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APRIL 2, 2012 8:19AM

If it is true, I do not mind

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The Spectator Add 

"Most Germans own a second property.

It is called Greece." 


The conservative magazine “Spectator” chose this slogan for an Ad commercial that decorates space at UK’s public trains and like last year's British satyrical posters it has generated lots of complains.

I am grateful to the kind people who take the trouble but, I do not find it offensive.

Is it not true?

Is it not, after all, what the Greeks and the protesters for Greece are saying all over the World?


British Demonstrator



Add: Keep Talking Greece 

British Demonstrator: Al Jazeera 



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Mme,if this add is true I find it offensive..What are our ρoliticians doing aρart from taking their money..Work...have they heard of the word work...

Thank you so much for this information..your sensitivity,shows your character...Something that our ρoliticians are luck of..Sensitivity and countryρride..At least we the ρeoρle have not forgotten Greece,which is called Greece and not an inherited surname..

Thank you for sharing..Your thinking made me think..Rated with best regards and wishes for a beautiful new month..Wishes!!!
My sympathies and prayers are with the Greek people. I don't know what has happened in your country. But in the U.S. the wealthy and powerful have taken much power away from the average person. The average people let it happen by not being vigilant.
The fact that it is happening is offending dear STATHI STATHI, not the fact that the truth is stated..I wish we ll have a beautiful month despite...
Thank you too dear Kathy Knechtges for the sympathies. It is the same all over the world but lately here there is a total deterioration which is demoralizing.