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JANUARY 6, 2012 8:32PM

11 lessons learned in 2011

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The past 4 holiday seasons have had one thing in common...they totally sucked.  Each year worse than the one before, it's quite depressing.  So, I scrape myself off of the floor after a week of red wine, marathons of The Walking Dead, and hours spent in solitude.  

Here's a list of my lessons learned this past year.

11. A selfish man is like a venom filled snake bite.

10.  Worrying about money  kills a relationship.

9.   Listen to how people act, not what they say.

8.   It's much easier to let old family fights just die and find peace.

7.  Say less, mean more.

6.   People who truly care for you will not ask if you need help, they will offer without hesitation.

5.   Old friends are the best friends.

4.   Silence is more powerful than words.

3.  Letting go is easy once you stop holding on.

2.   True love will love you, as is.

1.   Friendship is earned.



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Pretty good list. Hope the lessons stick and don't have to be relearned again this year! I found repetition was necessary to get things drilled into me.
excellent list! I'm going to put it on the refridgerator to remind me daily.