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NOVEMBER 5, 2012 8:35AM

Thank God and Greyhound this election is almost done!

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I'm positive by the end of the election process this time around most of us are going to be singing some version of the following: 


 Why do I say that?  Because this has been a LONG election season and I think we are ALL pretty much on "election overload" - I know I have been for weeks now.   

I made a suggestion recently which my Republican friends objected to...   I suggested that instead of a primary season that goes on (at least in Michigan) in excess of a year, we should limit campaigning to 90 days prior to the general election and put them ALL on the general election ballot - whoever gets the most votes wins, whoever gets the next highest amount of votes is VP.   My republican friends informed me my idea "wasn't fair" to republicans...  

Putting up with (at minimum) 2 years of campaigning isn't fair to AMERICANS - and THIS AMERICAN has exhausted her patience when it comes to THIS election.   

Someone remind me to take the paddle to the polls tomorrow...   I'm working and I just KNOW imma need to apply the "board of education" to the "seat of knowledge" for my "TruetheVote" election observers.   I hope they don't hate me for confining them to a 4 square foot area in accordance with the LAW...   I suspect they are going to be MORE annoyed because their 4 square foot area is in the restrooms.   *Grins Evilly*   


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Funny song! Yes it is almost over. I am so glad I get a mail in ballot. I don't know why everyone doesn't do that. It is so nerve wracking to think of a world without no drama Obama at the helm. Fingers crossed and yet soooooo glad it is over. I like your 90 day idea.
There better not be any True The Vote at my place tomorrow. And there won't be. I live in a bubble - a blue bubble. There will be no TTV, no lines, no fuss. Just walk in, vote, get my "I Voted" sticker, come home. I'll be gone from the house a good 30 minutes and most of that will be spent driving over there. Sometimes I like my bubble.
oh MUST update after the election...what say you about the rumors of the Ohio voting machines being tampered with? rumor?