MAY 1, 2012 5:22PM

Rudy Giuliani Says It Is Wrong To Politicize 9/11...Really?

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2012, giuliani, politics, hypocrites

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What a shallow man he is.

It boils down to one political party protesting that the other party scored political points and they really hate when that happens!

In this case it's ludicrous that the Republicans should declare that bin Ladin or 9/11, Iraq or Afghanistan should no longer be considered political. After all, the Republicans focused on this stuff for years. They couldn't get enough of it. They're a little sensitive about it now because it turned out that they shouldn't have started the wars, they really screwed it up, they look really bad. And to top it off, the Democrats had to clean up their messes and even get bin Ladin, the only thing the GOP really should have done.

After the planes flew into the towers, Rudy really loved walking around NY city looking like a big man with a blowhorn, "taking charge". Then it turned out that the Republicans overreaction to the incident is what really hurt us. It cost us a zillion times more money and even lives lost than the planes crashes.
Dicky, if it weren't for term limits at the time we'd probably still have him as mayor today! Anyway, how do you spell h.y.p.o.c.r.i.t.e.?
Oh NOW they tell us!