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A Synagogue and an odd memory

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(This is an old article that I posted on my webpage . I decided to post/recycle it when I saw a news story in Haaretz  quoting our VP as: "I condemn the decision by the government of Israel to advance planning for new housing units in East Jerusalem".  You have every right to question the relevance, but my motivating thought was: Oh and they have started making the helpful big boy uncomfortable.)

“A news story on yahoo reminded me of an episode from my childhood. The news story went with a heading: “In Nazi cradle, Germany marks Jewish renaissance”.

When I was little, I had a goat's kid for a pet. One day, as I took it out for a walk a dog barked at it. The kid got frightened and ran. I was so little that I could not hold the leash. I fell and started crying. A big boy from the neighborhood picked me and checked if I was hurt. I was not hurt but I kept crying. He thought I was crying for my goat. So, with me in his arm, he ran and caught the kid. But I was still crying. Worried, the fellow took me to my home, told my mother what had happened and asked why I was crying. Mingled with whimpers and sobs the truth came out. I was unhappy that the dog made my goat run away. So, I wanted my goat to make the dog run away. Seeing no end to my crying he ran with the goat, on the leash, towards the dog. But every time the goat was a dead weight. So, after a couple of tries to make the goat frighten the dog, this fellow came up with a novel idea. He picked up the goat and ran towards the dog. But the dog still barked and the goat was still frightened. So, he picked up a stone, threw it at the dog. Hurt, the dog ran. He ran after it with the kid in his arm and this is how my crying stopped.


Looking back, I see this episode repeated time and again, in my life. Every time a dog threatened my pet goat there was a big boy to pick up my little goat and frighten away the dog with it or with a stone. I thank God Almighty for His benevolence that every time He appointed a big boy to frighten a dog with my pet goat. But, in my case every time the level was different and the reasons were different. The first case was pure charity on the part of the big boy, who could not see a stubborn little boy weep, but later big boys came along because they saw some piece of action for themselves. Whether they came to my help being charitable or they came because they saw some profit in helping me, there was always help. I thank God and am always grateful to the big boys and I would always wish them well, even if there is a clash of interests.


I had written to this point and I was about to make the link with the news story when I decided to give the devil a break and chose not to write any further. But then I saw a news story in the Jerusalem post. The story was very much summed up in the title: “Israel: Hit Iran with new sanctions now”. Wow I said and sat down to complete my short piece.

The European Jews have always suffered at the hands of some of their short-sighted hosts and more recently during the Second World War, the German Jews have suffered enough to make them a whimpering Zafrullah at age four (or five). There was a big boy close by too, in the form of the United States of America. The American Army defeated Hitler and the American politicians have always made sure the continued existence and prosperity of Israel. Thanks to America, Germany the birthplace of Nazism is so tamed that she would punish anyone who denies holocaust and do everything to placate the Jews. Here’s a part of what Christian Monitor had on the story: “Cradle of the Nazi party, site of the first concentration camp, and favorite haunt of Adolf Hitler, Munich now has a new legacy: It’s home to the largest synagogue built in Germany since World War II.” For the complete story you may look up: Of course the US has not done it all for charity, there is a powerful Jewish lobby in the country that is making some of it possible. But when the big boy US picks up the baby boy Israel and hunts the dogs like Saddam Hussein the baby boy should know that it is not a baby anymore and that it should itself do some of its dirty work. What worries me is that now it is not just the case of a big boy taking care of a baby boy; it is the case of a sneaky little fellow trying to earn his helper a bad name. The Jewish lobby is powerful in America today, so some of Israeli tricks may be overlooked. But once upon a time the Jews were quite powerful in Germany too; at least Hitler’s story tells us that, but then a few sneaky moves and all the power was gone.


What worries me is that Saddam has been defeated and Iraq has been routed but at a heavy price, more than three thousand healthy American kids have made the ultimate sacrifice and there is no end in sight to either the bloodshed or the intrigue. The US is heavily under debt, has earned a bad reputation for a hawkish policy of preemptive strikes on the basis of fabricated evidence and there are now talks of setting Iran and Syria straight. Let us see what the Israeli officials are saying (I am quoting Jerusalem Post “I don’t think we’ve got endless amount of time to deal with this problem. The message has to be much crisper and sooner”, said a senior Israeli source in Washington. “This is the time that these things have to be dealt with.” I ask: what is the hurry? Is Israel waiting for the decimation of Iran and Syria to come clean about its own clandestine nuclear program? Or is Israel waiting for the US to go bankrupt in an effort to keep Israel afloat and happy? Of course a bankrupt US would be easier to manipulate, but there is a danger in it that worries me. The danger is that one of these days Americans are going to take stock of the situation. Already some folks are talking about the advisors (to the Bush administration) who manipulated intelligence reports to prepare the “evidence” against Iraq and later moved to more comfortable jobs.

My message to Israel is: Grow up and stop being the scorpion that started stinging its ride the tortoise in midstream and remember your old friends the (ancient) Iranians and the Muslims. Also start pondering over your old history. Your forefathers went to Egypt as a respectable ruling class and for a time they flourished, grew in numbers and respectability. But then something happened and they fell from grace. Find out what happened. I smell an overuse of power, and intrigue. (And be afraid of the history repeating itself.) Iran gave your forefathers refuge when they were thrown out of their home. The Muslims kept a lot of Jews safe, prosperous, and educated during the so called dark ages. Think about this: Among the nations that came in contact with Jews, Muslim nations have the least amount of Jewish blood on their hands. For that too if you name any “Muslim high-handedness” there can be found some Jewish intrigue that deserved it.

Let me end with an account of a prophetic statement by the late Sir Zafrullah Khan: “He said (in 1948 at a debate of the UN general assembly) that the so- called State of Israel was the culmination of the most insidious aggression carried on and persisted in during the course of a third of a century…..He offered a solemn warning that the setting up of the State of Israel in Palestine would mean the introduction of a canker into the body-politic of the Middle East which would either have to be ejected through a surgical operation or else would poison the culture, economic security and policy, not only of the Middle East but of vast areas beyond that region.” (I have copied this “quote” from the comments of a person by the name Ahmed at )

I have no way of finding the exact words and have no way of finding the records but the above statement is believed to be made at the 145th meeting of the UN general assembly. If the above reference is correct, and I think it is, Israel is doing exactly what Zafrullah Khan predicted.  Let me finally add my little prediction. If the big boys kept on earning bad names, losing friend, ruining their economies, and losing their children in order to keep Israel safe in spite of its mischief, one day they would look for the easier solution and do away with the canker. I shudder at the thought of what would follow; I do not want anyone any harm. I know it is foolish but that is me.”

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