APRIL 22, 2012 10:10AM

Game of Tarot under Moon in Aquarius

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When a Friday the 13th happens, my friend A. hosts a dinner and game of Tarot of his own devising.
The wizard in charge
tarot 2
tarot 3
tarot 4
We go around the table, putting out a card each.  "The ghost" hand is played by its neighbour.  The cards are valued in reverse - i.e., a ten is worth 1 and an ace is worth 10.  Trumps also have their values reversed.  (I forget what happens with the court cards...)  The person with the highest card in the first hand plays first.  Next person has to play same suit or, lacking same, a trump.  Person ending up with highest card gets a reading from the cards laid out.  If the ghost wins, then the reading is a general, group reading.
Lots of food and wine are involved.
tarot 5
First round complete, ready for reading
tarot 6
If you don't like your reading, tough.
tarot 7
Multi-mind reading
tarot 8
I think this was my lay-out.  The only thing I want to know about my future is if I have one.
tarot 9
Counting me (unseen), the appropriate number of 13 people were present - but "the ghost" made 14.
tarot 10
Round and round and round we go.
tarot 11
A. presiding over the proceedings
tarot 12
Scrying in the chocolate fondue is optional
meal 1
Tri-colour pasta - because our host&chef is Italian
meal 2
Tarot placemats!  (Plasticized from a calendar)
meal 3
Moon in Aquarius, so seafood - shrimp w. peppers
meal 5
Seafood salad
meal 6
Olives and hot peppers
meal 7
The piece de resistance - tho I didn't see anybody resisting:  Poached salmon
meal 8 
One of the wines - a smoked (!) (slightly) variety 

A good time was had by all. 

Next Friday the 13th - in July.  Moon in Taurus.  I guess that means boeuf!  Meatloaf, roulades, steak tartare (there's a Syrian restaurant across the street we could get from)...

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I never learned anything about Tarot or astrology or all these things you know about. Frankly, I don't see how anyone can remember it all.
But it sure seems that you enjoyed it.
That's good.
Looks like fun. The food pics are fabulous. Made me hungry. R
Y'all know how to have a good time! I have new ideas for seafood dishes now...
Fab as always Myriad.
Sounds and looks like a great time!
What a fun idea. Is srcying hard in chocolate fondue?
Mmmmm steak tartare... I can bring my own cards!!
Myriad!! Is it okay for me to say "You guys all look so normal!"?? You know I mean to jest... ;)
That's a mighty big bowl of chocolate.
Just give me a spoon.

(or is it pudding?)
What a fun idea! Looks like a great time!
A great idea for a party. Wonder if I know anyone good at Tarot... I'm still a rank amateur, myself.
Looks like a great party, everyone was enjoying and who wouldn't with all the wonderful food.
Are you sharing your reading, perhaps in your next post?
rated with love
OMG ... You pagans just have too much fun! Looks like a great evening, Myriad. And your pictures ... love the one with the hand on the cards - what a beautiful deck, btw - and the food. Yum! Notice you're drinking Californian ... but with a name like 'Smoking Loon' it seems totally appropriate for a bunch of crazy Canadians ... (just kiddin' ya, of course. :-)
Wonderful!!! I loved all this. I want to be there too!! People need people sometimes and Friday the 13th is one of those times.
AKA - you can live you life quite nicely - perhaps even better - knowing none of that stuff.

Ger - It was a fun night - and the food was as good as it looked.

Linnnn - The dishes were good and quite easy to make.

Rita - indeed!

Patience - yup!

Snarky - the chief problem with scrying in chocolate fondue to not getting distracted.

Jmac - has to be Crowley deck!

Brazen - Can't judge a book by its cover!

Larry - You have to eat a strawberry with each mouthful of chocolate. (It was Bakers' chocolate blended with cream.)

Joanne - yes, it was fun!

Phyllis - you can always use the book. Tho with Crowley...

Romantic - As I said in the caption, I was only interested in one thing: Do I have a future? Answer - yes. Whether it will be brief and whether I'll be enjoying it - those are questions I didn't bother with. (Other readings were gone into in greater depth).

Scarlett - hey hey, that was just one bottle. Tho the others may be out-of-country too. However, our host was probably drinking his own made-in-his-basement wine. No smokin' was done, tho (except for one nicotine addict who dashed out to the balcony FTTT).

Zanelle - indeed - sometimes we need people, and some of those times we need CRAZY people (even if they look normal...)
You make some of the best photo posts dear!!
I sure like all that food and fun being had....
Conjuring/Divining is/are great if it affords you this meal! r.
Looks like a great night, among good friends. Food looks delish, and wish I had some tarot placemats like that.
This is perfect. I love everything about it...especially the Smoking Loon./r
You sure do know how to have a party. ~r
Mission - Food & fun! Could do that every night. (Actually I had fun&food two nights in a row that weekend and finked out the third night.)

Jonathan - Some people are good at conjuring up a meal.

Oryoki - The placemats are from an old oversize calendar, plasticized. But where does one find oversized Crowley-tarot calendars?

Christine - The Smoking Loon was actually lightly smoked. A bit strange. Went well with the evening.

Joan = I sure do know how to ATTEND a party!
It looks like alot of fun!
Wow, what a cool way to celebrate Friday the 13th!
As an observing Pastafarian I am appalled that no healthy pasta dishes were present at your depraved feast. Next thing you'll be telling me that the assembled guests 'commune with nature' and get up to all kinds of filthy perverted anti-social hexing and witchiness instead of enjoying the Universal Noodle the Great Linguini, our Profit, er Prophet, granted us in remission for our sinfulness with...RICE and RICE PUDDINGS!....Shame on you!....wink
Julie - yup!

Alysa - I thought so too.

Jejeune - look again: we had tri-color "bow-ties". We were a multi-faith gathering.
Philadelphia Pizzeria
I never learned anything about Tarot or astrology or all these things you know about. Frankly, I don't see how anyone can remember it all.
But it sure seems that you enjoyed it.