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AUGUST 3, 2010 1:53PM

Come to Jesus

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Jesus Vodka / Main Ad Concept. © Monsieur Chariot 2010
 Well, I must say! The Economic Kerfuffle we're enduring certainly places a limitor on one's ability to refuse work one doesn't care for! And this is how I found myself designing concepts for a new product called "Jesus Vodka" these past few weeks. Not my cup of tea, to be sure! But what with all the creative thinkers here on Open Salon, I thought I'd put up a few of the concept ads to see if anyone might have recommendations with regard to taglines, spokesperson choices or suitable public service directions. 

Jesus Vodka / Public Service Ad Concept. © Monsieur Chariot 2010


Jesus Vodka / Celebrity Endorsement Ad Concept. © Monsieur Chariot 2010

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Advertising, graphics, concept, logo are © Monsieur Chariot 2010

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A new meaning to spiritual being.
I beLIEVE! I'm suddenly feeling very religious right about now. Cheers!
Come to Jesus: Liquid Kneepads

Monsieur Chariot, I've spotted you! You are a magician.
I am feeling the love.
Wicked Monsieur! *clucking tongue*
Naughty fellow.
My first, delighted though: perfection in making a Build. And then I see the targeted ad beneath: the 2010 Taurus, 0% APR Ford Credit Financing, etc. etc. That copy I would change from "Roll over for info" to "Roll over, you WHORE!" Since you didn't write that one, just pass it along, 'K?
"40% proof that He will lift your Spirit Up!"
"You can start your day off with a toast, keep celebrating til night, and only Jesus will know. He forgives all."
Great graphics, Monsieur.
though = thought. 'Twas ever so.
My spirits are lifting already. I'm a believer.
Incredible graphics Monsieur.

Perhaps you could mention something about a portion of the profits going to the church. Since the company is selling for Jesus, only the Christian churches would benefit...no Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus would get a dime. The more you drink, the more you empower the CHRISTIAN church.

May I offer some other slogans:

Jesus died so you could sin.

You don't have to be a Gentile to love Jesus. (stolen from Levy's Jewish Rye ca 1960s)

Try Jesus and you'll become a believer, too.

Jesus cares about our environment, remember to recycle.

For the father and the son...drink responsibly.

Have an Epiphany (one part lime juice, five parts Jesus). Straight up or under some rocks.
Come to Jesus when you've nothing left and are on the rocks?
Ha! Wonderful, M. Chariot!

How about...

"Come to Jesus. The Spirit Will Take You Over."
Is there a way to work firearms in the graphic design? I think that could make the product appealing to a new market segment.
I'm with Stellaa... no Mel Gibson. His interpretation of that so-called bible is a little bit too scary for anyone. And especially for me.

I like the saving the schools part of it, but I'm not sure about using those fresh young faces in the ad space.

Maybe instead of "Come to Jesus," you could use something along the lines of some of the profit being used to help save schools?
"If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink."
- John 7:37.

Not as sexy as Mel, but might appeal to the base.
Jesus Vodka, Never On A Sunday.

Nice concept, but I think 0.001% is too much for our school system. The money will probably be wasted on books.
They are all Brand Champions, as we say. Though the last one, really drives the message home!
Brilliant, but I expect nothing less.
Rated with hugs
Mel is the perfect spokesman.
A hot seller amongst the uber religious and those who want to be...R
Jesus Martinis - they'll have you on your knees in no time
Jesus & tonic - for all your SPIRITual needs
Jesus on the rocks - what you'll want if when you find yourself in hot places.
Just a few quick thoughts. I'm more of a devils advocate (Irish whiskey) myself.
I'd make a joke about getting hammered and nailed, but I have too much class.
Wow, Jesus can be bottled! Does that consecrate dive bars, since He was given to hanging around in humble places? =o)

Great visuals, mon cher Monsieur.

Now please explain while most olive oils these days have an extra virgin?
The Deity will probably strike me with lightening for this, but here goes:

I see a trinity of products that could be offered: Jesus Vodka, Holy Spirit Cognac, and Jehovah Gin.

Ads include Jesus turning water into vodka, Noah's Ark floating on a sea of gin, and the disciples receiving the Holy Spirit through . . . well, through cognac of course.

