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SEPTEMBER 30, 2010 2:02AM

When a nation holds its collective breath

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Today on the 30th of September 2010 at 3:30 p.m. IST, the High Court of Allahabad will deliver its verdict on the long pending Ayodhya issue.

I am sure all the details are available all over the internet so I will spare you the history. In a nutshell, in the year 1992 a group of Hindu fundamentalists demolished a 16th century mosque (the Babri masjid), claiming that it was built upon the ruins of an ancient Hindu temple dedicate to Lord Rama. The slogan was "Mandir wahin banaayenge" (We will (re)build the temple there itself).

What followed was one of the most shameful periods in the history of  independent India (though it was overshadowed by the Godhra riots of 2002). A string of bomb blasts shook Bombay (now Mumbai) along with the peace and security of the whole nation. There have been several movies on the issue but Mani Ratnam's Bombay stands out.

Riots broke out all over the country and in the the streets flowed the blood of innocents, for death does not discriminate between the Hindu and the Muslim, the guilty and the innocent, it comes to all.

What does it matter what is built there? A temple, a the Gods really care?

Curfews have been declared. Organizations have decided to shut down hours before the verdict. Why?

Do the parties involved really believe that a mosque or a temple built over corpses and cemeted with blood and bones will house any kind of divinity?

What are they fighting for? What are they fighting against? Mythology states that Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya (in modern day Uttar Pradesh). Isn't it ironic that people are willing to kill innocents to pay tribute to a king who sacrificed everything he had for honour, truth and justice.

For the media it is the news of the decade, their time under the sun. They will be running around like cockroaches with microphones collecting opinions from every mouth they can shove their mikes into. Why make this a big issue?  Isn't it time we stopped giving this issue all our attention and moved on. Why remind the nation over and over agin to hate and mistrust neighbours, friends, colleagues of a different religion? Let the aggresors be punished and forgotten. Why dig open old wounds which have just begun to heal?

The media blames the politicians, politicians blame each other, why can't everybody stop, deal with the issue and move on. After all the interviews and special news bulletins and extra coverage, will the truly guilty be made to pay?


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It is ironic and sad. Please keep us posted.
It is ironic and sad. Please keep us posted.
It is ironic and sad. Please keep us posted.
sorry for the multiple comments. my computer is acting up. Delete as you wish.
It is fine Mimetalker. Thnx.
i wish we could lock all the people behind things like this is one room and just let them battle it out amongst themselves, leaving the rest of the world in peace. please keep updating on this. (r)
How can we possibly justify such cruelty?
As sad as it is Moana, I think people need to remember what greed and indifference can lead to. We can hope that if memory serves it's purpose, we will not repeat the same awful mistakes.
interesting, informative, well written. thank you.