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The annoying outta touch Ann Romney

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Nice lady I'm sure, and too bad about the M.S., but neither of those conditions mean you got an opinion worth spouting to the masses.
Mitt has been saying stupid shit about how Ann lets him know what women are thinking, cuz, like, they're some kind of Other and he wouldn't be able to fathom their mentality with his male brain (or whatever non-stiffness is revealed when he's unzipped). Yeah, they're some kind of Other - they don't have your dough.  So that puts both Romney (and their toothy offspring) together and unable to fathom why those silly people of all genders are squeaking about their lack of money and health care.
So commentator Hilary Rosen says on CNN that Ann R. never worked a day in her life and hasn't a clue about working women and what they might want and her stupid opinion is worthless.  She could have added "and stay-at-home moms whose husbands' jobs are in danger or have vanished."  Maybe if she'd said that, there would have been less of a kerfuffle.  As it was, the forces of the Righteous Right, and some PC lefties, have risen up to give us that old crap about how stay-at-home women *WORK*.  Hey, as if the vast majority of women don't know that.  But the vast majority of us don't have the luxury of being able to have only the at-home job.  We bloody well WORK at home and out-of-the-home-cuz-otherwise-we-starve (physically or intellectually).
One of the obnoxious Romney offspring tweeted about how his mommy was perfectly wonderful and real smart and could have held any job in the world....but (aw) she chose to stay home and raise him.  (Puke.) (And what a waste of wonderfulness and smart.)
And, in parenthesis (   ), let me say this about that:  Unless you home-school, and not everyone is fit to do that, and even if they are some public schooling is good for kids for various reasons (Real World Experience for one), then once kids hit 5, mommies are not needed all day. Most Americans, including most of those of the male persuasion, know what's involved in raising kids and keeping house and doing the cooking.  Cut the sanctimonious crap - it's an insult to those who, to repeat, do not have luxury of working only one of the life-jobs we all must deal with (even, in a limited way, the childless).
And damn the White House, prob from O himself and his understandable position, saying criticizing families is out of bounds.  Phooey.  That only applies to family members who keep their yaps shut (or in the case of Michele Obama, speaks about topics only assholes, and they abound, would grump about - service families and childhood obesity). Ann has been campaigning.  Mitt has been putting her and her presumed political and economic opinions out there.  Can't have it both ways - can't open your yap and make public political pronouncements and then whine about family being off-limits. 
Rosen, to her credit, has (so far) resisted the calls to apologize. 

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This is the comment I left on the Salon story today about this issue, and I'll repeat it here:

"Hey Ann Romney, I'll bet you $10,000 that most women with children have worked outside of the home, and also that they didn't really have a choice in the matter. (OK, I don't really have $10,000 to bet, but I'm sure you do!)"

If Ann Romney has to put up with even half of the crap that has been directed at Michelle Obama, then she might have something to complain about.
Out of touch. Exactly. ~r
Politics... bleagggghhhh!!! Strong women, read Hillary, Nancy P and Michelle O, are "overreaching radical bitches." Candidate's wives, Nancy R, Betty F, and Ann R, are "out of touch, decorative bits of fluff." I have no idea how Palin or Bachmann fit into the crazy quilt of women in politics, but damn I'm tired of reading and hearing about how they're mistreated and victimized by the media... politics is a profession based on arguments among fools and the crap from that comes with the territory. As they say back on the farm, "Never fight with a fool or a pig. You'll just end up down in the mud... and the pigs enjoy it."
Im glad to see you are all riled up about this. I am too. I am so glad Rosen is sticking to her statement. Ann Romney would make a terrible first lady. Michele Obama worked and did a fine job of raising her two daughters too. Ann Romney should not have had so many kids anyway......just saying.
Yes. That mold of Nancy, Barbara and Laura doesn't really work or represent American women. Time to get off that too GOP. Your wish is not our command. Wish they would turn out better models in their Stepford factory, but apparently they only have one kind. FAKE women.
Sure, tho 'nice' is often overrated.

