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NOVEMBER 12, 2011 8:55PM


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afro I want to see

Afro's I love to see.....


Occupy Wallsreet pix 

Afros I don't like seeing.


The second photo illustrates the perfect cluelessness of  a large percentage of the Occupy Wallstreet spectacle.

Unemployment,  has been raging in ethnic communities for years... has anyone strapped on an afro wig and written "power to the people" on their bare arms for the poor communities right here in the USA?  

It never ceases to amaze me how certain Americans can feel so overwhelmed by the pain of starving children overseas yet are blind to the challenges of their fellow Americans living in poverty every day right here.

When do these folks protest?  When it effects them personally and when it gets them some attention.

The real working poor don't have time to Occupy Wallstreet, the real working poor are too busy occupying the under-earning jobs they are working in order to pay the rent.

Prove me wrong Occupy Wallstreet.  Do you really represent the 99%?

Time will tell.





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