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JULY 22, 2009 8:32PM

SHOCKING REPORT: Lou Dobbs' Birth Certificate a FAKE!

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The Birther Movement-- or BM, as it's called for short-- has gotten quite a bit of attention lately, as many small groups and individuals proclaim that President Obama has no US birth certificate.  Within the BM, there is a smaller subset of people who realize that a birth certificate actually DOES exist, but who (like me) choose to assume that it is some kind of elaborate forgery. 

I remember my outrage when, during the 2008 campaign, it was brought to my attention that no one had EVER seen Obama's birth certificate.  I was furious-- why had I never seen this document?  I look at documents all the time, and yet, in literally decades of looking at documents, not ONCE had I ever come across a copy of Barack Obama's birth certificate.  Not even ONCE.  

Several months later, it was brought to my attention that the Obama campaign HAD released a copy of his official Hawaiian birth certificate.  It was then that I decided that it MUST be some kind of a trick.  It was the only logical explanation for the existence of a US birth certificate for someone whom I was convinced must not have been born in the United States.  And I've been having a great time being angry about it ever since.

I'm a proud member of the BM.  And I've been a big BM-er for quite some time.  But I happen to think that the scope of the current BM is a little too narrow-- it's important that we remember that this is more than just a movement designed to "get" Obama.  We need to be vigilant in exposing ALL individuals pretending to be legitimate US citizens, especially those armed with phony US birth certificates.  

And that, my friends, is why I am writing to you now.  Because being a part of the BM means staying true to the principles that the BM is all about-- questioning where people were really born, and whether their birth certificates are really real.  And we have to stay true to those principles even when it might not feel so great.  

Therefore, it is with some sadness that I report:  a recent champion of the BM is, in fact, not what he appears to be.  I am referring to Mexican-born Lou Dobbs, host of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight

Lou Dobbs

Mexican-born?  Yes, you read that correctly.  Mr. Dobbs is NOT, as it turns out, a legal US citizen.

Dobbs' biography has always been sketchy when it comes to place of birth-- some sources claim he was born in Childress, Texas, while others cite Rupert, Idaho.  Neither "fact" turns out to be the truth.  

Louis Dobbs was born in Delicias, Chihuahua-- MEXICO-- and was later smuggled into the United States by Texas Propane Salesman Frank Dobbs, who kept the truth of his son's south-of-the-border origins a secret, even from little Lou himself, who only learned about his Mexican birth in adolescence, and who would spend the rest of his adult life desperately trying to cover up the truth.  

His fake Texas birth certificate contains all the right details, but a closer examination reveals a subtle, almost inexplicable hint revealing his true place of birth...


A telltale asterisk points the way...


...South of the border!  


This is bound to be a galling revelation to legions of Dobbs' admirers, who have viewed him as a fierce anti-immigration crusader, speaking out against "Our Broken Borders" five nights a week, and decrying the influx of Mexican illegals into American society.  His recent promotion of the BM movement on his nightly broadcast was a transparent attempt to curry favor with the BM-ers and to throw us off the scent, but it was far too late.  By the time he went on the air to promote the BM agenda, we were already in possession of his fraudulent Texas birth documents.  

On behalf the entire BM, we DEMAND that deportation proceedings begin immediately for Mr. Dobbs!  Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before he sneaks back across "Our Broken Borders."  

The BM is dedicated to finding the hidden truth of people whose Birth Certificates we have never seen, and to disputing the validity of those we HAVE seen.  

If you don't have a US Birth Certificate....
Or if you HAVE one, but we remain UNCONVINCED...
Because the BM is spreading...  ALL OVER AMERICA!

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this is an outrage.


where did i put those bon-bons?
Thanks for stepping away from your usual stool in front of the camera and flushing out the hypocrits in this manner.
This not a Republi-can or Democrap issue.
The entire movement stinks.
I registered for an account just to say... THIS IS AWESOME. I giggled every time I read "BM." Clever, clever, clever.
I was correct to offer you the grandchildren I don't have. Thank you Mr. MHS.
That is why support branding newborns on the right forearm with a pharmaceutical trade mark that changes monthly. It would be foolproof and good advertising. Then we wouldn't have to deal with frauds like Dobbs and Obama and the country would be a safer place. By the way Mortimer, there are some rumors about your birth spot. I heard you were born to an Argentine soulmate and do not have current documentation. You could clear this up by posting your fraudulent copy of your"birth certificate" on this site. I urge you to do so post haste.
This is the first piece of yours I have read...almost as shocking as...oh no, I wasn't born in the US either. I think I have a legal technicality to support I could run for president though.

