FEBRUARY 5, 2014 2:53PM

Not your regular grocery store...

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Or at least not mine.

Ritual on visiting Seattle - stop at Trader Joe's on the way from the airport.

Probable new ritual - at some point in visit go to Whole Foods and be fantisted by the  contents of that veritable Temple of Foodery.  I sometimes stop in the middle of our middling supermarket and wonder what people of a few generations would think of such places.  But Whole Foods takes it to another level.

Alll I bought at WF was some boring guacamole and corn chips.  And rhubarb yogurt.  Oh, and a bottle of kumbaya.  Kombucha.  To see if I still hated it.  Got some with citrus, which rendered it almost palatable.

But my son-in-law introduced me to a whole new grocery experience. 

Boring standard groceries.  But neat decor.  Each one with a different theme.  This one's theme was Entertainment.

Some actual weird groceries - wild garlic pasta.

They have their own *live* entertainment on this outside stage sometimes.

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Woo! A million times better than Whole Foods. Great pics. Thank you.
Love it! Reminds me of Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati.
they are hit and miss when it comes to foods though at least they are here anyways in silicon valley
Interesting. I love the motorcycle, though.
Okay--now i'm hungry for that gorgeous looking pasta!
looks like a great, fun place to shop!
PS Did you happen to notice what the theme of that pinball game is?
A little like Hard Rock Cafe for groceries

by the way, try the hotdogs at Whole Foods. They have a couple of brands with no nitrates/nitrites, all beef, excellent. And not more expensive than you'd find for that kind of thing at Food Lion (Oscar Mayer makes one)
What a neat looking store. It reminds me of that restaurant in Pulp Fiction. A far cry from the farmer's market I frequent.
A most excellent post. R&R ;-)
Very creative marketing scheme. I've never run across one like this. But, then, I have been going to the same supermarket (Publix) since 1993! I hate grocery shopping in general, but a store with an unfamiliar layout drives me bonkers.