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May 22
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FEBRUARY 8, 2012 4:50PM

A Congregation of Alligators...

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Here's the answers to my post yesterday...  

 A congregation of alligators. 

 A shrewdness of apes.

A cete of badger. 

A sleuth of bears. 

A volery of birds. 

An obstinacy  of buffalo.

A coalition of cheetah. 

A murder of crows. 

A piteousness of doves.

A convocation of of eagles. 

A parade of elephants. 

A tower of giraffe.

A husk of hare.

A charm of hummingbirds.

A labor of moles.

A mischief of mice.

A romp of otters. 

A parliment of owls. 

A nursery of raccoon.

A congress of ravens.  

A shiver of sharks.

An ambush of tigers.  

A bale of turtles.

A crossing of zebra.  



And now you know what various groups of animals are called.   

O/e may be right though... they could all be applied to politicians.   

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I know, these were some of your favorite bands! Mine too!!! Can I add "A Flock of Seagulls"?
One day when out for a drive with my first mother/father in law, we were on a highway that went up a couple of thousand feet and overlooked a valley far below. There were a number of small lakes at the bottom of the valley.

"Oh! Look at all the little groups of water," she exclaimed.

That became our favourite family joke as we teased her about that for years......
So poetic...a romp of otters, a shiver of sharks. Thanks for sharing these MrsR! (Sky, I also like your MIL's little groups of water...:)
The only one of these that I knew ahead of time was a murder of crows. They used to call my son Webster because of his vocabulary. They should call you Roget.