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JUNE 27, 2011 1:39PM

Is that ejaculate in my coffee cup?

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Yesterday, for the first time in almost forever, I ran out of creamer for my coffee.   "I'll use milk's no biggie" was my thought.   Long about 6:00 pm I dispatched a victim volunteer to the store to get me some creamer since I wasn't going to be without my creamer this morning.  

My victim volunteer  came home with my hazelnut creamer which I promptly threw in the refrigerator because that's where liquid creamer belongs.  

This morning I get up, make meself a pot of coffee, notice my creamer in the refrigerator has a PUMP on the top of it and raise an eyebrow.  Now my first thought is "Meh... something 'new' they have come up with to collect more money from consumers"...   

Then I push down the pump on that container of creamer and it looks like I have...  well...  LOOK for yourself!   DSC00315

At the point where it looks like I have cum ejaculate in my coffee cup I'm WIDE awake.   I know the men in my life and they are suspicious characters so I'm looking VERY closely at this container of creamer in my refrigerator door.  

Close inspection of this container of creamer revealed the problem...


See that little red ribbon just above the nuts?   

It says "Concentrated Creamer"...  

My thoughts at that point were a bit jumbled but finally settled on "I can use less creamer and have it last longer"   That sort of appealed to my frugal soul... 

And then I went to get a second cup of coffee...  

And I saw, once again, what looked like cum ejaculate dribbling into my coffee cup...  


At that point I told my coffee related tale of woe to my friend Jess in the UK who proceeded to LAUGH at my tale of woe...   

Which is only fair I suppose  since I am frequently creased over some of the goings on over there on that side of the pond.  


I suppose I will get used to seeing what appears to be cum ejaculate in my coffee cup about the time the container gets empty. 

I wonder if I will miss it when I go back to my normal hazelunt creamer?  

I know I will never send another victim volunteer to get me creamer... 

There's just something wrong with having cum in a cup and no turkey baster around to put it to good use. 

*Laughs evilly* 


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I'm sure glad I read this after I had my coffee
maybe you should obtain more through alternate means and maybe you wont be obsessing about it, wink