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Monsieur Chariot
That Dazzling and Luminous California Metropolis known as The City Of The Angels, USA
June 08
Offering Discreet Tutelage in the Metropolitan Arts to Inquiring Gentlepersons of Variously Misguided Social Persuasions


MAY 3, 2011 12:12AM

Obama Hero

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Artwork © Monsieur Chariot 2011
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I love this!! I graduated in art, not journalism and really appreciate your creativity!
Everybody needs one.
I will steal this, if you don't mind! Well done.
Excellent work, Monsieur. =o) While all the birther/Tea Party sound and fury was going on, he was planning a major objective, and kept it under wraps. I hope the President is smiling, now. No matter what time of year this took place, it would have been a major accomplishment. It's even sweeter that Obama could throw a massive cream pie into the faces of his critics and make them look as petty and small as they truly are is well... icing on the cake. He gave them a gentler jab on Saturday Night at the correspondent's dinner, then came back with a power house punch they totally didn't see coming on Sunday.

Quite a great weekend for our President, all told. =o) I just hope he uses the political capital he gains from it wisely.

beautiful art, monsieur. merci beaucoup.
He made a very courageous decision under extremely difficult circumstances. He chose the right option. I love your art.
Wonderful! I've posted it to Facebook where I know folks we know will really appreciate it!

Mercí tellement beaucoup Monsieur.
The real heroes are our soldiers who put their lives on the line daily with no pomp and circumstance.
Wow. My son went to Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. I was glad because he lived with my deceased parents who lived near Columbia, Maryland.

I said You Good at what You do.
You may have to eat your shoes.
He attended Cornell to study.
He studied plants. Botany.
He has no time to draw.
But, he grows and eats.
Farmers no eat boots,
and I confess this ...

I wanted to vote
But, I didn't vote
I didn't agree if
Barack Obama
kept saying this`
We will hunt down and kill you
I saw/was in one naughty war
GI's know like to be shot at
and why shoot and hunt
you/humanity and then
not cook and eat folks?

Wars are pre planned.
Wars are so barbarian.
Violence breeds violence.
This man has been bought.
I decided to no vote for him.
I staid home and saved gas.
That seemed responsible.
Politicians are sold-outs.
Why waste $30,000 for`
A dog catcher job that is`
paying you/me $0 fund.

You/me can be paid $2.
Gain $1.98 per each day.
Lose Me/Your own soul.

You sure can drawl and paint.
My son thinks anyone can, but
I sure can't draw. I'm serious.
If I handwrite a love letter?
It is sent back as 'illegible`
Seriously. I happened.
I was in the first grade;
emails are sent back too.
That's in these elder days.

Thanks. Poor B.O. O Sigh.
I say I'd not wish that job.
I don't wish to critique him.
It must be the saddest job.
How can he get any sleep?
Michelle must drink beer?
Hops in beer make dizzy.
Proof absolute that even propaganda can be artistic and very beautiful.

I say, Monsieur. Permit me to allow that your relevance is anything but questionable at the moment. Bravo.
Monsieur Chariot, Hero!
Wow. That is really beautiful, Monsieur.
Nice work, indeed.
My sentiments exactly. I love this. Thank you.
Just amazing....I love this!
Tee shirts, quick!
My dear Monsieur Chariot ~ a fine patriotic and artistic work that you have presented here!
I've had an intensely emotional reaction to the news of the end of Bin Laden. I don't know why. Maybe it is a sense of tremendous relief that the most notorious criminal of our time has been killed. That a terrorism focal point has been nullified. That a murderous mastermind whose machinations have thrown the entire world into a tsunami of horror has been removed at last.

Thank you Barrack Obama. You are my hero. You've been dragged through the mud by your detractors, but you came through victorious and are, right now, the hero of the world. It is a moment that may not last; it can and will change in due course. But I wanted to commemorate our president's heroism and tenacity with this image.
As always, my dear Monsieur, your work is exquisite. Obama shan't, however, attain hero stature in my esteem until he brings our troops home and ends our wars.
An elegant wordsmith AND an artist? M. Chariot, you seek to show us all up! And the sentiment is very much shared by me.
O Monsier C! you never fail to delight or impress!


the image is so dear. AND it's GOOD!
Fine work Mr. Chariot. Many thanks for your comment on my post. I'll keep reading.
Powerful. Touching. All one.
He'll have to put Bush in jail to be my hero. Bin Laden is peanuts compared to what GWB did.
Great piece of art. Did you make it or find it?

Good to see you around, even if not in our regular haunts. You are missed. We mock you every day.