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JUNE 16, 2009 5:51PM

How the Bill/Joan Interview SHOULD have gone...

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I have to admit that I was disappointed in Bill O'Reilly's interview with Salon's Joan Walsh.  I liked it when he yelled at her-- I always feel that Bill is at his best when yelling.  He's good at it, it comes naturally to him, and he doesn't seem as uncomfortable as when he tries to engage in banter or conversation-- but he allowed Joan far too many opportunities to make her case. 

Hopefully, her next appearance on The Factor will go something like this:

I'm assuming that she'll be a return guest, yes?  Maybe even joining Bill "live in the studio"?  I can't imagine that anyone wouldn't want to be on his show all the time, if only to bask in the presence of such a Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity...

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I really wish you were in Fox prime time lineup, MHS. Some day. Some day.
If I had a show, the above clip is a fair representation of what I'd shoot for.
I think that IS what it's like for a lot of Bill's "thinking" guests.
I think you win the contest. What's the prize anyway?
If only his career was this short. Fabulous.
More informative than CRAP!..............well.....maybe not........
He is an old pin cushion. Well done.
mos def
go team joan!
you're your own fresh bold piece of humanity mhs & I'm with kerry that you should be in the fox lineup already....
Yeah, I pity the person that goes against you in this contest. Hysterical.
Hehe! Yeah, just shut up!!! PIN CUSHION!!

That's how Bill should start his show with every guest!! ;)
another vote for mhs in the fox lineup. thank you for your creative bent!
He let Joan get away with WAY too much in that clip of yours, Mort. I mean, come on, she got in a head nod and half a smile and maybe a fraction of a word. He's becoming a softie, isn't he?
I ruined a perfectly good gulp of Chardonnay watching this clip, thank you very much! As in I swallowed funny and want to bitch slap O'Reilly all over again and again...he isn't worthy of Joan's presence. I'm not a fan...more Chardonnay, please.
Good job, Mortimer!!!
ha! funny because it's so true.
The truth finally comes out! Hooray!
The cartoon is just like the O'Reilly blowup tape that Olbermann always uses. What a specimen.
I think that you should yell Mr. Bill out of his prime time slot. You are so much better at this sort of thing!
omg, how can i possibly compete with the pincushy man??? i am undone!
Kidding aside, this was quite an improvement on the real version. I hated having to waste all that time only to find that the information content was only as much as you've shown here. In fact, the only improvement I could suggest is just to show a still of Joan (perhaps her OS avatar) and say “We were going to invite her on, but since she had blood on her hands and we didn't plan to let her talk anyway, we figured this photo would suffice just fine.”
oh my goodness.

Lost half my coffee. You are a very funny human.
Coffee snarf...this was great.
As a former guest of Bill O'Reilly's, I think your version fairly captures what it's like...
The only mistake that I think Joan made was that Letterman got her to give a yes/no answer to the question of late term abortion. She should have seen how this would be played and stated that she is willing to answere the question provided that she is allowed to explain why she feels as she does and to be able to explain that uninterupted.
I really do live in fear that Fox will steal MHS away from OS!
Love it! The uncomfortable pauses gave it a nice "Space Ghost" kinda vibe. In fact, would love to see Bill and Space Ghost talk!
Excellent! That was hilarious. I simply cannot take O'Reilly's bombastic jackassery.
You rocked it. Thanks, MHS.
Let us know if Bill plays this on his show. Won't hold our breath .
I don't know why anyone should appear on his show. First of all it gives credence to someone who is makes a living acting as (and probably is) a bully and whose schtick (as all the rest of them) is selling indignation. He makes sure is agenda is followed at the expense of the guest. Not giving him a chance to talk by not being a guest is one way to shut him up.
I bet if you asked nicely you could interview Joan, that would be one I actually watched.
Ohhhh Too funny. Unfortunately for BO, he hasn't the charm of the pincushion man. You have cheered me up considerable.
Jolly good! God, he reminds me of my ex. I think I'm going to call him and hang up on his sorry ass - just for kicks. Thanks!
The winner! Was there a prize?
You are clearly the winner in this contest and I haven't bothered to look at any other entries.
Yes, Bill O'Reilly is the mayor of baloneyland. The winner.
Is the point of the "clip" that it comes up "Invalid Parameters"? Am I missing the joke, or is the link broken?
I've been writing to the White House and to my senators, and will continue to do so until I receive a response. I've been asking whether or not I may incite murder and violence against the homeless or Latinos or Asians. After all, if Bill O'Reilly and Glen Beck can do so on a daily basis, why can't I?

The Tennessee church shooter who killed several members of his church a few months ago for being "too liberal" owned numerous books by Beck and O'Reilly. The Pittsburgh man who killed three police officers about two months ago believed Glen Beck when he said Obama "wanted to take his guns away", so he barricaded himself in his mother's apartment and started shooting.

"Dangerous liberals" is an oxymoron, isn't it, since it's always those on the Right who are violent, support and push for war, push for more police with bigger guns, want more control of the population, attempt to scare people into submission, etc. The likes of Bill O'Reilly should be thankful that "dangerous liberals" are highly unlikely to come after him even while they incite murder of those same "dangerous liberals".
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