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May 22
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SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 8:05PM

I wouldn't throw 'em outta bed... Open Call...

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A comment that I made in the middle of the night last night about how I wouldn't throw Taio Cruz outta bed got me to thinking about who else I wouldn't throw outta bed... and why.  

In Taio Cruz's case...  He's an adorable guy and whilst I prefer men with facial hair in general... I wouldn't throw him outta bed.  

I also wouldn't throw Julio Iglesias outta bed.  In his case it's a completely different reason... his voice just makes me MELT.    

I wouldn't throw Kenny G's sax outta bed... but I probably would throw Kenny G outta bed.  

Joe Diffie is another man I wouldn't throw outta bed.   In his case though I can't put my finger on why... I just know I wouldn't.   

Around OS there are a few I wouldn't throw outta bed...   

Tom Cordle, SageMerlin, Frank Apsia and Jonathan Wolfman I wouldn't throw outta bed... but I'd think my kitchen table would work as well for what I want to do to the four of them.  (Get yer mind outta the gutter... I wanna pick their brains!) 

I wouldn't throw Lady Miko outta bed... or outta the dungeon either.  

I'm sure there are others...   

I'm equally sure that most people around here also have people they wouldn't throw outta bed...  

So... C'mon...  it's confession time...   who is on the list of people you wouldn't throw outta bed?   

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How much time to do have?
Before or after.....?

Occular... to throw them outta bed or to write the post? If it's the former... take as much time as you need. If it's the latter... Meh... I'll give ya until the first of October.

Sky.... YES!

Jr... Counter... washing machine... dungeon... top of the dresser in the hall... wherever.

Just thinking... *wicked chuckle*
Just Cathy, Joan Haskins, Ann Nichols, Lady Miko, Diannani, Candace Mann, Writer to the Stars, Snarkychaser, L in the southeast, Linnn, Angel Triggs -I guess my list could go on forever. And the talk around the kitchen table would be good enough for me as well.