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MARCH 6, 2012 12:08PM

I want to play 33!

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1. Your main trait: compassionate
2. The quality you like best in a man: accountability
3. The quality you like best in a woman: intuitiveness
4. Your main flaw:  procrastination
5. Last time you cried: two days ago
6. Ideal job: psychologist (what I already do! how lucky am I?)
7. Scent of a place: the slight mustiness of an old church
8. Beloved movie: Shawshank Redemption
9. Book on the nightstand: Change your Brain, Change your Body; Medical Muses; Thinking about Memoir; A Three Dog Life
10. First and best kiss: at 13 in a cemetery; best, my loving partner (woo!)
11. You couldn’t do without: coffee, the morning paper, wine, the roar of the ocean, being able to travel
12. How you would like to die: in my sleep, satiated by life
13. Song you sing in the shower: none, never got the singing in the shower thing
14. Your deadly sin: procrastination
15. Your not-so-deadly sin: too readily forgiving
16. Your motto:  Why not?
17. Ideal first date: one in which time gets lost
18. Favorite present: my paint-by-number dolphins
19. In the train: daydream, watch the scenery, talk to newly made friends in the club car
20. Something you’d change in your body: I’d rather change my attitude ABOUT my body!
21. Your addiction: Apple products, good wine, travel
22. Now on your left: couch and table, painting by Monet
23. Now on your right: sleeping dog, crane screen, window, sculpture made by my partner
24. Now in front of you: computer, Chinese cabinet, lamp, an antique Korean clock
25. Now behind you: window with a view of a Magnolia tree
26. Names for your children: China & Austin
27. 3 things in your purse: compact mirror from the Dali museum in Spain, lipsticks!, an expired credit card
28. 3 places that fascinate you: Galapagos Islands, Europe, islands in general
29. 3 people you’d like to meet: Emma Thompson and Ellen DeGeneres so we can all be BFFs, and Elvis.
30. 3 traits you hate in people: non-receptivity, rigid thinking, dishonesty
31. Values inherited from your parents: humor, independence, doing it whether I want to or not!
32. In your last life you were: really stupid and had to come back to get it right this time
33. In your future life you’ll be: relaxed because I did it right this time around and get to be free!

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I love these answers! You know I did mine on FB, so I probably won't reveal all of myself to the wider audience of OS like you other brave souls. I love # 20~ so wise, and #21. Apple products? Who knew? xo
Joan--I should've admitted Lush products too but I refuse to bare all! :)
When you say "Apple products" do you mean iPhones or pie?
Pithly poetically done!!


15. Your not-so-deadly sin: too readily forgiving
16. Your motto: Why not?
17. Ideal first date: one in which time gets lost
18. Favorite present: my paint-by-number dolphins

33. In your future life you’ll be: relaxed because I did it right this time around and get to be free!

I also like the attitude change re. the Flesh…
Wow, John, I was thinking of iPhones and iPads, but now I am thinking about apple pies...
Excellent list, I think, partly because I agree with many of them especially number 8 and 19....
I enjoyed your list. Ellen Degeneres really would make an awesome BFF!
Loved #20, you are very wise.
Loved your answers!
Number 20 is easier than you think-it's just changing your POV.
Be grateful for healthiness : )
Oh, I am such a dork. I thought you meant apple products. Pies, sauce, brown betty... duh.
am i the only one who knew precisely what you meant by *apple products*? 'cuz i did, smug me. though we love pie, don't we? nice list, psyche.i love your ellen/emma/elvis answer, all those E's!! i may be coming to round top - will let you know if we need to meet for pie! xo
Favorite answer - ELLEN - how the hell did I forget about her when I did my list? I love her!
I did my 33 on FB, not repeating here, although I should since I don't seem to be writing much of any-damn-thing lately.
Thoroughly enjoyed this!
googling Lush now...mmmm, this may take hours
Poetic? Yes, but clever and funny. R
I probably shouldn't ask (step away from the computer now), but which is your favorite soap from them?


(Love the list and especially about changing your attitude about your body. Now that's a train I need to get on. :-)
#20... love that one. And #16.

If I played, would I get Ellen and Emma as BFFs? That scares me.
James-pthy and poetic, I like that, thanks!

Dr Spud--maybe we can watch the movie and then talk in the club car?

Alysa-I think Ellen and most Osers would make mighty fine friends!

Seer-actually those paintings were done by my artistically challenged partner, making them all the more sweet.

Trilogy--wise? I think more like tired of the fighting.
ladyfarmerjed--you're right, it should be about healthiness and I work on that every day.

Joan--I like those apple products too! :)

femme--I thought if I put MAC people would think I meant the cosmetics...oh well, at least a fellow Appleite got it. Would love pie with you in Roundtop!

Kim--I don't do much writing either but this seemed an easy way to do SOMEthing.

Thoth--thanks for coming by, long time no see!

Julie--when it comes to LUSH, I am a Lemony Butter and shampoo bar kind of gal...Those shampoo bars are AMAZING!

Outside--methinks you know something about procrastination? :)

Victoria--thanks for coming by!

Zuma--you can gets any ol' friend you want, you pick!
I'm impressed by the optimism of the last answer!
Hahaha, yes, if you had put "MAC" I would have thought make-up.
Candy thinks she's soooo smart.
Oh good - A list! Very intriguing! I especially like your scent of a place: the slight mustiness of an old church. And your left, right, in front of you, behind you views. Sigh. A magnolia tree. I love magnolias trees...
AtHome--Ah, this lifetime has indeed been one of hard work. I have to believe it's better later!

Joan--about Candy, I know, right??

Suzie--I don't know how magnolia trees wound up in drought prone TX but they are especially lovely when they bloom...