You made me laugh, well worth my fear!
BMers! Catchy moniker for the movement - ha! It's a movement! And it IS spreading all over the nation. Only a matter of time before more people get smeared.
thank god you've uncovered this and I appreciate your honesty in outing one of your fellow BMers. I know that I requested a copy of my birth certificate last year and was sent a photocopy of something written by hand! It looks so obviously phony I'm not even certain I was actually born!
Deport Lou Dobbs!!!
I think all Americans should be obliged by law to carry their birth certificates (full form original, no abbreviated copies) with them at all times, to be produced at traffic stops, airline counters, McDonalds, Starbucks and church.

P.S. - Not to feed the paranoia or anything, but my birth certificate shows me as having been born to my aunt and uncle ... they changed birth certificates to accommodate adoptions in my day. Who knows what else they changed? Maybe I was actually born in Kenya...
My guffaws disturbed the workday of my (mostly) right-wing colleagues. Well done!
You realize he COULD have been born in Texas, but that Texas, as everyone who has ever lived or visited there, is a Republic in its own right and not really part of the US (or reality for that matter).
But, alas, you are correct in noting that any and all official documents are really forgeries. Which includes the 1783 Peace Treaty between the US and GB. Which then proves we ALL are NOT AMERICAN!
ps - anyone have an idea where Glenn Beck was spawned?
Thank you for this timely and insightful discovery!

I'm more optimistic, though. I believe that there's still a chance for Lou Dobbs .. if only he agrees to "show the long form."
By the way, Mr Smyth. Just where is your birth certificate. I've not seen it lately and I have the number for the Birther Movement 1-USOFABM and I'm not afraid to call it.
He is Leonid Dobbinski; "Louanne" to close associates. I am not fooled.
teabagging and BMing.

the right is gettin down and dirty!
Mortimer, I like you even better in print than on video. (Mostly because I can actually read you instead of seeing a big giant SurfBlock logo).


Incidentally, were the BM to investigate the birth of one Verbal Remedy, they would find only a "Certificate of Live Birth," i.e., the same kind of shady document they don't believe is a legal or legitimate proof of having exited the womb.

I think the media needs to go start pressing Mothership for PROOF she was, in fact, in Peoria IL, not Dubai, when I was born. Because you know, if she'd been in Dubai at the time, clearly I would be a citizen of that state and belong to some rich sheikh!
I feel like I just read something written by Dick Cheney....

Please Mr. BM er,
Look see the Birth Certificate of President George Bush, the first. Is'nt his father German , could he have been slipped into the USA also....hmmm!!!
Oh, isn't it wonderful to see someone like Dobbs nailed? He's a MEXICAN!

This is a VERY handy fact to soon as he runs for president.
Hahaha- what irony! The anti-immigrant crusader is himself a half breed border crosser!
Dobbs has proved himself to be just another pale, stale old white male. Given his mixed race marriage, it is disgusting to hear him align with the mentally ill portion of the far right.

For the record, there are many of us here in the Manoa/Makiki neighborhood of Honolulu who were around when the Prez was born, and during his "hana-buttah" days as we call them in Hawaii Nei. Oh, one of the people who held the newborn is a US congressman, so, those in Washington don't need to look far for verification.

Dobbs and the far right, sick, sick, sick people.
BM really means "Bowel Movement" issuing from the mouths of those insane enough to utter such racist nonsence.
Oh, please tell me that this is not satire, so CNN can catch hell for hiring an undocumented alien, and we can get that draft dodging weasel off the air!

