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After the beaver, the moose is probably Canada's iconic animal.
Well, after the polar bear, black bear, grizzly bear, Arctic fox, bobcat, wolf, wolverine, cougar...mosquito...
Anyway.  Moose.  Singular and plural: moose.
A singular (one hopes) story involving moose.
From Huff Post:  Chew on this: Two 8th grade students on a Canadian school trip were fooled into eating moose droppings by a chaperone and the teachers and principal didn't do anything to stop it. 
One of the kids got the stuff stuck in her braces...frantically brushed in lake water...
The article remarks that the principal's career is now in the toilet.
The moral of this story is:  Be wary if anyone offers you a choco-covered almond.  That just happens to be lying around in the woods.  Even if person offering is a nice polite Canadian in a position of *authority*.  

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This is where commenters are suppose to respond with clever sayings using synonyms for for the word shit, right? hmmmm, thinking ... thinking ...
I'll double that four for an eight.
People tell me to "eat shit" all the time. I'm glad I never took that advice.
What! A chaperone did that? I am speechless.

Moose poop??? And here we all thought Canadians were terminally nice, like folks from Minnesota.
So, when your "oot and aboot" in Canada, eh; what you've got to do in summer is watch out for Moose crap and in the winter stay away from the yellow snow. Geesh things have sure changed from the days when "heaven on earth" was walleye fishing at Lake of the Woods and getting a buzz on from the "strong" Lablatt's beer that we bought on the "Canadian side".
My sister had a pool party when we were kids and all her girlfriends were there and my brother and I bought 4 Baby Ruth bars and put them in the pool. Those floating turd looking things sure had an effect on the girls they all were screaming and climbing out. We were running for our lives because my Mom was now chasing us for a beating. Funny stuff, bad teacher..........o/e
Someone is bound to think this has something to do with public education and not just the simple fact that mean, crazy people can find jobs because they don't look different.
How can anybody be as stupid as that teacher and principal. /r
That is just the meanest thing I've heard. That person should not be near children...or other human beings!
I KNEW those Canadians were not a fluffy, squeezable and polite as they want us to believe! Watch out for them, America. They are crafty. R and hugs.
That'll teach me to read weird shit while having lunch...

I agree with cc - mean and dangerous to the health of the duped ones.
What the hell, it's organic.R
Oh. I'm wary.
I tht the Canadional Animals were the Maple Leafs.

Oh. I'm wary.
I tht the Canadional Animals were the Maple Leafs.

I hear Moose Shit is good for you, if you get past the smell!
Teehee, kids are stupid. "It's chocolate covered...uh.......poop?"

A *Canadian* did this? That's weird enough.
(Wish I hadn't been eating lunch while reading.) ~r
The Cree believed moose poop to have curative and restorative qualities; maybe the chaperone in question was Cree? I'm just trying to avoid a rush to condemnation here...
STRANGE. Very strange.
No serve Moose dropping at the White House Picnic.
If in America?
Canadian carry cans of Mace. Spray on Racoon. Deer.
Bears are nice?
They like Kerry?
If you see chewed bones, cans and black glasses. Dung.
If dung has beer can?
If dung has Sugarman?
You best hightail`Home!
No eat scat with Spray.
Dung has skunk `Oder.
Ay, at Congressional Picnic?
Skunk use White OutHouse.
I swear I best get a 'Fat Tire'
and gulp beer alone. Behave.
Boy Scout motto No. 11 -- Don't eat the yellow snow, either.
Kate - my sister out in Alberta complains about the moose. Can't shoot 'em except in season. When they come around, rubbing their shoulders against the house, she stays inside.

Boanerges - Basic winter training

Art - Oh deer, Sugar must be sweet, but he's just begun, no dung yet.

Sheila - indeed.

Nana - wait a minute, all the local born-again Indians will get upset at such a suggestion.

Joan H and Linnnnn - Sorry. Advance warning for next week's episode: Don't read over lunch then either.

Tink - that's why they're so fun to mess with!

Scanner - You first.

Jonathan - Silly, the Leafs aren't animals - they're plants.

Gerald - all goes to show that organic ain't always the way to go.
Zuma - our essential evilness revealed...

ccdarling - all concerned got censured and the principal fired. But the kids who fell for the joke are getting teased.

Christine - quite remarkably stupid!

AKA - must have been bush fever - tho they were only out two days..

Older/exasp - kids do that shit, to be expected. But teachers, chaperones and principals?

Walter - you can still get a buzz from the beer.

Jmac - we have a few bad (road) apples

Lezlie - quite!

John - Smart fellah.

Joisey - whatever.
"Foraging in Canadia"
(another northern country with big deerlike creatures, sort of like Norwegia)
Ah Myriad - what happened to the delicious posts on Spanish cuisine? This one was --- less appetizing. I still blame Canada! R.
"Always smell your food before eating..."
Those 8th graders had it coming; anyone at that age who can't tell poop from candy deserves whatever happens to them.
You mean those weren't rasinettes? Damn you non-existant chocolate pooping deer!
Kosh - deer poop isn't recommended either

Chiller - ah, to be in Spain again...limp fritos and all

Just Thinking - that's why God gave us noses.

Drew - a little harsh, esp. since the grown-ups were saying Go For It. Good lesson in doubting authority. SMASH THE STATE!

Doug - If only poop were good to eat - there's piles of it in the woods...and elsewhere...
Anyone who would eat a chunk of poop without noticing, probably deserves to eat it.
In some parts of Texas, moose droppings are considered a delicacy. Their rarity here makes them all the more valuable. Very best wishes to Canada, the summer of my dreams.