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MAY 10, 2013 12:38AM

Maddog Jake's

Maddog Jack's Place 

One-eye Dave was new in town, having just arrived with the latest bunch of 49'ers aiming to make their stakes and seek their fortunes in the Klondike. Well, ole Dave had been getting along pretty well for a couple of weeks and decided to take the night… Read full post »

JUNE 29, 2011 8:24PM

Three Wolf Moon



Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt


You might want to check out this item on Amazon...

Okay, so it's a t-shirt, you've seen one, you've seen 'em all, right?

Well... not so fast, read the *reviews* on this shirt...

Oh, and pay particul… Read full post »


Anthony Weiner


 >> How did weinergate become a media circus

Really? You have to ask?

Take one feisty politician named "Weiner" with an affinity for showing his, ah-- weener, dangle a few salacious nekkid pictures, toss in some breathless women-- one of them a boner-fide porno s… Read full post »

MARCH 2, 2011 10:49AM

New World Order: House on Fire


Shadow Government

There are certain elements of society who have deep-rooted interests in people being mired in social discord.

As long as people are pitted against each other they overlook the yoke on their backs and the reins in the hands of the master. Whether the goad is in the… Read full post »

Christine O'Donnell

Paragon of Conservative, Republican Virtues

Christine O'Donnell -- We've got a witch!

  CROWD:  A witch!  A witch!  A witch!  We've got a witch!  A witch!
  VILLAGER #1:  We have found a witch, might we burn her?
  CROWD:  Burn her!  Burn!
  BEDEMIR:  H… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 5:28PM

Koran Burning


Pastor Terry Jones plans to burn a stack of Korans on September 11 in what he calls "International Burn a Koran Day". Nearly everybody on the planet within range of a radio, TV or Internet connection has heard about it and has been busy weighing-in with their (nearly unanimous) opinions… Read full post »


There's a new threat to you, your kids and family, your property-- all thanks to an innocuous, ubiquitous, fun little device you probably already own...


Apple iPhone


Got that new iPhone yet? Or maybe the Verizon Android? Or some other phone that's similar. They're pretty nifty… Read full post »

AUGUST 9, 2010 8:25AM

Re-Casting the Voting Machine

The question has come up, often of late, about the current state of voting technology and whether or not it is possible to use computers or other modern technological means to improve the process for voters and the accuracy for voting officials...



Hanging Chad


In my view, it *is*… Read full post »

AUGUST 5, 2010 1:09PM

Fumar Con Dios


The Hand of God



My post is a segue from ConChapman's post: "In the Film Room with the Big Guy Upstairs"....



"So Dude, you want a smoke?"

"Sure, why not?"

He paused a moment while he rolled-up the biggest, fattest doobie I'd ever seen and then handed it to… Read full post »

AUGUST 3, 2010 12:27PM

The Botique Boycott: 101

Its gotten to the point where everything is specialized these days-- even good old fashioned picketing. So if you're having signs made up and getting ready to let 'em have it, read up and find out just what kind of boycott you're gonna hurl....
Specialty Picketing
If you ref
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I was reading Scanner's blog this morning about the Penis & Vagina Festival in Japan... he says "It makes me want to start my own festival here in North Carolina" which of course got me to thinking....

Introducing the first annual "Jesse Helms Penis & Vagina Celebration Festival"...

-- Free Ji… Read full post »

MARCH 16, 2010 12:13PM

Can I Get a Witness ?

Many years ago the Jehovah's Witness came a-calling... I saw 'em walking up the driveway as I was getting out of the shower, and of course moments later the doorbell rang. I figured "What the hell..." and went and answered it. When I opened the door it was the strangest thing--… Read full post »

DECEMBER 25, 2009 2:37AM

Merry Christmas Everybody!


Here's wishing everybody a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

May Santa be good to you, your holiday blessed, and good things befall you in the new year! Read full post »

NOVEMBER 25, 2009 7:51AM

E Pluribus Unum


Shovel Ready

I was reading a post by BehindBlueEyes entitled "How Does All That Hope and Change Taste Now?", an excellent article btw, I heartily recommend it, in which he essentially laments: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss". In his article one phrase in particularRead full post »

NOVEMBER 20, 2009 12:56PM

The Name of the Game

TinkerTink's post inspired mine this morning-- go read his first...

 “I’ll understand if you don’t, if it’s just a game with you!  I won’t ever mention it again.”


Buxom Golfer

It was my boss Jenga's voice on the phone, and as I listened, a million thRead full post »

NOVEMBER 18, 2009 6:54AM

Quit Pickin on Palin


Sarah Palin



Anybody see the Oprah interview with Sarah Palin the other day?


Well, I think Sarah Palin is just freakin brilliant.

She should just stick to her guns and not let those big liberal meanies grind her down.

I think we should all go out… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 17, 2009 12:41PM

Rectal Examination

The best thing about a rectal exam is that you pretty much know the rest of your day is gonna be better...

What's that officer? 85 in a 25? Hahaha-- no biggie....

What's that your honor? Suspended license? A year in the clink? Hohohoho No problemo...

Contempt of court? 5 years to life?… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 10, 2009 10:44PM

John Allen Muhammad


John Allen Muhammad - Good Fucking Riddance


Good Riddance.

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OCTOBER 31, 2009 12:31AM

RIP Fletcher


Fletcher Kitten - Goodbye, We'll miss you


Tonight we're saying a sad goodbye to one of our family members, Fletcher. He's been with us ever since he was a kitten. My wife found him when he was 3 or 4 months old. He was being terrorized by the neighborhood kids. She drove over, swooped… Read full post »

OCTOBER 27, 2009 12:53PM

Alternative Dentistry Mr. E MD,VA,WV

by: Mr. E MD,VA,WV

We've survived all most all of human history without it. Big corporations ignore ancient folks wisdom and have no respect for our intuition. Sometimes the tooth hurts. I'm speaking of course of Alternative Dentistry.

In this essay we'll take a… Read full post »

(From Trig's post this morning: "Why is Rush Limbaugh rich while Trig is poor?")

"Mr. E, dude you should post that comment"

Okay Trig, this one's for you buddy...


"Why is Rush Limbaugh rich while Trig is poor?" Interesting premise. Let's examine this further...

1. Big & Fat

Rush: Check
Trig… Read full post »

OCTOBER 9, 2009 8:51AM

Con Chapman: Bra Berries

I was reading Con Chapman's "On the Campaign Trail With the Fruit-in-Bra Candidate" this morning. A good read btw, and I wanna offer a little feedback and support....


Your post was just peachy, not corny at all. But you do seem a little melon-cauli...flower. Orange you glad your flaxen-haired… Read full post »

OCTOBER 6, 2009 2:19PM

Damn! Some Asshole's Got My Pen!

Kiss My Asterisk


Hey, we gotta talk. 

It's a little awkward to bring up-- you know, its about, uh-- a certain part of your anatomy..., a little lower...


...keep going...

...yeah, right about there..


I… Read full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2009 2:24PM

Thusday Haiku :: An Ode to a Nose


An ode to a nose
eagerly awaiting for
an editor's pick Read full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2009 12:51PM

Extra Dirty Haiku :: Karma Rocks!

an observation
for the one, not the other
who preys on the weak

you get your jollies
whispering in the shadows
a shiftless coward

irony is sweet
you are all that you despise
i am quite amused