And then you'd have the Ten Recipes, exciting new drink recipes engraved on stone tablets. These drinks would include The Crucifixion (vodka and tomato juice), The Incarnation (a dash of vodka in a Virgin Mary), The Resurrection (vodka and club soda), the Apocalypse (vodka and habanero pepper juice), and the Exodus (straight Jehovah Gin with a decorative miniature chariot in the bottom of the glass).

The possibilities are endless.
I'd like to see Come to Buddha: Nirvana Vodka!
Yes, Jesus loves you. If you'd like to go with a really large account, say the Catholic church, why not try: Commune with Jesus.
I've got the perfect theme music for you:

Mindy Smith, Come to Jesus

(haven't done a hot link in a long time, hope this works!)

Jesus Vodka: The Blood of Christ For the Discerning Gentleman
"Come to Jesus, the Vodka that gets a rise everytime!"
"Jesus....Save-yur thirst!"
hee hee
the mel gibson one is perfect
.001% to charity, Mel as a spokesperson - Priceless!
All I can say is that this is the first time I didn't cut and run when someone told me to come to Jesus.
Actually isn't there already a drink named after Mel? A Gibson. A martini with an onion!
At least here in the South, a 'Come to Jesus Meeting' is when you get down to serious business. An old boss of mine used to fondly recall how when she was a small child and acted up, her mother would take her outside for a 'Come to Jesus Meeting.' I am not sure how this can work in an add campaign. Perhaps this is the tonic you need after a Come to Jesus meeting...
I meant 'ad' campaign.
I forgot to mention....shame on me...I love the graphics Monsieur!
Such an upbeat esthetic, who's function is to attract and resurrect....
Is it happy hour yet? Hot summer day calls for a Fresca & Jesus with a twist of lime. Great concepts, but got to say the Mel one is the message.
Mix with blood orange juice to make a cross-driver.
I just realized how my comment about no Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists getting a dime might be misinterpreted. For the record, I'm am a tolerant secularist with no religious affiliation whatsoever. I did not mean to offend those other religions. It was only my lame attempt at sarcasm.
Not to be cruel, Monsieur, but I think your designs, while well wrought, are missing your target demographic completely. Who are attempting to sell this vodka to--gay pedophiles who love BDSM Jesus movies?

I think it's time to get back to basics. While I am a woman of the fairer sex, the only way you could ever entice me to try this execrable vodka is to have a tall, leggy, attractive nun serve it to me scantily clad in a tight, mini-skirt habit. Don't forget the cleavage, Monsieur. Never, ever forget the cleavage. Come to Jesus, indeed! Come with Jesus . . . come all over Jesus . . .

Actually, you'd want to save "Come all over Jesus" for your Gay demographic.
Forgive me. I should have said "straight, bi and gay pedophiles who love BDSM Jesus movies." Your work does appeal to all three.
i.LOVE.this! you should make shirts or something. they'd sell!
It sucks working for money and not love. I do have to say, though, Christians are pretty easy pickings these days.

WWJD, indeed.
Here's to beauty, wit,
and vodka, to a full stomach,
a full purse, friends that make you laugh
and a light heart!

Salut my friends!
Pungent! For years I had a calendar that advertised Jesus Coffee.
If Mel sees this and obtains your phone number be sure to tape the call. You'll be able to sell it to the Radar OnLine folks and make yourself a small fortune. As it is, if this post goes viral you stand to make the big pennies but you'll miss out because it appears you are not hooked up with the google adsense program.
And I thought you had gone completely Oprah on me with that title...chuckle.
...running to get my cranberry juice, orange juice and v8...
Geez-us...suddenly very thirsty...
hot stuff...very sharp! r
Yes Jesus Loves Me... the vodka tells me so
I just love the way your mind works and your words read. Loved OE's suggestions too.
Rating #50! Whoo hoo!

Is Jesus (vodka) your personal savior?
I tried that stuff and it kept turning into wine! WTF is with that?
For Those Who Worship Mary.........

.....Bloody Mary.
Here is a public service tip that may be useful. I told a friend who is a doctor about another doctor whose patient I was and who I thought was drunk (even though I did not smell alcohol on his breath). My friend said, "Vodka is the doctor's drink because it can't be smelled on the breath."
Alas, I can't think of a tagline for vodka as the scentless drink for docs. And I suppose this is too controversial: It isn't just in communion wine anymore -- Come to Jesus
How did I miss this? You wicked man. ;)
I am saved!!! Hiccup.... oh, how unladylike ::she blushes::

I love your humor, and have been enjoying your comments on others' posts. M. Chariot, you have charmed me.