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DECEMBER 20, 2009 11:43PM

I am Scrooge this Christmas

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I am depressed.

I can see you shocked. Your mouths still stretched after voicing the big WHAT!!??&&, your eyes rolled up so high in  their sockets, that the pupils are no longer exposed.

It's Christmas week for God's sake I can hear you cry. Christmas and depressed, the ultimate paradox.

But yes my friends, I am feeling blue precisely because it is Christmas.

There's this Christmas spirit all around. We had a bay decoration contest and cake distribution this last Friday. We had carols and nativity quizes. Everybody is planning their weekend. The christians are all agog with excitement  over the feasts and midnight mass. The others are just drinking their fill of the holiday spirit.

But I, I feel so Scrooge-like. I have got no one to celebrate with. My parents are in another state and right now my bosses are in no mood to let me go on a vacation.

My friends at work are all going away to be with their families.

So it's going to be a long lonely Christmas for me. Eating a cake bought at the nearest bakery, watching Christmas specials on T.V. .

Anyway, a Merry Christmas to all you lucky ones who get to celebrate the holidays with your families. I miss mine so much...

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homesickness, scrooge, holidays

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Honestly, I was just thinking about you and wondering if you were going to write another post. And now you have. I hope despite your work and such, you have a happy holiday.
Thnk you so much...undertow..

It really feels great to be thought of by a friend.

I will try to have a great holiday season.
I too miss your posts. I hope that you find friends to share the holidays with.
Moana, I was once in Rome during Easter, where everyone spent the day with family and every store was boarded up. The word "outsider" was practically carved on my forehead. I am spending Christmas alone this year too - there are lots of us - so why don't you spend it with us?
Moana, Holidays can be sad, even for those of us who are not alone. Spending Christmas on OS sounds like a good substitute! I am so glad for the friendships I have here. Sharing words and thoughts are more than a lot of us do in person. Thanks for sharing yours so eloquently.
Reading backwards tonight. I am sorry you will be alone this year. Christmas can be a lonely time. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to reconnect on OS! I hope to be on here some myself. There are so many new people, I have about 7 months of reading:-( Take care of yourself.
Now that I read this piece from the distance of a day , I cringe at the whining.

So sorry for damping your spirits.

It's not as bad as I make it out to be.....

Thnaks a lot for all your concern. It feels great to be made a big deal of....

Seasons greetings...

Ardee, I'll be here..

Brian, no matter how much I neglect this place, I know I can always come back and find friends like you to welcome the prodigal friend back. I'll try my best to be a better friend..

C Berg, You are spot on. I've been here for more than a year now. I remember my first post ( you won't find it, I pulled it down.) It was pathetic. Th eonly reason I came back and posted more was because people like undertow and Grif took me seriously and wrote comments which were more than considerate.

Some strangers (as they were to me then) taking a sincere interest in what I wrote told me what this place was all about and I have never been able to stay away for long since then.

M.B. That was one of the items on my to-do list :)