Do these idiots even look at the acronyms before they choose a name for their latest stupid "movement"?
Look out John McCain, born in and citizen of the nation of Panama, the BM's are coming for you next.
Tonight on CNN: Fear and Self-Loathing.
Brought to you by Irony, makers of Unintended Hilarity.
Delicias Chihuahua, eh? I think I've just discovered my drag name.
Thank You Mr. Smith ( with a name like that no worries where you're coming from) for bringing this scandal to America's attention. It's so hard to keep up these days, you think you can trust someone and they go right out and screw some foreigner in Argentina. I still don't know who paid John McCain to deny that Obama is a kind of Arab. Now this!
My question Mr. Smith(GOD I LOVE YOUR NAME) is if this compadre Dobbs can infiltrate the BM, and also the Strong Border Movement (SBM), how much you wanna bet Jose Cuervo and his pals have got moles in the State Sovereignty Movement(SSM)?
Buenos Dias Sarah and Todd! Reading between the lines , connecting the dots, we can see a plot to entice hard working lunchpail Americans to actively work for their States to secede from the Union only to be gobbled up by our NAFTA "partners".
My nephew Keith who comes by with my "medicine" likes Ron Paul and Lyndon Larouche, and he says that Larouche says its all a plot by the Queen of England and the Pope. So what I want to ask you is
do you think the Queen of England is using Conservative Talk Radio to steal Texas for the Mexicans?
You may be a genius.
That explains his obsession with ports, border security, and illegal aliens. Actually, it explains a lot. Off to take a look at my own birth certificate, and hope it doesn't have me smuggled in from Saskatoon.
What a shitty post.
Very funny. Dobbs was born in the United States. Of Mexico (Estados Unido de Mejico).
And what's even worse.

Did you know that William Shatner is ----

I'm still looking for proof that I exist.
You naughty man! Do you realise that Lou Dobbs will now spend the rest of his life denying this rumour? The poor, poor man! All he ever wanted was an America as white as snow, and now this happens to him...

And all this fuss has made me realise that I don't have my original birth certificate, either. This could have put a stop to my plans to become prime minister of Norway, if not for the fact that my passport will do. On the other hand, I would have to fill my cabinet with 50% Christians, so it's not like we don't have some stupid crap in our Constitution too.
*if* this is true, and I do dearly hope it is, I find that the hypocrisy is delicious.
of course his (dobbs) birth certificate is a forgery. he's not from this planet, much less our solar system.
Wait a second here! You got me on the BM start. I thought okay! yet another organization I can get behind ( job in this jobless economy !)Skipping lines (I cant really be concentrating on blogs when important things like applications are swimming around in the gray matter of the CNS {central nervous system}) Came upon Obama. Ok! we were still on the right path here ....(after all hoping is what I am specializing in now) . Skip...Skip... Dobbs. Who? What? WHAT? Now people do say I live on Neptune (being wa-ay ahead of the curve )but WTF!!!?? Even if he is a big TV talking head amongst a gazillion of them and even if he has a huge microphone and is yelling his head off. Should I have wasted my precious jobless time on this particular parasite?

Rated this anyway cos otherwise my useless time would REALLY be wasted.....Moving next pick......
Shocking and are you sure BM does not stand for Bowel Movement?
OMG, it isn't a hoax. From the Left at wordpress confirms the story. Lou Dobbs: get out of me country now, you weasel!
So where's your birth certificate, mother fucker?
"Because the BM is spreading... ALL OVER AMERICA!"

Wonder why Lou Dobbs won't let this issue pass? Even the President of CNN called it a dead issue and Lou Dobbs keeps going and going and going.

Nice job. ;)
The tragedy here is not that Lou Dobbs' birth was misrecorded. The tragedy is that Lou Dobbs' birth occurred.
Several comments have requested my own Birth Certificate-- a perfectly reasonable request, given the charges I've made against others. I was about to indulge this request, but upon closer inspection of my own documents... I think they appear to be FAKE!

I am, of course, OUTRAGED!! (Thank goodness for hypocrisy and self-importance, two qualities which allow me to sleep at night. They are such a powerful comfort.)
Lou Dobbs es un delincuente peligroso .
OMG! I looked at my birth certificate and I'm...I'm..... colored!
i knew that man was not a texan.

we have a saying down south... if a cat has kittens in the oven, that don't make 'em biscuits.
If only Lou Dobbs could be deported, the Fascist whore!
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So he is one of those mexicans who lives illegally in US.
I feel really sad to know that.
Will he be deported now?
Just curious and wants to know.
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