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 Salon has a scathing piece about Scalia today.

Scalia has the power to rewrite the rules for who participates in American democracy and those decisions could last for decades—until Congress or another Supreme Court majority reverses them.

That's what's scary.  It's not just another creep puking his opinion.  Not that he can do the damage alone, but other justices have made noises that indicate they're on that side...

Roberts signaled possible skepticism about the continued need for the Voting Rights Act in its current form, stating that “things have changed in the South.” Roberts' comments matched statements by his Republican colleagues on the Court ... Fellow Republican Justice Anthony Kennedy also said that “times change” (implying that the same Voting Rights Act passed in 1965 is not necessarily needed today). - Chas. Blow in NYT.

...and I think we can pretty well figure how Uncle Thomas will vote.

Back to the Salon piece - Scalia has long had a visceral hatred of the democratic process. In 2000’s Bush v. Gore, which awarded the presidency to George W. Bush, he could barely contain himself in telling us there was no federal constitutional right to vote for president. He’s said the direct election of U.S. senators (the 17th Amendment) violated state sovereignty. After the Brady Bill created a national system of background checks for gun buyers, he wrote a majority opinion saying states didn’t have to participate in that system.

In all of this, Scalia boasts that he is a constitutional originalist, meaning he wants to see the law interpreted as he believes the founders intended. However, that boast falls apart when one sees that he is by far the most activist and radical of all the Court’s justices. His 2008 opinion expanding Second Amendment rights is a prime example of such."

Rachel Maddow on the Daily Show called Scalia a troll who just likes to rile people up.  But trolls are simply nasty, powerless, usually anonymous people snapping and snarling in comment sections.

It's alarming to me that the Supreme Court and Congress can indefinitely thwart the will of the majority of th population and override what's (lower-case) right (and inflame a minority of the population to speak and vote against their own best interests).

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You know, as a life long Texan, I have to say, it is better than it was in the 60s.....but we ain't there yet and we probably aren't there in some places in the north too. Scalia is a rather frightening dude, I think he's an orientalist when it suits his ideas, it's all a matter of interpretation.
Should never have been confirmed as a justice, this is the legacy of the power mongering conservative right republicans.
He and Thomas are Supertrolls. Thanks for this scary piece.
We're supposed to not understand that he, as a Conservative, is trying to rig the system so that the Republicans can win all of the elections from now on. God, these people are worse than a virus. How do we vaccinate?
As I recall it was the stated goal of Karl Rove to establish a permanent Republican majority via redistributing and other shenanigans. Knocking down the voting rights is valuable step in his program. R