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AUGUST 11, 2009 2:56PM

Ilene: Douche Bag and Thief?

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I'm only writing this because those of you who know me will understand my irritation over this situation.

Ilene Chaiken is pretty much my main lesbian nemesis.  For more vulgar information on just how much I dislike Ms. Chaiken view the following links:

I Can't Wait to Watch that Bitch Die


Ilene is a Douche Bag and I'm an Idiot


Now that you're caught up, let me take you a little further down my completely pathetic and demented rabbit hole

My youtube obsessed girlfriend came up to me today and said "Hey, I found something you might like.  Have you ever heard of Hanna and Carla?"

This is, of course the image that popped into my mind:




But Connie and Carla are not the same as Hanna and Carla; though they're both extremely gay.  I watched quite a few episodes of Hanna/Carla TV, and this is what I found.

This is Hanna and Carla:


hanna 2hanna



 They're lesbian lovers on this German soap opera called Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love).  Carla (right) was introduced to the show in 2003.  She meets Hanna, who is not into girls at the moment, and starts to fall in love with her.

Now I know what you're saying.  Summer, I know you have beef with Ilene, but you can't accuse her of ripping off every single lesbian relationship on television.

And you're absolutely right.  I can't.  (And just for legality's sake, I'm not accusing her of anything, I'm merely speculating.)

But I can show you a couple of areas of overlap between the Bette/Tina relationship and the Carla/Hanna relationship.

1. Carla is a very strong and capable business woman who is into the arts.  Bette is a strong and capable business woman who is into the arts.

2. Carla dresses in a lot of power suits:


carla suit

Bette dresses in a lot of power suits:

3.  Carla was in the middle of a fling with another female love interest when she decided she wanted to be with Hanna.

Bette cheated on Alice to be with Tina.


4. Hanna was in a relationship with a man when she met Carla, and had never been with women.

Tina was in a relationship with a man when she met Bette, and had never been with women.


5. Carla is dominant, argumentative and placating when she doesn't get her way.

Bette is dominant, argumentative and placating when she doesn't get her way.


And if I haven't convinced you by now, let's just take a look a the actual thespian expression of the two actors.  Carla and Bette's mannerisms are unmistakeably similar.  It's as if Ilene chained Jennifer Beals to a chair for a weekend and made her study Carla.




Both actresses are very expressive with their eyes, and they have very minimalistic movements.
Are all of these corresponding traits merely coincidental?  
It's entirely possible.
But I think you all can probably guess how I feel about the whole thing.
One thing is for certain: I need to get a life.

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Ha ha ha! Bless YOUR heart, young mung! You surely do need to get a life! What a riot.

I've missed my bear cub.
Very good points.......
Is there a Shane-equivalent on the German show?
Momma Bear: I will get a life one day. I just can't seem to stay away from the internet. It always seems to find me. Miss you too!

Arizona: I wish. It's mainly a hetero show with a lesbian character. But I did enjoy the scenes I watched.
Carla's facial expressions are uncanny! It's like she's doing an SNL imitation of Jennifer Beals
Thomas: You'd be absolutely right, good sir, if it weren't for the fact that Carla entered the German show in 2003 and the L Word did not come out until 2004.
Now this is very funny, so are the links.

Good catch, Mungular, I agree the evidence is clear, although the German depiction sounds more "real" to me.

You are hilarious, Mungular...fuck this Ilene bitch.

All I can say is that I am SO GLAD they killed Jenny... I just hope the German's don't bring her back to life ;)
Gee, I'm trying to decide if this is something I needed to know or not. Since I don't watch Carla et al I guess not. But I do like the L Word. But sharp eye!!
Thoth: Love ya, man!

Phaedo: it is totally a trend that's been capitalized on for years, but this resemblance is so blatantly obvious I can't help wondering if it's all just akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

iamsurly: No worries about that at all. Verbotene Liebe isn't trying to copy the L Word, so we shouldn't see anything that horrible.

Buffy: Oh honey, no one ever needs to know about anything I blog. Trust me on that ;)
Wow - eerie. Too damn eerie. JBeals Definitely had to have modeled herself after her german counterpart - right down to the hair, and the imperious air.

I'll go on record AGAIN as saying, being a devoted fan of the L Word for Years, I HATED the ending.

