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August 05
Crux of the Biscuit emerged fully formed on Jan 5 2009. The Crux primarily discusses music, makes fun of music, and celebrates music. The Crux also reserves the right to discuss movies, books, and other aspects of pop culture. And if you don't know what the crux of the biscuit is please, for the sake of humanity, educate yourself. Or look for the answer on my banner.


JUNE 9, 2009 3:57PM

On the Road to Bonnaroo


Over the next few days, 80,000 music lovers will descend on the small town of Manchester, Tennessee for the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

For a music lover Bonnaroo is the promised land. For four days, the biggest proble… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JUNE 4, 2009 6:09PM

School's Out! For the teachers!

So, I made it through my first year teaching (given I can make it through tomorrow).

Now, I’ve had some challenging jobs in my life, but nothing compares to the daily grind of teaching day in and day out.  

In fact, the next clueless mutant I hear… Read full post »


Mr. Loggins

Hey Loggins! How’s it goin man? Messina okay? We haven’t heard from him for a while, so if you see him tell him we said “hey.” 

We… Read full post »


One could make the argument that Louisville Kentucky’s My Morning Jacket is the best rock band in America. Their musical evolution has certainly been the most interesting to follow over the past dec… Read full post »

Unread? Unloved? Unrated? Is your blog puny? Do bigger bloggers kick sand in your face? Is this you?


                        Saturn SmRead full post »


Part 1 of When Rock n Roll Goes Bad can be found here

Editor's Note: The staff here at Crimes Against Rock are defeated, broken, and ill. AftRead full post »


Hotel California

Rating:  * out of *****

So my husband and I were heading down a dark desert highway—I was getting tired, and my husband’s allergy to the blooming colitas wa… Read full post »


What happens when a good rock band or solo artist turns bad? What are the dynamics at work? Can we learn anything from these tragedies?

For example, how does a band like Chicago, once respecte… Read full post »


Bob Dylan has had a good twelve years.  Three critically acclaimed albums, three off-center films exploring his musical and cultural importance, and a well regarded series of (mostly) important and… Read full post »


Unlike most 60s rockers, Neil Young has not been content to rest on his laurels in his latter years. Since 2002’s “Are You Passionate?”, Young has mostly channeled his creative energi… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
APRIL 18, 2009 9:05PM

What The Hell Won't Meatloaf Do For Love?


To Meatloaf and Jim Steinman:

Can I call you Meat? I’ll just call you Meat, okay. And you, Mr. Steinman, you don’t mind if we call you The Steinmiester, do you? Good.

 We… Read full post »

                          rodrigo y gabriela

So what happens when a couple of Mexican metal-heads pick up acoustic classical guitars and wed the heart of traditional Mexican folk music wi… Read full post »

APRIL 9, 2009 2:51PM

I Got That Old Time Religion

My path to religion has been a long and soul searching one. For a time, in my youth, I was a practicing Catholic. During my twenties I alternated between agnosticism and an idiosyncratic blend of Christian mysticism and various tenants of the Church of the SubGenius. By thirty I was flirting… Read full post »


A phone conversation between Jane and Suze, April 1995:

“Hi, Suze?”

“Yeah, hi Jane. So, how’d it go with Todd? Did you break up with him?”

“Umm, no.”

“But Jane, you have nothing in common wi… Read full post »

From the desk of the Rock N Roll Hall of Shame:

Bryan Adams—The Crooner from Vancouver: A Retrospective

In the strange and confusing history of rock and roll, some artists’ popularity and longevity remain a mystery. Eddie Money and Meatloaf are two that come to mind.… Read full post »

MARCH 20, 2009 10:47PM

Let's Dance!


Sculpture "Dance of Joy" by Anne Mimi Sammis

It is positively frightening out there. Economic turmoil, war, the continuation of political and cultural division, well, I don’t need to tell you that we are living in scary and uncertain times.  The economists and otherRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
MARCH 8, 2009 5:25PM

A Defense of Rush Against Intolerant Liberals

I am dismayed and quite frankly confused over the vitriol and hatred directed by liberals toward Rush. Look, I understand that Rush is not everyone’s cup of tea, that many prefer to listen to other stuff, but a little respect for Rush is in order. So, before you judge, before you… Read full post »

MARCH 7, 2009 12:46AM

A Bad Date

Prologue: The Mission. “What am I doing here,” I thought as I stole across the damp lawn, just before midnight. I crouched furtively by a large elm tree in the yard in order to get my bearings. I saw the front door. No apparent lights on inside.  I saw the shrubbery… Read full post »

“Alright you primitive screwheads, listen up!” –Ash Williams from "Army of Darkness"

If forced to choose one “favorite” movie, I’d have to go back to my teenage years and discuss the movie that really got me interested in movies; the movie that made me actively se… Read full post »

Dear Congress,

I have to work late tonight, and there's nothing for dinner. Please stop by the grocery store, and pick up the things on the list.  See you when I get home. Love you!  --MJ    

Bread (wheat)

Milk (2%)


LeanRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 6, 2009 5:50PM

"Jessie's Girl": Jessie and his "girl" respond


Dude, I can’t believe you’d punk me like this. There are just some lines that a bro does not cross. It shouldn’t have even been a possibility for you. Yet there you were crying about how MY girlfriend wouldn’t give YOU the time of day.

So… Read full post »

My countdown to summer officially commences tomorrow with the lineup announcement for Bonnaroo. For those who don’t know what Bonnaroo is, well, it means “really good time”(from Dr. John’s 70’s album “Desitively Bonnaroo”). It’s also one of the biggest… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 31, 2009 6:01PM

Living on a Prayer? Tommy and Gina 23 years later

 Dear Tommy,

    Hon, you once told me that we’d make it, you swore it to me. I told you that it didn’t matter if we make it or not. We were going to hold on to our love, because it was all we had. Well sweetie, times change.… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
JANUARY 18, 2009 11:48PM

The Discovery Channel is Trying To Kill You


     There’s a program on the Discovery channel called “Man Vs. Wild.” Th… Read full post »

JANUARY 16, 2009 10:48PM

Wrong Flag



     It was a wonderfully clear morning, the breeze as soft as a kiss on the cheek, and the sky an impossible indigo. With the sun full on my face, and the taste of salt in my mouth, I stood… Read full post »