JANUARY 18, 2009 12:16AM

I could have been in San Francisco tonight

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Almost went on impulse with a friend. She's getting her tea certification. Cuz she's going to open a tea room. Out here in the boonies. (Yes, she's keeping her day job.) While she was busy with that, I could have gone across the Bay to Berkeley/Oakland, where there are people I've kept in touch with for half a century, starting back when we were young science-fiction faaaaans. Then, when K had finished her tea stuff, I could have kicked around S.F. with her. I was there, yeah, half a century ago at, yeah, a science fiction convention. A lot has happened there since then..

Or I'd go with her to visit some permaculture places (another of her interests), maybe even one that is part of famous witch Starhawk's activities if we could swing it.

And, most of all, I would have been warm. Instead of freezing here in Ontario. I just checked the temp in S.F. - it's only 54 at the moment. Not too warm, you might say – except that's about the temperature in my house (beyond the kitchen, which is low 60s). Presumably Boanerges1, Cynarra Ru'aviv and Juliet Waters might sympathize (and any other Canadian bloggers out there...)

Just as well, though. Tomorrow I'm going to have to investigate an apparent frozen pipe at my daughter's place, next door. Hope it doesn't burst... And this afternoon a strange sound started coming from my basement. Turned out to be the timer on my hot-water tank. Had to turn off the breaker – no hot water for me until I figure this one out...

So I guess I'm needed here. Dammit.

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