Well, my gut level feeling about both Romneys is plastic. If family is campaigning, yes, what they say deserves critique. But Obama is right in the sense that attacks like Limbaugh's on a child's looks are out of bounds.
The gracious thing to do, as Ann Romney; would be to admit that she was lucky enough to have a choice when it came to staying with her children or putting them in daycare and working like the rest of the 99%. Since she has not come out with anything like that, just the illusion that moms who must work are somehow inferior, i don't see why anyone should have to retract their message either. I don't like when the parties try to be divisive like there is some big line and good and bad, it's how they choose to weaken us. But some times you just can't support another woman's limited understanding.
Yay Hilary Rosen! Boo Ann Romney!
I agree with a lot of what you've said. I've been a working mother all my life - until now. There aren't a whole hell of a lot of jobs out there right now, at least not in my state. Add age discrimination, cronyism, nepotism, racism and all of the other "isms" and it makes landing a job that much harder. After 40, women lose their ability to charm their way into a job with a wiggle, a wink and a youthful giggle. I know women just like Mrs. Romney. For some, the only way to break into the job market after years of being at home or, worse yet, after years of never having had a career, is to get hired by a friend, or a friend of a friend. Some make. Some don't. I can only imagine that Mrs. Romney has never had to work because her husband is so rich.

Romney needs to get advice from working women.
She represents the 1%- and that is who they are appealing to. In their eyes, they are the embodiment of the American Dream- but have little compassion for the American Reality their policies have wrought upon the rest of the world.
Clueless is as clueless does! As a single mother who raised four with no help from family and no entitlement to "stay at home," I am personally offended by all of this. Mitt wouldn't think of talking to me because Ann wouldn't think of talking to me. They are safe though because I am not voting for him so in a short while they will both disappear into one of their homes.
I really don't know a thing about her but agree the brood is a grouping off too smug, too clean, preppie doodles
Yup. I have long been a Rosen fan. She tells it like it is and in this case we all knew what she meant. I don't even subscribe to the argument that Ann R. "worked in the home." She probably had at least one nanny, somebody who cleaned -- hell, even I had that on my paltry (okay, relatively paltry) salary -- and maybe even a part-time cook. It's apples and oranges ( Hi, Herman Cain). Mitt is a dimwit who takes his cues about women from his sheltered, unexposed spouse. Bring him on, so Obama can trounce him.

I liked what Ms. Rosen said, and I am a stay-at-home mom with five kids myself. But, I have had minimum wage jobs to pay for xmas, vacations, etc...as well as a few years where I taught school, and let me tell you, there is a lot to knowing what it is like to have to WORK as well as take care of your kids and house. And when you are as rich as they are, well, then you don't really have to take care of your house at all, and it's questionable how 'hands on' you are with the kids, anyway. I think there is a valid point here in discussing the absolute real-life strain on women in this country and by wiping it all away as a 'family smear' we once again brush the entire problem under the carpet.
Comedian Andy Borowitz: "Romney: 'I have nothing but respect for women. I'm good friends with the owners of some.' "
I you really certain that Mr and Mrs. Mittens even have sexual organs Myriad? I thought they were Barbie dolls.
She's not even sure shes's wealthy. Two cadillacs and several horses, yeah everybody's got those! Cindy McCain was clear on that concept, at least.

Sorry Mitt. You and your equal-opportunity gaffe-spewing spouse are in for a rough summer and fall.
Nothing to get hot water all over ya faster than opening your evah so precious mouth and then whining when the fruit bats attack the low hanging dangle bits and start feasting......

Then again, I admit having a self imposed moratorium on the mainstream media for a few days Myriad...

I want to remain as close to sane as possible these days....
Hardly the most boneheaded comment to come out of the Clown Bus. Why these morons are trying to alienate 51% of the nation is beyond me. Maybe Mrs. Romney doesn't realize that women got the vote some time ago.
SHIT FUCK - Rosen has caved. Apologized.
The problem isn't being a 'stay at home glom' or working on a space station....the problem is much deeper and SPIRITUAL at that. You see, the Romneys aren't really Mormons at all. It's obvious they're SATANISTS! All their wealth is from the CHURCH OF SATAN and Mrs. Romney is a toad stool sitting WITCH! I know you'll find this hard to believe Myriad but even in today's moderne/modern wurld there are folks who think they are WITCHES! What could be more ridiculous than that?...wink
I defer to you and the other OS women on this issue, as I do on reproductive rights questions.