Though so glad Jenny Died!
Connie: I was a fan for about one season, then I was just an addict. But yes, I do agree with you on the ending. It sucked, but at least Jenny is dead.
Don't mean a thing to me...

Ilene is already so enshrined at the top of my all time "You Are A Lousy, Rotten, Skanky Bitch For Not Letting Me Know Who Killed Jenny" list that I couldn't possibly think any worse of her.

P.S. Ilene, just in the 1 in a 1,000,000 chance you might read this: Bitch!
L word, love that show. theres a reason it ran for 5 years which is rare for tv shows. ITS GOOD.
but then ilene set up a blog/forum site, it was very popular, interesting, and then BLAM killed the whole thing, all the posts without any warning. I had some long ones on there that I didnt want to lose. #$*^(^*
how about the whole season where it was about the women starring in a movie?? pretty self-referential. very postmodern. whose idea was that? almost a little too clever by half. but I guess it worked out ok.
I cant wait for one more interview with ilene chaikin where she says, "people need to hear our stories!! they are important!! how will they hear our stories after the L word?? why arent there more lesbians in tv shows??"
Ooooh. We're gonna have to send Mary down on Illene again! However...there are also the similarities between this couple....and Jenny and Marina...especially the age, I'm seeing Ilene as twice duplicitous! Call Mary. Put her on this. xoxoxox

just grrrrrrr.

(but very funny post.)
Well you've convinced me! Now, before you get a life, can you dig up some more overt rip-offs?
I loved the L Word but man it got silly! THat last season was just awful. I too don't like Ilene Chalkin. She thinks too highly of herself. Rated!
I think both those Alpha Bitches, Carla and Bette, were based on me. Damn you, Ilene!!!! (Of course, I am much nicer than either of them!) ;-)

I loved the L Word up to the point when they killed off Dana in season 3 (the name had nothing to do with it). After that, it went to hell...slowly. Season 4 was still very good, but by the time season 5 rolled around, it was in full suckage.

Yes, at least Jenny died. I was hoping she died when one season ended with her going out to sea on a life raft, but alas, she met a rich man and got her movie going. Blecch. They kept Jenny around way too long. I think the "girl you love to hate" poisoned the plot lines.

What do you want to bet that we see an L Word move w/in five years?
Still, with all the suckage I'd like to see more Shane, Papi, Carmen and Tasha.
I didn't really see it, but can't say I looked with rapt attention. It didn't jump at me, that's for sure.

And I'm no defender of TLW. I totally agreed with your posts about the ending. That was the worst series finale I have EVER seen. TLW isn't in the same league as "Queer as Folk" (and they tell me the Brit original is way better than the Showtime version, although Brian Kinney would be hard to top).
I would say a good half of American television is ripped off from European sources.
Respectfully, I clicked on and read the whole article, drawn in by the title, wanting to learn what a "Theif" is.

Your wordplay worked but I am reading this on my mobile so perhaps I just missed the explanation within. For our edification, did I miss your definition or is it a simple semantic trick that, evocatively, worked well to get us to read the blog?
Safe_Bet: I loved you last little comment!

vzn: Sadly there are plenty of crap tv shows that run for 5 years. Jerry Springer has been on for well over that. The L Word had it's moments, good and bad, but I would not say that it was groundbreaking being that it followed on the heels of QAF that included both gays and lesbians. But everyone has their own opinion.

Robin: I don't know how many more times Mary can survive being sent after Ilene. Maybe she and Sandra can switch off on that one.

Dana: You make quite a few excellent points. I was pissed about Dana dying too. I thought it was a cheap shot and completely unnecessary. It just showed off the fact that Chaiken didn't give a damn about view favorites.
Second, I would have liked more Papi too. I hated that they brought her character in then completely dropped her.
Excellent observations.

Ricky: I'm a big QAF fan too. Such a better series.

Emma: This is true.

Aardvark: Lol. Yep, I'm a moron who can't spell. Sorry about that. Maybe it was my subconscious form of protecting myself from a slander suit. Thank you for pointing it out.
Just because you need to get a life, doesn't mean you're wrong!!! In fact, you may be onto something . . .
wow, that's crazy! I live in Germany but don't watch "verbotene Liebe" simply because the acting is really poor (what can I say.. soap operas are all the same I guess)...but it's really freaky how simlilar the characters are..