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May 22
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JULY 30, 2010 9:36PM

Nofer trunnions & Technical Gibberish (ROFLMAO)

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Y'all have GOT to check this out....  

My sides ache from laughing...   

Technical Jibberish at its finest!   

Anyone else want a "nofer trunnion"?




Edited to add the following at 0200...  

A friend of mine sent the link to this to me and after watching it and about laughing myself silly I decided to post it.   A couple of hours after I posted it I realized why the professor-looking fellow doing the jibbering looked familiar.  He is the same friend who sent me the video.  

When I realized who the professor-looking jibbering fellow was I about needed a package of Depends I was laughing so hard.   

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I want one of those "drawn reciprocating dingle arms" too...


so long as a dingle ARM is NOTHING like a dingleberry!
Dunno about the arm, but HE sure as hell is a dingleberry. This is hilarious.
This is absolutely hysterical. Where did you find it?
This is great! It reminds me of some facetious white papers I have hidden away from my days as a professional music geek.
Matt... That particular Virginian is certainly something. *What* he is I am not going to say.

Scribble... I thought it was hysterical.

Kosher... I must admit that a friend sent it to me. It was only a couple of hours after I posted it that I realized who the babbling professor-type person was and then I about needed Depends I was laughing so hard.

Zul, I have to admit that I found it hilarious before I realized that the professor-looking fellow jibbering away is a man that I have known personally for about 15 years now.