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JUNE 16, 2009 6:10AM

Sarah in 2012: It's No Joke

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Last September, David Letterman jokingly proclaimed:  "the road to the White House runs right through me." 

It seems that quick study Sarah Palin was paying close attention.  It is my belief -- nay, it is my hope-- that she unofficially began her 2012 campaign for the presidency last week by jumping on a few questionable Letterman jokes in a bid to make some news and reignite the culture wars.  Barack Obama famously spoke out against "dumb wars" and ended up as our 44th President.  Could President Palin's War Against Letterman and his dumb jokes lead her to become our 45th?

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I get to be the first person to rate this? My heart is racing. WUZZLEBANGER!!!!!! Holy Shit.
MHS - thank God you are here to analyze the brilliance of Sarah Palin's campaign strategy. Branding Obama a terrorist was so successful that she has decided to go after that child molester and rapist Letterman. A brilliant campaign strategy - and the thought of adding Joe the Plumber is another stroke of Palin genius.
I am so glad to hear that you are willing to accept an appointment to the Palin administration - even a degrading one. Reminds me of a friend's favorite saying "I have low standards and can barely meet them." You're welcome to use it as a campaign bumper sticker.
I think you have a fairly good chance of taking a position behind Sarah Palin sometime in the near future.
Wow, that was the most scathing and accurate analysis I've seen of the incident. Another MHS winner.
I put this on Reddit. Be sure to give it a thumbs up everyone!
ha! first comment on youtoob was a one star!
This further re-enforces me fear she is going to wind up as little more than Dan Quayle in drag. Remember how well his taking on Murphy Brown worked? I think hypersensitivity to a Letterman Joke is on a par with that. Letterman gave a very eloquent apology I heard on the radio today saying basically if you have to explain a joke, then it was not very funny.

It's what comedians do. I am unaware of successful kings and queens who obsessed over the musings of the court jesters.
A for Satire....A for recognizing what Liberals do....and by the way so happy to see someone like Palin properly identify and define their strategy using the weapons of the left and the politics of personal destruction. I'm voting for her if she runs....I'm voting for her even if she doesn't run....because "Those colors don't run".

Are you sure you weren't a rape victim?
She seems really nice. Love her hair!
From your lips to god's ears.
Funny bumper sticker I saw recently:

Palin in 2012. The world's supposed to end anyway!
Letterman is funny and I will watch him more now.

Palin is funny, too, but I fear that I will be cheated and will not be able to laugh as I vote against her again in 2012.
7 things that Palin must do to be elected President in 2012:

1)  Read a dozen good books on U.S. history and international relations.

2) Cast off her trademark smug, smarmy, self-righteous demeanor. (No, Sarah, some parts of the country are NOT more pro-America than are other parts.)

3)  Drop the faux folksy drawl and the contrived winking during speeches.  (It didn't work for Jindal either)

4)  Show more concern about her children's schooling.

5)  Stop evading the question during debates, lest viewers think she is evading the question during debates.

6)  Stop blaming others for her own failures and shortcomings.

7)  Get even closer to God, cause it's gonna take a divine miracle for her to be elected to POTUS. 
and this is an awesome way to take down the rest of hollywood elite, since how many of them have been pallin' around with would-be statutory rapist david letterman??? none too few I'd guess....
Ole Say-ruh needs to review her fundamentalist teaching of the Law of Submission (Biblical Mandates 101). Dudn't jive with her running for POTUS. Maybe she could take a refresher course while she gets her nails done?

Truth: To my knowledge, she was asked directly to step down as the VP nominee because of that doctrine.
Anybody know any rape jokes about Janet Reno?
Really. The Palin's are a walking, talking example of why it should be necessary to pass a basic intelligence test before being allowed to breed. And to think, I've just said that about someone who will most likely run for president. Of the country.

Isn't 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar?
Can I be your personal assistant?
I think it is obvious she will be the candidate, because who else has name recognition?
She needs a tutor though.
By the way, I wrote about this in December.
That bimbo has no bid at the presidency. She's a clown-gangster robbing Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue from coast to coast. The slutty flight attendant comments where funny. To some they were rude. That's all this silliness leads up to.
Waiting on Sarah Palin's and Dwayne Alezando Mountain Dew Herbert Comacho's Extra Big Ass Taco ticket.
Why would you settle? Go for the big time, Press Secretary. They need someone who tells it like it is.
My mouth is watering at the prospect of a presidential debate between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. Oh Lord, can we get this one thing?
I like your style Smyth. You get the hard to get Voltaire Award.

Palin has got the biggest pass in America- strictly because politicians are scared to death to confront her "fans and supporters" uneducated, credulous sock-her moms and flat out haters and racists. Actually, and this speaks to the Supreme Court situation as well, even the supposed "Moms" are, in this case, mostly haters on racist or fascist religion grounds.

Alaska is the last place to look for someone qualified to be on the national and world stage --- every lived there? I have ...
Sarah Palin is a real contender for the Republican nomination. It's hard to say how she would do. Palin has a lot of political strengths that would play well in a Republican primary but she tends to shoot herself in the foot every other day as well. It doesn't help her that Palin supporters like yourself scare so many people either.

But Obama would absolutely crush her in a general election. It would be something like 65-35 and he'd have significant coattails for eliminating the last Republican dead-enders from Congress as well.
Something would have to go really wrong for her to not get the nod from the GOP in 2012.

Look, she made Letterman come back one more time and give a "real" apology didn't she?
If Palin can make Letterman give TWO apologies, just THINK what she can do with Vladimir Putin!
A thrilling video. Where is the MP3 for Plimpton?????
Check this out Morty! Must see!
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