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SEPTEMBER 1, 2009 1:18AM

New and Worth Reading

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Since there's nothing else to write about and the 5 remaining paid journalists in our Best Country on Earth are clearly smarter than I am (they have figured out how to get paid for journalism), here are some things that they are saying that I think are smart because I agree with them and have been thinking similar thoughts for quite some time.


"But for those whose sense of identity has been premised on a raced, masculinist, conservative Christian hierarchy of American power, the world must seem even more emotionally terrifying than any actual facts would indicate.

So reversal is key to understanding what's going on. It's not just "lies"; it's the expressive angst of people whose felt power relations have been turned upside down. It's not factually accurate, but this is how they feel. Obama is Hitler! Health insurance for all means euthanasia for me! "My" country is suddenly "their" country." (The Nation. Yea who had that story covered a whole day earlier?)


"After many months of conservative claims that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are determined to engineer a "government takeover" of the private sector in order to "redistribute" income, Steele is upping the ante to suggest that Obama wants to redistribute healthcare – and perhaps even the opportunity to take another breath – as well.

This should be familiar to any political observer over the age of 30 as a new version of the old "welfare wedge": the emotionally powerful conservative argument that Democrats want to use Big Government to take away the good things of life from people who have earned them and give them to people who haven't." (Salon.)

In conclusion, now we can all agree that welfare is a relevant lens through which we can understand the current situation, and it's important to take seriously the experiences and perspectives of town hall protesters.



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Hmmmm. I would like to hear more of your reaction/opinion of the quotes you posted here.
hi, thanks for your comment. actually the reason i posted the two articles above is because i discussed similar issues (from a different angle) just the other day: http://open.salon.com/blog/montcalm/2009/08/24/health_care_narrative_ideology_and_progressive_failure