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NOVEMBER 4, 2012 8:05PM

Hurricane Sandy, Climate Change and Pictures of New York

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Animation of GOES infrarared satellite data, showing cloud top temperature (UWisconsin) To what extent is Hurricane Sandy related to global warming or climate change? As Jonathan Foley said, "“Would this kind of storm happen without climate change? Yes. Fueled by many factors. Is storm stronger because of climate change? Yes.” Steroids is a good analogy:

Being nowhere near New York, I can only witness the terrible power and beauty of Hurricane Sandy from afar, in the form of photographs. The best I've seen are at The Atlantic.
New York, showing SoPo, the area South of Power, by Iwan Baan for New York magazine
linked from GA Daily News Hoboken, New Yersey, Atlantic
Cars floating in the flood, Bear Witness Central

The Ruins of the Boardwalk, from the Atlantic Seaside Heights, New Jersey, also from the Atlantic

Polluted Water, Lindenhurst, New York, from the Atlantic Breezy Point, Queens, from the Atlantic A photograph of Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park by Ana Andjelic and Brian Morrissey. 
From the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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