But from my perspective, you gotta wonder if the Stormin' Mormon himself has ever soiled his hands with real work.
Lucky you up there in Canada don't have to worry about having this pair determine your future for the next eight years. R
@Myriad: Well, if you want to call this an apology:
Statement from Hilary Rosen, provided to Fox:

“Let’s put the faux ‘war against stay at home moms’ to rest once and for all. As a mom I know that raising children is the hardest job there is. As a pundit, I know my words on CNN last night were poorly chosen. In response to Mitt Romney on the campaign trail referring to his wife as a better person to answer questions about women than he is, I was discussing his poor record on the plight of women’s financial struggles.

"Here is my more fulsome view of the issues: http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/12/opinion/ann-romney-hilary-rosen/index.html?hpt=hp_c1

"As a partner in a firm full of women who work outside of the home as well as stay at home mothers, all with plenty of children, gender equality is not a talking point for me. It is an issue I live every day. I apologize to Ann Romney and anyone else who was offended. Let’s declare peace in this phony war and go back to focus on the substance.”
Hilary Rosen has apologized to Ann Romney. Raising 5 sons to successful adulthoods, dealing with breast cancer and M.S. as well; we used to say women have a choice but now we sneer at the women who choose to raise their own children instead of shunting them off to daycare and then afterschool programs. You wouldn't be so judgmental of a woman on welfare with 5 children and no father; in fact you'd celebrate her.
I thought they'd wait to use the etch-a-sketch. What a specious pivot. The issue for me is less about the hard work of being a parent and more about the luxury of being able to do it full-time, without ancillary jobs for pay. Rosen has forced the Romneys' hand into yet move evidence of how out of touch they are. Ordinary women cannot get a sympathetic ear with these two, "commonweal" not existing in their vocabularies, so the whole notion that Anne is in touch with women is a ruse. I find that more offensive than Rosen's hyperbole.

Call anything no matter how absurd an Obama "war" and keep trying until it sticks. And look over there, a bunny.
Deborah - Ann Romney never worked a day in her life...at a job. Lots of women work, they HAVE to work, they can't *choose* to stay home, and lots of them deal with health issues (often without adequate insurance). Ann R as someone to speak about women, and Mitt as someone to look to her for finding out how *women* think, are arrogant out-of-touch fools with no concept of most people's lives.
And as part of the usual double standard: you say "But the vast majority of us don't have the luxury of being able to have only the at-home job. We bloody well WORK at home and out-of-the-home-cuz-otherwise-we-starve (physically or intellectually)."

Jacqueline Kennedy didn't work a day in her life when she married John Kennedy and became first lady but strangely enough, nobody screamed about that. It's an intellectually dishonest argument that even Obama's Whitehouse had to admit.
Ann Romney is a kind of arm candy. Her opinion doesn't matter because if her husband is President, he'll make all the decisions.
Deborah, you are deliberately 'missing' the point. Jacqueline Kennedy didn't make campaign speeches and wasn't held up by her husband as some kind of authority on what women want. This 'attack' on Ann Romney didn't come out of the blue. She put herself out there, and was put out there by her husband, as someone who informed him about women's concerns.
The issue is not sneering at women who have made other choices (which is wrong); it's a presidential candidate funneling his information about the realities of life for millions of American women through the woman whose experiences and biases mirror his own. That's wrong on a national scale.
On the mark. If he does in fact win the nomination (who else is there?), their whole campaign is gonna be a major pain in the ass.
Jeanette - Good comment for Salon. (I've composed one or two thank-god-small comments, only to have them bounce because I'm not a core member and won't link up with social media. Damn - used to like to get into the fray now and then)

Joan - The Romneys are SO out of touch they don't realize that they are!

jmac - yeah, giant pig fight going on down there...

Sheila - maybe being outta touch is the only kind that marry the kinda men who end up running for prez. Even people who start out normal can get outta touch real fast when serious money is involved.

Zanelle - Yeah, Michele Obama had a lower-middle-class upbringing and got an education that she put to use and worked. She has a lot better background to understand Regular People.

Jonathan - *nice* often masks not-so-nice...

Patrick - Candidates want to have it both ways: drag family to events to show their smiling loyal faces, and these days have the wives (and husbands?) introduce them...but then squawk when brickbats get hurled.

Rita - "gracious", exactly - that used to be what first ladies and would-be first ladies aimed for and often achieved. NO WHINING!

Erica - Yeah!

Deborah - Advice from real humans is what's needed! They have no concept of a situation such as you have described.

