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Molly Lilly
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July 04
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JANUARY 8, 2012 3:54PM

Simple Promise

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I'm finally leaving home. I've moved many times in my life. So often I was running. This time, I'm moving because I want more.

But that's not what this is about. This is about my Papa. I know he wants nothing more than for me to succeed and to persue my dreams. I also know he's worried. He knows me, he knows how hard it's going to be.

Papa, you are my best friend. You have loved me good and bad, always been in my corner. Papa, you are my pillar. I know you worry, I know you are hopeful. I have put you through it. I understand.

I'm scared too. I'm taking a chance.

So this is my promise to you Papa, because this is what I promised myself: I will create, I will write, I will paint. I will work hard. I will visit. I will take care of myself and stay strong.

I love you my dearest father, thank you for all you have done. You've given me the strength to try.


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You will try and do. I have strength in life because I chose to raise you and you made yourself who you are and thou art swell. I applaud and tremble a little, yeah, sure, but be great, be bold, be wise, be all.

How cool is that, to go to the City and make something of yourself? Shimmer, iridescent, dragonfly.
You are a wonderful person, drawing much that is good from others and life because you are so. I hope I get to hear your stories of courage and adventure and discovery and strength and trials and joy and enrichment. Wishing you the very best. With love.
cool potatoes
you'll be a fine catch for some lucky one
live, laugh, have fun
miss seeing you at the top of the mountain
He sounds like a great Dad.
The best gift I ever tried to give my dad was to be strong, independent and self-reliant. All that plus the cultivation of true love and the vigorous exercise of the intellect. Sounds like you have been raised that way too! You're going to do just fine out there.