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APRIL 9, 2012 12:28PM

The Suicide of A Decent Citizen- Degradation of Politics

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Dimitri Christoulas Tribute, Syntagma 


An 77 year old pensioner committed suicide at Syntagma Square in front of the Greek Parliament. At his suicide note he wrote that he chose 'a dignified end to starting to scavenge for food in garbage bins or becoming a burden' to his children.

He is not the only one. In Greece and Italy suicides of desperate sane people are becoming a very frequent event that does not appear at the News Channels anymore. Most chose the privacy of their homes and families usually do not publicise details.  

But his elderly pharmacist chose this very public place and time, -very early in the morning, with busy people hurrying around- as a final protest gesture, his only way of protest, as he wrote.



Something is obviously very wrong when decent law abiding citizens reach such desperation. The first duty of a government at times of peace is the protection and general well-being of the citizens. 

Politicians that ignore this fact are unethical and consequently should automatically lose any claim to the right to govern.  



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Mme,you are so right..and you did a great work here...mentioning and giving a voice to this tragedy..I remember the ρast when Mercuri went abroad and sρoke about Greece..and it was the abroad helρ αnd outrage that in a way helρed in the awakening of the inner Greece.It is a tragedy..and is Easter in Greece...
Mme,so thoughtful of you that you shared this tragedy here...Rated..Best regards and wishes for good Holidays..
Thank you dear STATHI STATHI. If decent pensioners are thus desperate & degraded then there is a deeper crisis in a Society that has lost it's humanity.
Dear Dahne,
first thanx for informing me about this blog of yours....
And secondly its really sad i write my first comment on such a sad news......First i heard this from a greek friend whom witnessed it.....Walking in the park to her office and hearing a gun shot and seeing the old man laying only a few meters away.....Such a hard way to start a day isnt it?.......
Now i want to tel things maybe u never hear.....Because of the crisis in my beloved greece, whole world is keeping eyes on this kind of sad news are heard all over the world in a few minutes with the internet......But apart from whatever u hear about economy in Turkey, this happens alot here too nowadays......Just pls dont beleive all those economy fairytales about Turkey.......Sad and disapointing that the life is soooo cheap.....costs just price of a bullet.....i just hope he rests in peace........
Dear Erkan Bey, tesekkurler for your comment. You have been a fountain of information for my beloved Istanbul, helping to see under the surface.
I am looking forward to reading Your Blog.