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Linda organized a Necromancer show and dinner at the Seccaspina family-owned hotel.  Here's my daughter Laura entering:

The hotel has quite a history.  It was built in 1872 and called the Mississippi Hotel because the Mississippi river is close by.  No, not THE Mississippi, just some local little Mississippi.  It saw some of the rowdy times of the period, and some of the sad, being a TB hospice at one point.  I remember it when I moved into the area as the once grand building become a seedy strip joint attracting bikers.  Then it shut down and stood empty for 10 years...and then went through a number of owners until the Seccaspina familty bought it three years ago, renamed it the Greystones and have been working to restore it.

Linda wrote up the full history on her Zoomers blog. (Having trouble linking - see

There are memorabilia on the walls, and some of the original china in a display case (no photo).

Here's a shot of the dining-room, with the Necromancer's set-up at the front.  This shot was early in the evening - later the place was jam-packed.

Lots of Linda touches to the decor - the middle shot is a vase with black-feather bouquet, and just beyond is a jar of home-made Italian pickles.  The pink thing at the right is a little baggy of chocolates.

 And here's the lady herself, talking about the hotel:

 Hah!  And as the menopausal woman from the corn, she announced that if anybody had any complaints to bring them to her, since everything was her fault.

And here's a teeny bit of video where she's referring to its TB days:

And we three who attended.  Our friend Deb brought her "Emergency Tarot" and did mini-readings (free) for some of the other people at our table.  And, honestly, Laura and I were enjoying ourselves despite appearances.


The food was excellent - minestrone first, then a choice of crusted chicken, spicy Italian pork or vegetarian lasagna.



Dessert was a ouija-board cake!


After supper came the show.  This is some of the necromancer's paraphernalia:


Sorry, no pictures of the act.  That would be giving things away, wouldn't it.  Besides, too many heads in the way.  However, I was bemused by his opening with a singing bowl.


There was some stuff about the four elements, and a black candle to absorb any negativity and a white candle to attract the spirits and then a send-off of lingering spirits to the Summerland...and at the end he cleansed the place with some burning sage.  Kinda Pagan if you ask me.

The act itself was fairly standard stage magic dressed up with references to spirits and talk about murders and some famous medium and...well, more sound than substance, but he was a showman and held everyone's attention.

Next came a medium/psychometrist who a boring spiritualist-church shtick (somebody's granny had a special cole-slaw recipe, somebody else's dead relative was showing her a fallen birch tree, etc.)  She psychometrized ten sealed envelopes given to her before the performance, so we didn't even see or hear from the owners of the objects as to whether the medium had got any hits. 


She had said that afterwards she'd wander around among the tables and do quickies, but her ten envelopes sucked up all her time.

Out in the hallway were a couple of tarot readers.  But we had Deb and her cards with us in case of need.

A shot of Laura as we left, entertained and well-fed.


Great door!  Great evening!  Looking forward to Linda's coming up with some more theme nights!


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Wow thanks for sharing this. I had a great time although the video didi not play. A necromancers collection of interesting stuff. Did Linda gain some weight? I always thought she was much smaller in size. Thanks again and more for the nice evening out.
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★(ˆ◡ˆ) ♥⋯ ❤ ⋯ ★R
I had no idea! thanks for sharing your adventures. You guys are a creative lot!
Linda has always said she has never been a skinny girl hahaha
Algis hahahah
Thanks Gina..
Algis - Linda is short, a bit zaftig, and was far from the camera, which distorts when the pix are in bad light and cropped to blow them up...

Gabby - I think the hotel is a great venue for Linda's creativity.

Linda - you're welcome. It was fun.
Linda has always said she has never been a skinny girl hahaha
Algis hahahah
Thanks Gina..
I guess I just imagined Linda was skinny. Guess I stand corrected. Funny how that fact has always eluded me. Cheers!
Cool stuff.

(Can't wait to see the reaction to Mr. Fonts-to-Make-Pictures comment)
Hi Chuck.

Joisey - he got off easy.
Fun evening in a beautiful venue. I may have to mail order the Italian spicy pork. Be careful what you stir up. I'll bet there are ghosts lurking about that place.R
"psychometrist " is my new word of the week.

I used a sling psychrometer to measure dewpoints and calculate relative humidity in a Meteorology outdoor lab project in the day. Mine had a built-in slide rule. I kid you not.

The psychometrist would probably not be pleased if I slinged her around over my head as is done with a psychrometer.

You can see a psychromoter in use, and you can mock the very dull professor in this video.

What a difference the letter "r" makes!
Algis getting himself in trouble!

How come I wasn't invited?

Linda lets turn in back into a strip joint. We can bill it as the real life Titty Twister and get Selma Hynek to dance around naked with her walker.
Too neat! Glad it all went well! Linda's one of the good uns, that's for sure!!!! RATED!! And Tink Picked!! Wooo hooo!!!!!
The myriad family looks intimidating. Still, would love to meet you all. Linda is a sweetheart, and you are all assets to Canada! As for the spooky stuff: I don't need to seek that out nowadays. The dessert looks sinister but also tasty.
Just...amazing! I wish I could have been there.
This looks like it was quite a happening. That door IS beautiful!

How fascinating, fun and funky, and a chance to meet Linda.
Oh my gosh, how cool!!!! It's so neat how you and Linda's worlds collided and how there was necromancy involved...but in like a lighthearted, non-scary way. Thank you so much for sharing this! What a fun evening!
Your daughter looks like you, and very bit as cool. Thanks for the fun report. Linda gets to live in that place? Wow!
Ger - Indeed there are supposed to be ghosts. I want to try to meet them sometime.

Steve - that you? It was indeed a rather boring you-tube...but not as boring as the psychometer at the hotel. (She could have used some devices to swing around...capturing spirit particles or something.)

Jack - you're invited for when we try to meet the ghosts

Tink - TICK-PINKED! I'm honoured.

Fernsy - we are extremely intimidating and don't you forget it

Hi Bell, Dianne, Lezlie and l'Heure - you all gotta come for the next theme evening. Just fly in - I'm sure you can stay overnight upstairs. Just not in room 109.

Alysa - yes cool. Also the Necromancer, I find on further investigation, comes by his paganism honestly. Laura has invited him to come and do his thing at our labor day pagan-fest.

Greenheron - no, no, Linda doesn't live at the hotel. Tho when she's up here in Canada w. her family, she does live in a very nice old stone house. But I gather she can't wait to get back to her preferred residence in a windowless garret in the Bay Area.
I am not the guy in the video. I got out of the science world just after 1980. He does resemble a composite of every academic meteorology prof I ever met.