthews Band, they are now my least favorite band, and Rush is number two.
Man, all this talk about Rush and no mention of the founding drummer, John Rutsey, who passed away last year. In my opinion, he was the one who made Rush rock. Listen to their first album("Rush") if you don't believe me. Don't get me wrong, Neil Peart is one of the greatest technical drummers around. He just isn't the rocking driver that John was.

Anyhow, great post.
had me going. love it.
So much for public education...
Geddy Lee is the 2nd greatest Canadian Jew. And he is quickly catching up on William Shatner!
And, I have been to many (and played) Punk shows in which requests for Rush were met with the band on stage actually playing Rush.
Whew! You really had me worried! I feel all better now and I can bed down for the night!
Their appearance on 'Colbert' was the best thing in years! I have gladly sacrificed 10% of my hearing to Rush. Thanks for this piece, I needed a good laugh! Now, when I am forced to see any part of the loud guy's shows, I will hear music instead of meaningless bellowing. Well done, indeed!
Well, since Rush is all over the news lately, I thought some folks would like to read my defense---so BUMP.
Rush is awesome!
rush is one of the most important rock band of the world...thanks for the remmember...
Just discovered this site thru Google, what a pleasant surprise!
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