Oryoki - Sometimes I think these people know all too well what they're doing, and then other times I think Surely Not,

Nilesite - here's hoping they really do disappear!

Kenneth - an unappealing combination of smug and whiny.
As someone said, it's apples to oranges. Wouldn't I have loved to stay home and raise the kids? Or better yet, wouldn't I have loved to have a real career and let the husband stay at home and raise the kids? As it is both of us tried to balance raising the kids while keeping our heads above water. I truly don't envy her for being able to only work at home, I would have gone crazy doing that, but please do not pretend that you HAD to. I HAD to do both and most people I know had to as as well. Therefore......apples to oranges.
and might I add........those two just creep me out.
I agree with your main point Myriad, and Rosen's too. But surely there was a more adept way for Rosen to have expressed it. Romney said something oblivious but now the whole issue is covered in murk.
Lezlie - good point: with that kind of money, Ann would have been able to just enjoy the kids. There would have been household help.

Crimson - right: there are some real issues for women who have children, jobs and the upkeep of the home, often on their own or with minimal help from partners, and living as nuclear families rather than in the old-fashioned bosom of extended family - which was stifling, often, but often helpful.

Jack - You may be right. They may well have ordered up the toothsome toothy gang from the factory.

Shiral - haha, Ann may find out all about kitchens, as in heat.

Mission - nothin' like turning off the news to help restore one's sanity.

John - the whole scene has a Fifties vibe.

Hi Pod. Hey, let's do lunch some time.

Boanerges - Another good point: Mitt has never done what most of us call *work*...as in manipulating matter... A lot of his work in fact consisted of putting other people out of (real hands-on) work.

Gerald - unfortunately whoever is U.S. prez has a profound effect on the rest of us beyond your borders.

L - haha, one of those "if anyone is offended" quasi-apologies. For once I almost approve of the form.

Stacey - I'm getting pretty "war"-weary myself...

Pam - Yeah, why are the wives saying anything anyway - they're not going to be running anything (unless, oh gee, there was Nancy Reagan after Ronnie got sick, and there was Mrs. Wilson in the past...wives are sometimes unappointed vice presidents...)

High Lonesome - Exactly. It isn't woman-understanding-women, but rich people, male & female, not understanding the 99%.

Seer - you said it!

Sally - actually, the Romney campaign may go on to be amusing, in a kinda squirm-making annoying way.

Hope I caught everyone. Been in and out all (beautiful spring) day. Plus hand is still a little off. (Stitches out tomorrow!)
Oops, a couple more people have dropped in.

Barbara - Yeah. AR evidently was on some channel today, going on about *choice*...apparently unaware that choice in this matter is a luxury she had and that most people do not have. Yeah...there is a certain creep factor.

Abrawang - Hmm, yeah, Rosen was kinda snarky. But part of the scene is that commentators try to be vivid....and candidates have to expect 'attacks' (of which this was pretty mild). It would be nice to have had the Romneys address the actual point rather than hiding behind the insult-to-stay-at-home-moms maneuvre.

SPEAKING OF SNARK, and real attacks, according to Kos (I think it was Kos), yes, here it is:

"Lesbian Dem Hilary Rosen tells Ann Romney she never worked a day in her life. Unlike Rosen, who had to adopt kids, Ann raised 5 of her own." — @CatholicLeague via web

How long should we wait for that lot to apologize for that remark? Until the sun cools, I suspect...
Joan Walsh makes the case - http://www.salon.com/2012/04/12/ann_romney_should_apologize/singleton/
Like most of us, Ann Romney has had to deal with difficulties in life. But that's all most of us have in common with her. She has NEVER had to worry about the rent or the phone bill -- let alone where her next meal -- or her kid's -- was coming from.

She is a product of an upbringing and an adulthood enjoyed by far less than even 1%. From Gross Pointe to private schools to stay-at-mansion mom, she has had it made her entire life.

That's the point Hilary Rosen was making, however inarticulately, and for Mitt to suggest Ann Romney is a go-to source for what ails ordinary women or what the have to deal with is as absurd as suggesting he's fit to be President.
Tom - concise and precise statement of the situation!
All that being said, Ann wasn't so dumb, she married well!
I agree with you 100%. I'd like to think the White House came out to buffer attacks that will be levied toward the First Lady. I appreciated Rosen better when she called all this b.s. "faux outrage".
tg within - not-dumb enough to marry 'well', but too dumb to realize how outta touch it put her.

