JANUARY 29, 2013 12:00PM

Whacky star fears being further whacked



What me, crazy? 

Hollywood actor Randy Quaid has been refused refugee status in Canada.  He fears for his life because "Hollywood Star Whackers" are out to get him and other minor stars...for reasons unknown.  Well, if anyone deserves a (non-fatal) whacking, it would… Read full post »

It's 99% theoretical and improbable ... but 1% - oh-oh.

New action today - with video (if everything works as it should...).

idle-no-more-news Indian protestors blocking international bridge to U.S.

Interesting opinion piece today (Native talks with the Crown challenge Canada’s very existence) in th/… Read full post »

Follow up to this post.

Below - and you might want to turn down the sound - is a brief bit of video showing a huge round-dance of a thousand or so people in front of the Canadian Parliament Buildings.


This happened Friday, as Natives demanded to… Read full post »

JANUARY 8, 2013 11:09AM

Indians on Warpath


All right, that's an unfair title, possibly racist, certainly misleading given that the protests are peaceful.

But the situation is that Canadian aboriginals, who protest regionally periodically over desecrated burial grounds and such, currently have a nation-wide action underway. The… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 15, 2012 12:08PM

TRIP TRIPPING and a few trip-ups...

Ah, so nice to be home. I can sleep in – no wake-up call to get on a bus. No need to gawp at palaces and stuff all day, hearing about a bunch of (usually depressing) historical stuff, no eating rich food morning, noon and night.

On… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 14, 2012 11:15AM


I mock-shocked our tour guide and an American fellow tourist with this declaration.

But we'd just toured the Hungarian parliament,


a splendid building, a Palace of the People, gilt and all the Euro trimmings, much too fine a place (and too quick a pace) for a… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 8, 2012 9:30AM

Should I Stay or Should I Go?


Synchronistically, a couple of visitors last weekend asked if they could make off with a few of my things. First was a wooden dinosaur pull-toy on the porch that someone wanted for his nephew. Another visitor asked if I'd read that bio of Alan Watts yet. I… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 6, 2012 8:47AM

Fall morning




Real trees and frost trees



Real sun (shown only indirectly) and glass sun

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OCTOBER 20, 2012 7:50PM

Old Six-Eyes

How do I hate bi-focals? - Let me count the ways.

I think the low point came a couple of years ago during a tour to Egypt, when a couple of people took my elbows and helped me navigate stairs at night on our way to a Sound & Light… Read full post »

OCTOBER 16, 2012 7:05PM

Never forget...


I wanted to call this post after the info booth at the Great Synagogue in Budapest, but I thought my amusement wasn't worth the possible offensiveness. 


That was the only amusing thing about the synagogue, scene of WWII horrors.

Well, one other mildly amusing… Read full post »

OCTOBER 14, 2012 1:21PM

Big Bird


Mythical eagle of Hungary, celebrated in a statue in Budapest


Hungarian eagle in the flesh (and feathers)


A handsome bird!  And the eagle's pretty cute too.


For a few thousand florins (it's one of those currencies) you can get your picturRead full post »


Demos are crowing about the pummelling Biden is thought to have given Ryan. Quoth Bill Maher: "Somebody call 911, there's an old man beating up a child on my television.." And a comment from some site or other: “This was a freaking beat-down”.

I was going to reply… Read full post »

OCTOBER 11, 2012 10:33AM

Big Momma...


Okay, so there's too many photos and they're not very good, but it was a thrill to see the Venus of Willendorf.  Vienna had lots of neat old stuff of the historical persuasion, but I'm particularly interested in prehistoric.

Jeez, can't even read the sign. … Read full post »

OCTOBER 9, 2012 9:13AM

Whee! Wheelies! The only way to go!


...at least thru the Frankfort Airport.

My friend, who'd requested a wheelchair, has sight problems from macular degeneration. On the way back home I was happy to get one too, having back, leg, knee and hip aches, exhaustion and slowness. Okay, so a lot of that… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 9:01AM

Gaia's Blues


Photo of Jeff Chapman-Crane's sculpture, Agony of Gaia, by permission.


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SEPTEMBER 22, 2012 10:04AM

Canadian Dance Moves

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 11:39PM



First, locate it.


Isolate one of them.


Get it out of its hiding place...


Slice it and put it into the frying pan.


Heat it up until it crisps.  It's very fatty so it crisps up real good.

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SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 10:02PM

The Avocado Milkshake

Actually, it wasn't TOO bad.  Just strange.

Yesterday I got some avocado mayonnaise from the supermarket. It doesn't actually have much flavor.  Just as well... Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 12, 2012 8:48PM

My dream vacation


My former handyman/jack-of-all-trades moved to the Philippines a few years ago, but we keep in touch over the internet.  He's suggested that my daughter and I come visit sometime - he could put us up and "everything's cheap here."

Hey, why not.  We could go visit my other daughter in… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 10:42AM

Almost as frustrating as OS...



...was getting tickets to Cirque du Soleil.

My daughter L ordered them weeks ago.  Was told they'd be sent out Real Soon Now.

When time was growing short and they weren't appearing, L emailed and phoned, leaving messages with machines...who didn't deign to reply.

Two days before th… Read full post »

AUGUST 16, 2012 9:40PM

The End is Nigh...


Of a very hot summer, that is.

Okay, yesterday and today were pretty sticky.  N'less a pesky heat rash that nothing would cure has taken upon itself to fade, just due to a drop of a few degrees.

Usually at the beginning of August there are signs of The… Read full post »


I was chatting with a very nice young couple.  They are good-looking, very sweet and cheerful, polite and thoughtful, fun to talk with.  We got onto the subject of travel and the places we've been to and the places we'd like to go.

One of the couple is an immigrant… Read full post »


"You're welcome.  No."

This was an email the other day from my sister.  She was responding to my email, in which I had said, "Thanks for the birthday wishes.  Are you getting hooked on the internet yet?"

My sister is a talkative person. In person.  But she hates computers.&… Read full post »




It was always clear that sugar and fat are unnatural – at least as we have them today, i.e., in limitless quantities.

In primeval times, god knows what we ate – bugs, nuts, roots, fruit. Pure sugar was only in the occasional treasure-trove… Read full post »

Just some reminiscences, mostly about food:-
I remember big triangular wedges of cheese, with cheesecloth embedded on the outside that you peeled off.  It was orange rat trap cheese, vaguely cheddar.  It was delivered, like all our food, from the corner store at the end of the… Read full post »