APRIL 9, 2012 8:57PM


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Haha! I was just about to sign off OS for the night and I saw this! Thank you for giving me something to dream about.... :-)

Hope you're doing well after your surgery, btw.
Glad I caught you!

Hand is doing okay, thanks - am back to touch-typing. (But not great swatches of text...)
Well now I have seen everything!
How completely decadent and yet strangely delightful.
Wish I'd thought of this lazy boy toilet. Great invention.
The perfect throne.
rated with love
I can see this catching on.
Delightful on so many levels.
Great! Does it come in other colors?
There are some things you wish that you never saw, because once seen, they cannot be forgotten.

P.S. Imagine having to clean that baby!
Guess I'd have to put the seat down on that one. R
I could use one of those at the office.
Where can I get one?
Egads. There was some creativity went into the design of this, um, seat of learning. Thanks for posting. I appreciate your sense of humor.