Fay - Yeah, presumably to buffer his family.....but it was kinda finky (and 'political').
I am counting on hysterical, mean-spiritied leftists to blow the election for Obama. Keep posting this sort of article. Keep needling Ann Romney, who is one of the most popular people in the political world. You will send Mitt into the White House in a landslide.
Interesting read on the post and the comments. I was curious what thoughts there were on the subject. Yes, I agree that if Ann Romney's opinion is going to be referred to as where Mitt gets his info, then that "information" is open to criticism. I think the Mitt was just trying to cover up his lack of understanding by deferring to his wife. He didn't want to commit to an opinion and PROBABLY thought that his female constituents would be pleased that he deferred to his wife on "womens issues" rather than trying to speak for them. And it backfired horribly. As a woman whose choices were not affected by a need to bring money into the home, her experience is altered from the vast majority of women. This does not mean she has nothing of value to say but she definitely cannot speak from 1st hand knowledge of what it is to be a working (out of the home) mother.
Hilarious. And all because Hilary is just being competitive. Mitt is taller, richer, thinner, better looking, and has a hotter woman than Hilary does. And now we know he is smarter too.

Arthur & Bruce - dream on.
I think we can agree that the issue of stay at home vs. working mother has gotten a lot of air time, but I think American women would like to know more about Mrs. Romney's choices -specifically her healthcare choices. So Mrs. Romney tell us:
• When you were diagnosed with cancer and later with MS, did you have a choice about which course of treatment you would pursue? Well 98% of us don’t have that choice- we either have no health insurance, policies that limit treatment options and/or lifetime limits of coverage that would be exhausted by cancer- let alone a second round of a catastrophic disease like MS.
• Did you have to choose between paying for your insurance and non-covered medical expenses and being able to house, feed, clothe and educate your children? 98% of us have that very real concern –catastrophic healthcare related expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy in America.
• I won’t ask if you had to choose to return to work before you were fully well in order to keep your job so you would have insurance- we know that your insurance was not tied to your employment. But 98% of us have to choose between focusing on getting well or returning to work when we are barely well so that we can keep our insurance.
We realize it’s a lot of responsibility to represent the concerns of all American women- but it appears your husband is counting on you to step up to this challenge. 98% of us are counting on you to accept the challenge and have the same concern for us and our families as you have always shown for your own. Don't let us down.
This entire family is unattractive in so many ways. Ann Romney is annoying and comes up with the most inane statements. Their 5 sons are not too smart and their statements are ridiculous. Ann Romney's political statements, if you can call them that, only emphasis her ignorance. Their 5 sons need to zip their lips. They aren't doing well in campaigning for their father.
This entire family is unattractive in so many ways. Ann Romney is annoying and comes up with the most inane statements. Their 5 sons are not too smart and their statements are ridiculous. Ann Romney's political statements, if you can call them that, only emphasis her ignorance. Their 5 sons need to zip their lips. They aren't doing well in campaigning for their father.
This entire family is unattractive in so many ways. Ann Romney is annoying and comes up with the most inane statements. Their 5 sons are not too smart and their statements are ridiculous. Ann Romney's political statements, if you can call them that, only emphasis her ignorance. Their 5 sons need to zip their lips. They aren't doing well in campaigning for their father.
This entire family is unattractive in so many ways. Ann Romney is annoying and comes up with the most inane statements. Their 5 sons are not too smart and their statements are ridiculous. Ann Romney's political statements, if you can call them that, only emphasis her ignorance. Their 5 sons need to zip their lips. They aren't doing well in campaigning for their father.
This entire family is unattractive in so many ways. Ann Romney is annoying and comes up with the most inane statements. Their 5 sons are not too smart and their statements are ridiculous. Ann Romney's political statements, if you can call them that, only emphasis her ignorance. Their 5 sons need to zip their lips. They aren't doing well in campaigning for their father.
This entire family is unattractive in so many ways. Ann Romney is annoying and comes up with the most inane statements. Their 5 sons are not too smart and their statements are ridiculous. Ann Romney's political statements, if you can call them that, only emphasis her ignorance. Their 5 sons need to zip their lips. They aren't doing well in campaigning for their father.